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  1. HoppyJoe328

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    Does anyone know if these guys are still brewing? It seems they maintain an active website, I have tried to contact them only to have emails bounce back as undeliverable.

  2. CavemanBrau

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    Pig's Eye Lean was my go to as a college kid (2005ish). $9.99 a case, sure! Let's get lean! Store employees told my buddies and me that we were the only people who purchased the stuff.
  3. Chaz

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    I see the website is "under reconstruction" but presumed email addresses were active up until recently? Up 'til a year or two ago I saw retail placement for the cans.
  4. MNPikey

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    Schells owns the brand and has been brewing it in New Ulm for almost a decade.
  5. brewseum

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    Phil Gagne (former MN Brewing Co. brewmaster) and another guy bought the name from the MN. Brewing creditors and contract brewed it in LaCrosse and Stevens Point over the years. I believe there was a recent "settlement" that may have changed that,which they are not too happy with.

    They are the same guys that also brew Pit Bull Ice Malt Liquor in the larger cans.
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  6. deadbody

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    No they don't. It was brewed at City in Lacrosse until about a year ago. Owned by a dude who just contracted out the brewing.
  7. MNPikey

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    Odd because I swear the last time we toured Schells they had it in their sampling room and said they were brewing it? That was in 2004.
  8. deadbody

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    They might have been doing the contract brewing then, but they haven't been for a long time.
  9. jesskidden

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    There are two TTB COLAs dated 11/18/13 for can labels for Pig's Eye Pilsner, so it doesn't sound like the beer is dead. Many more COLAs for their other brands (Pit Bull, Lean, Milwaukee Select) approved around the same time.

    Interesting thing is the beers are still listed as being brewed at City-La Crosse but the dba brewery name is now "Evans Brewing Co., La Crosse WI" and the COLA was filled out by a company called BevLaw.
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  10. BottleCaps80

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    Legit one of the worst beers I've ever had. Worse than Stroh's.
  11. muck1979

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    Stroh's was good back when it was "fire-brewed"....right? Right?
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  12. allouez86

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    I remember a buddy got a keg of Pigs Eye for a party in college about 9 years ago. It was awful. Nothing of note to contribute to the thread, just thought you'd all like to know about my Pigs Eye experience.
  13. Chaz

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    Short but sweet, eh Barry? :wink: You can take the following as a shorthand account of what transpired:

    After Minnesota Brewing Company closed in 2002, the Pig's Eye brands were purchased by Phil Gagné and Jeff Crawford, the former brewmaster and vice president of sales (respectively) for the very same company.

    In 2003, Gagné and Crawford successfully re-launched the flagship, Pig's Eye Pilsner brand, and eventually introduced an expanded family of Pig's Eye brands (e.g. Pig's Eye Lean, which became Pig's Eye Light). With the contract for brewing and packaging their brands undertaken at both Stevens Point and La Crosse breweries they also successfully introduced several other brands and families of beer (including the Milwaukee Select family).

    In 2013 the Pig's Eye brands (including the new brands introduced by Mr. Gagné and Mr. Crawford) were purchased by the Evans Brewing Company -- see this 2014 PDF, and the following from Evans Brewing Company's SEC filings:
    While the Pig's Eye family effectively ceased being 'Minnesota brands' in 2014, Brewers Association and other sources continue to list the previous corporate address to this very day.

    For what it's worth, the email contact at the (functional) Pig's Eye website re-directs to the original Evans Lager website (evanslager.com) which in turn re-directs to the present Evans Brewing Company site.

    As to whether the Pig's Eye brands are still being brewed in 2016, I am unsure.

    While the Pig's Eye labels continued to be approved with La Crosse (City Brewery) listed into late 2014, I haven't seen any packages in the original home market in many years.

    Finally (and for what it's worth) 2015 was a big year for Evans Brewing, as they purchased Bayhawk Ales. But that's a entirely different matter which you can delve into at your leisure. :sunglasses:
  14. hamham

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    i've got a can of circa 2007 lean if anyone needs it to complete a vertical.
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  15. MNPikey

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    Last time I was at Schells in New Ulm, in 2004, they were brewing Pigs Eye.
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  16. Atom13

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    Was it 2003 or 2004?!!!!!!!!!!
  17. MNPikey

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    Actually it was 2004. I got engaged on the grounds there that day. Forgot was year it was...oops!
  18. ZAP

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    It was
  19. unterhopft

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    Sorry, but when MN Brew went under, we only purchased the Grain Belt labels. We were looking to get out of the contract business, and Premium brought an abrupt end to that. It was way more than we could handle those first few years, and pretty much the only box I remember closing during college in the bottle house. I think Phil relaunched Pigs Eye out of LaCrosse.
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