Pliny the Younger taps on February 1st

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by broodog, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. goodbetterbestbested

    goodbetterbestbested Initiate (0) May 10, 2012 California

    got there are noon today, little under 2 hours to the door. the line was pretty constant for that 2 hours. it was short when we left around 5
  2. kpacedo

    kpacedo Initiate (99) Nov 24, 2009 California
    Beer Trader

    Thank you!
  3. WestCoastBrew2

    WestCoastBrew2 Initiate (0) Dec 24, 2011 Vermont

    Got there around 5:30 on monday - 40 minute wait to get in
  4. JayORear

    JayORear Defender (619) Feb 22, 2012 California
    Beer Trader

    Waited seven hours on Saturday, completely worth the drive from L.A. Left with 1/2 case PtE, 1/2 case Blind Pig.
  5. JayORear

    JayORear Defender (619) Feb 22, 2012 California
    Beer Trader

    When I was there on Saturday, they had a separate line at the back entrance for non-PtY growler fills and bottles.
  6. hophead247

    hophead247 Disciple (370) Jan 27, 2008 California
    Beer Trader

    That's good to know. I have friends heading down there that just want some Row 2.
  7. jtmartino

    jtmartino Initiate (0) Dec 11, 2010 California
    Beer Trader

    This is crazy talk.
  8. kpacedo

    kpacedo Initiate (99) Nov 24, 2009 California
    Beer Trader

    I agree, that damn line Saturday was ridiculous. I thought 5 hours last year was the upper limit.

    At one point there were charter buses dropping people off with the line wrapped to the rear parking lot, meaning they were stuck. Ouch. Looks like only second weekend from here on out...
  9. OTB

    OTB Disciple (398) Sep 2, 2011 California

    Its beyond crazy. I always look forward to this post every year. It's not about the beer anymore than it is about the hype and insanity of the whole experience I guess. From booking airline flights to securing hotels within " stumbling " distance of RR. Really ? Can you look in the mirror and honestly say that that pint(s) of beer was worth all that ??? I think your answer may be, " it was a really great experience, we got shit faced on Younger but I wouldnt do it again ", that's the answer I hear most.
    Most importantly I say this as I once stood in line at RR for way to many hours like a lot of you. Over the years I have had gallons of this great beer, I have found much more pleasant ways of procuring PtY these days. But when I do take that first sip I always ask myself " is this really worth all that " and my answer is always NO. No beer is worth taking that much out of my life anymore, period. I guess whats amazing is that I am definitely in the minority as new generations have discovered the " must have younger " mentality. And it's not just the Younger release, its all the craziness now that is associated with them, it could be Citra, Expo,Enjoy By, you name it, its just taking on a whole new set of rules and I dont know if its a good thing or a bad thing.I guess that's up to all of you, and I am not putting anyone down in any way if they choose to stand in line for half a day for a glass of beer,or chase a Stone truck all over town for a single bottle of beer, because somebody always will and for them it's worth it.

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  10. rgco

    rgco Initiate (26) Apr 2, 2012 California

    Three hour wait Saturday am. Doors open at 10:30 am.
  11. OUJayhawk1799

    OUJayhawk1799 Zealot (524) Jan 25, 2013 Oklahoma
    Beer Trader

    I see your point of view and would probably agree with it on most occasions. My wife and I will be coming in to try PtY this Friday from Oklahoma. For us it is a good excuse to do something different and finallyschedule the wine trip that we have been planning in our heads for a few years. I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old so getting out and doing new things can get a bit challenging at times, but because of those challenges its makes the trips we do get to take that much more enjoyable (especially for things we can't do or get in Oklahoma - which is most things). It's all about the experiences now. That being said, patience isn't exactly a strong characteristic of mine so I'm hoping the line isn't too crazy this Friday. We are planning to get there pretty early as we have nothing else planned for that morning. We will basically just get up, drive in from Healdsburg and go from there.
  12. OTB

    OTB Disciple (398) Sep 2, 2011 California

    That is when it does make perfect sense, your tying in a nice wine trip, make sure you hit up the great Pinot's of the Russian River like Richioli. And the line should not be THAT....bad. Enjoy Younger, it is a great beer.

