Pedals and Pints: Bike Trail Breweries Appeal to Cyclists

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    Great article, but don't forget Southeastern Ohio. We have a 21-mile bike trail (the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway) that provides easy access to four great breweries. Three in Athens, one in Nelsonville.
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    This is pretty cool. A few of my buddies ride a lot here in AZ and they always gather for beers afterward at some local watering hole.
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    R. Shea Brewing is a good example of this, and they have some really tasty beers some folks would likely fall all over to get if they had jumped on the hype train. Good hangout right by a heavily trafficked long distance flat trail, and plenty of smaller more intense ones.
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    Thanks for bringing the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway to our attention. I hope you'll understand that it isn't possible for the mag to cover every trail in the country that runs by a brewery, but we're always glad to hear that more of them are out there!
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    Old article but the Tammany Trace in Louisiana (on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain) is a great one. It's an old railroad line so it runs as a mostly straight shot of well-paved asphalt. Road crossings are fairly safe (some 4-way stops, some where the traffic doesn't stop, but the locals are surprisingly generous at stopping for cyclists, anyway). It goes to or near Abita (both the brewpub and the separate brewery with tap room), Chafunkta, Covington, and Old Rail (the best microbrewery on the North Shore, and they don't/can't distribute, so you have to drink it in-house).
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    Nice. I have another great Vermont trail - Lamoille Valley rail trail -- Lost Nation brewery (Morrisville VT), with great beer and food is right on the trail and Rock Art Brewery is close by. - Cross Country ski or bike. Enjoy.
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    Cool article. I'm a bike n beer kinda guy. In RI, the Washington Secondary Bike Path has easy access to Revival Brewing and Greenwich Cove Meadery, in addition to some not-too-shabby beer bars.

    Then in the more northern part of the state, you can ride the Blackstone River Bikeway to within a short distance of Ravenous Brewing. Makes for a really fun day.

    Looking forward to the nice weather and hitting these trails/breweries once again.
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    I’m still praying for a brewery along RI’s East Bay bike path.
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    Arizona is big on this. I know a bunch of people who ride a lot and love snagging beers on the trail, cool stuff.
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    The Grand Rapids area is perfect for this. You can take the beautiful White Pine trail 15 miles from Elk Brewing's new Comstock Park pub to Cedar Springs Brewing. Rockford Brewing, directly on the trail, is about midway between the two. If you want a little more distance and a little more beer, it would be easy to add Greyline to the itinerary. All four of them are really solid breweries.
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    I just came upon this short article, which appropriately adds Speciation to the itinerary described above:
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    Don't forget the Island Line Rail Trail on Lake Champlain:


    There's a ton of good riding in Vermont, too much to fully get into really, but this trail stands out for obvious reasons. Passes right by any number of beer destinations in Burlington.
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