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Perfect lager project

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand' started by mulder1010, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. mulder1010

    mulder1010 Aug 29, 2008 Australia

    By Amy Looker

    The family-owned winery behind one of Australia’s most recognised wine labels is set to enter the beer market.

    Casella Wines, the winery that launched the insanely successful Yellow Tail range onto the international market, has kicked off the Perfect Lager Project, which aims to identify Australian consumer’s ultimate brew.

    The Perfect Lager Project calls on Australian drinkers to enter information on their ideal beer-drinking experience via a specially created iPhone application.

    Casella will then use the information collected from the iPhone application to create the first beer in its portfolio, which is due to hit shelves in June.

    Casella’s newly-appointed senior brand manager for beer, Fiona Seath, said the Perfect Lager Project will ensure that the company develops the right style of beer for their potential consumers.

    “The only way we can guarantee that we’ve got the right style of beer is to ask the consumers what they want and then make it. It’s a non‐conventional approach, but one that we have a lot of confidence in,” Seath said.

    “It’s going to be a really fun process and a rare opportunity for Aussie beer‐lovers to be involved from the beginning to the end of the selection and creation process. The first step is to download the app and to rate your beer drinking moments.”

    Casella has appointed South African brewer, Andy Mitchell, to the position of brew master, based at the family’s winery in Yenda, NSW.

    Mitchell, who has more than 30 years' experience, will be joined by Anthony Clem, who has previously worked at South Australian Breweries and the Knappstein Enterprise Brewery in the Clare Valley.

    The Perfect Lager Project iPhone app is available for download now, with data to be collected until the end of May.

  2. mulder1010

    mulder1010 Aug 29, 2008 Australia

    Can everybody with I phones bomb the app with sitting on the porch on a nice summer's night with a BA Imperial Stout, Barleywine. 10% Galaxy hop DIPA, or a Sour. Much appreciated
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  3. Lukie

    Lukie Jun 16, 2007 Australia

    They want a lager though. Hopefully they can do something interesting like Knappstein, but it will likely be some form of "Premium Lager" akin to the tripe that used to come from Tasmania.
  4. sinkas

    sinkas Jul 9, 2008 Australia
    Beer Trader

    sounds like a dead set nonce-fest to me
  5. dbol

    dbol Aug 19, 2007 California

    if it must be a lager how about a doppelbock?
  6. joecast

    joecast Jun 30, 2003 Australia

    Tripe? Thats a bit harsh.
  7. danieelol

    danieelol Jun 15, 2010 Australia

    Sounds like an awesome ide...I mean marketing exercise
  8. Darwin553

    Darwin553 Jan 5, 2009 Australia

    I agree that wasn't needed :(

    I wish them all the best. Hopefully they can come out with a Knappstein quality beer but at the same time, putting their little twist on it. Maybe something that is more akin to a dopplebock or eisbock :)
  9. Lukie

    Lukie Jun 16, 2007 Australia

    Cascade and Boags are considered good now? :/
  10. hopswiller

    hopswiller Jul 17, 2011 Australia

    Unfortunately Cascade Pale Ale is considered the best option on tap at my bowls club.

    American Dream is the best lager I've had in sometime.
  11. sirob

    sirob May 30, 2007 Australia

    I'd be prepared to take some pretty heavy bets that it ends up more like carlton draught than knapstein
  12. MordeciaFunk

    MordeciaFunk Feb 14, 2012 Australia

    This is the problem with democracy. Idiots get to vote and skew the results. If you wish to read more of my thoughts, buy my book. It's called 'My Struggle'.

    Anyway, I do think it's a good idea for breweries to have an open policy in engaging with their customers. I just think they should hide the results of the voting, or at least have a 'closed' period, so that if it looks like rubbish the brewer can do whatever he thinks will be good, as opposed to popular.
  13. dgilks

    dgilks Jul 14, 2008 Australia

    I've got the app but the biggest issue is that the beers you can choose are limited to those that are generally easily available at somewhere like Dan Murphy's.
  14. gulden

    gulden Mar 20, 2011 Australia

    I must say, I think this is the first time I've seen Godwin's Law apply to BA.
  15. foles

    foles Jan 28, 2007 Australia

    They will end up with a Corona clone
  16. MordeciaFunk

    MordeciaFunk Feb 14, 2012 Australia

    I was trying to be somewhat facetious. It's nice to know I'm breaking new ground though. Are you interested in purchasing my book? :)
  17. gulden

    gulden Mar 20, 2011 Australia

    Haha I knew (and am glad) you were being facetious!
  18. gulden

    gulden Mar 20, 2011 Australia

    Haha I knew you were being facetious!
  19. goodbeerallday

    goodbeerallday Oct 29, 2011 Australia

    Recreate S.N summerfest
  20. dgilks

    dgilks Jul 14, 2008 Australia

    I was part of the market research group involved in developing this beer. Unfortunately, it seems that most of the participants were dolts.

    Having now got back from overseas and being able to try my (admittedly free) case of the Arvo beers, I find both insipid and dull. As far as I can tell, they are both the same awful lager base with one using some Sorachi Ace and the other being based on Galaxy.

    At the end of the day, this is just another crap lager. Not worth our time and attention.
  21. Darwin553

    Darwin553 Jan 5, 2009 Australia

    This was all for the 'arvo' beer... [I turn and walk out of the room in disgust]
  22. trumpy

    trumpy Apr 21, 2008 Australia

    agreed, I finally gave in to the hype and tried it. The idea of a "premium australian lager" is shite if this is what it is.
  23. MordeciaFunk

    MordeciaFunk Feb 14, 2012 Australia

    At least now I know who to blame..... :)
  24. dgilks

    dgilks Jul 14, 2008 Australia

    If only. I think the only beer I rated as part if the PLP was Punk IPA and some French cider. And this was what came out. Bloody disappointing.
  25. danieelol

    danieelol Jun 15, 2010 Australia

    You're assuming that the "market research process" was legitimate, which it probably wasn't anyhow.

    The whole concept of this beer just sounds like a shitty advertising campaign.
    hawthorne00 likes this.
  26. MordeciaFunk

    MordeciaFunk Feb 14, 2012 Australia

    I repeat my post from the 21st April. It seems I'm a prophet too now.
    trumpy likes this.
  27. scmorgan

    scmorgan Apr 5, 2005 Australia

    Perfect lagers are dropping in market share, perfect ales an craft beers are increasing there market share ... hmm what a funny situation to consider ...
  28. goodbyesoberday

    goodbyesoberday May 12, 2005 Australia

    Well, yes. It's a marketing gimmick good enough to have made the news on more than one occasion. One executed well enough to drive a few sales for a beer that will ultimately fade into obscurity.
  29. MordeciaFunk

    MordeciaFunk Feb 14, 2012 Australia

    They were having tastings at DMs the other day. After the man doing it asked me if I liked beer, the contemtable sneer I gave his set-up and withering stare I gave him, caused him to back away.

    Sadly it seemed he had managed to suck in a few people into it. :(
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