    Enjoy your trip,

  13. OUJayhawk1799

    OUJayhawk1799 Zealot (524) Jan 25, 2013 Oklahoma
    Beer Trader

    Thanks. I'll check out Richioloi too.
  14. goodbetterbestbested

    goodbetterbestbested Initiate (0) May 10, 2012 California

    if you like dessert wines and you're staying in healdsburg, check out amista. they have a fantastic zin based port style wine called illusion. good cab and zin as well.

    you've probably got everything planned out already but in napa you should really consider checking out alpha omega and prager port works. i go down semiregularly and these 2 are my new favorites.

    i went to younger yesterday and it was easily worth the 2 hour drive both ways and the 2 hour wait in line. really spectacular beer. enjoy your trip, great place to visit : )
  15. OUJayhawk1799

    OUJayhawk1799 Zealot (524) Jan 25, 2013 Oklahoma
    Beer Trader

    Thanks. We have a little bit of a plan, but I am sure we will end up just stopping in random places though. I will definitely look into your recommendations though.
  16. JayORear

    JayORear Defender (619) Feb 22, 2012 California
    Beer Trader

    I guess I might have added, in my original post, that I wasn't in the Bay Area just for PtY . . . I was visiting friends in SF the night before, and my sister in Sacramento for the Super Bowl the next day. Still, the line was a lot of fun, and once we were inside, we stayed almost 5 hours, drinking, eating, and meeting fellow beer lovers. I came away with several new potential friends, including several down in SoCal I probably wouldn't have met otherwise. Bottom line, really, is that I've spent 7 hours in way worse ways.
  17. Walden97

    Walden97 Initiate (137) Mar 31, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    There was no wait last night around 7:00pm and plenty of empty tables. Good times...none of which I fully remember.
  18. MLucky

    MLucky Aspirant (286) Jul 31, 2010 California

    And that's what it comes down to: for them, it's worth it.

    It's like asking, "Is that Picasso painting really worth $45 million?" Well, maybe not to me, but to the guy who paid $45 million it was, so ... it really is worth that much.

    I've done the Younger thing and I'd do it again, albeit midweek--there's no way I'd wait seven hours. But every year there are more people who are more than willing to wait that long, or longer. Is it worth it? To them yes,

    Doesn't bother me, except that it's gotten harder to stay stocked on RR beers as their reputation has grown.
  19. highlifeCO

    highlifeCO Initiate (36) Jan 20, 2008 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    I'm gonna be there on the 16th or 17th , any beer gonna be left? (not worried about PtE)
  20. MrFootstones

    MrFootstones Initiate (0) Aug 8, 2008 California

    Did anyone go yesterday or today? I'm curious how the weekday lines are going. I was planning on getting there at 9:30am, but there is discussion in my group of 10:15-10:30.
  21. bkrueger

    bkrueger Initiate (179) Sep 27, 2007 California
    Beer Trader

    I think this was a typo, and is supposed to be Rochioli. If you happen to go down Westside Rd, you can do a round about drive to Santa Rosa and (PtY) via Hwy 116 and then Guerneville Rd you could hit up Rochioli, Arista, Porter Creek on Westside Rd and Iron Horse on Hwy 116.

    If you want any of the down low winery recommendations send me a message.

    If you really enjoy food and beautiful scenery, take a drive out to Wild Flour Bakery in Freestone on your way to the ocean. It's hard to beat the Fougasse, and I recommend getting at least two. If you are out that far it might be good to check in with Barley and Hops over in Occidental and see if they have PtY as well.

    Have a great trip out here.
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  22. Walden97

    Walden97 Initiate (137) Mar 31, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    I got there at 10:15am today and was able to get in on the first group of people, including getting a table for 4. There was 50-60 people in front of me when I arrived.
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  23. John_M

    John_M Moderator (5,664) Oct 25, 2003 Oregon
    Beer Trader

    :-) Naw, Richioli is the sister winery to Rochioli. While Rochili tends to specialize in burgundy varietals (except they also make a great sauvignon blanc), Richioli specializes in French Columbard, chenin blanc and norton. They're sort of Mikeller's version of evil twin (except their prices are even higher and the french columbard is really, really nasty).

    All kidding aside, Rochioli absolutely makes some great wine, but just keep in mind they feel such great wine needs to be sold at a comparable price. Their stuff is good, no doubt, but cheap it ain't. Enjoy!
  24. OTB

    OTB Disciple (398) Sep 2, 2011 California

    I would add Dehlinger to my must stops for Pinot hounds while up in RR.

  25. bkrueger

    bkrueger Initiate (179) Sep 27, 2007 California
    Beer Trader

    For sure. I have until Friday to get in my allocations from them. They are one of few wineries I always recommend to anybody/everybody. Unfortunately I don't know if they are doing any tours at all right now since Carmen had her baby, as she was in charge of the tours. If they are, they do tours on Friday, but I'd call ASAP.

    They are having an open house April 19-21st from 11am-5pm if anybody else is interested in giving them a visit sometime in the future.

    I end up driving by Dehlinger at least 2-4 times a week. It sure looks like nothing else in this world when it's 7am in the morning, covered in mist, and the sun is coming up from beyond Santa Rosa.

    If you must make a reservation at any wineries. I'd say Dehlinger, Littorai, Chasseur, and possibly even Benovia would all be worth getting on their websites and giving a call because you can not just "show up". The first three I recommended would make up an unreal Pinot noir adventure that is practically unrivaled, especially if you also made it over to Iron Horse (which you don't have to call to go to).

    Once again, have a great trip out here!
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  26. OTB

    OTB Disciple (398) Sep 2, 2011 California

    And enjoy those Iron Horse bubbles, so much fun. Love Littorai as well, well to be honest we love world class pinot whether from Oregon, Santa Barbara, Napa/RR for that matter. An honest wine maker will always tell you what they drink after a long day especially during crush....good craft beer !


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  27. igor

    igor Initiate (158) Nov 7, 2009 Minnesota

    I'm doing 3 days in Santa Rosa, 2/16-18 so this thread has been a great read. Thanks bkruegger, OTB and johnmichaelson as I want to go to a winery or two while I am there. I have one question though for you all. Will the Younger hysteria be over by the time I'm there? I plan on going to RR for beers and dinner so I hope it's not too crazy. I have not had any of their stuff so I'm looking forward to it. Thanks.
  28. OTB

    OTB Disciple (398) Sep 2, 2011 California

    It will be much subsided by then, enjoy it !

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  29. igor

    igor Initiate (158) Nov 7, 2009 Minnesota

    Awesome! Thanks!
  30. John_M

    John_M Moderator (5,664) Oct 25, 2003 Oregon
    Beer Trader

    Yes. +1 to this. RR is often crowded on the weekends, but given that this will be February, it shouldn't be too bad. Nothing like the hysteria during younger release; you shouldn't have much of a problem getting in and finding a place to sit (other that during the usual lunch and dinner crush). Have fun.
  31. kotayk

    kotayk Initiate (0) Feb 22, 2011 California

    Can u even compare them, they are different styles
    Row 2 is a pale
    Bp is an ipa
    Pte is a dipa
    Pty a tripa (listed on here as a dipa -- but u know what I mean)

    If u like bp , that's cool it's a great ipa but better than younger? Apples and oranges I think
  32. OUJayhawk1799

    OUJayhawk1799 Zealot (524) Jan 25, 2013 Oklahoma
    Beer Trader

    I appreciate all of the suggestions in this thread. I think i listed a few of the places we are trying to go to earlier in this thread, but nothing is set so I'll keep looking through these recommendations. Since we are staying in Healdsburg, we are planning to stay on the Sonoma side this time. A few places we were looking into were:

    Merry Edwards
    Lancaster Estates (we have booked a tour for Saturday)
    Lambert Bridge
    Medlock Ames

    Any thoughts on these wineries?
  33. kristalynn

    kristalynn Initiate (0) Apr 25, 2012 California

    we're dropping by this afternoon, a friend who went yesterday just after lunch said the wait time was ~30min.
    are you going today?
  34. MrFootstones

    MrFootstones Initiate (0) Aug 8, 2008 California

    There now! I'm at one of the tables across from the bar with my fiancée and buddy.
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  35. SirWilliam

    SirWilliam Initiate (0) Apr 9, 2012 California

    Merry Edwards produces a lot of good stuff. Have had some nice cabs from Lancaster over the years so that should be a good stop. Seghesio is known for their zins right? Do not know too much about Lambert, Medlock and Simi. I highly recommend, if you can, stop by Williams Selyem if you are seeking pinots. They make single vineyard from RR and also the sonoma coast (a bit leaner IMO) wines they produce are fantastic, and less expensive than their RR counterparts. Their tours may be appt only though...
  36. Zhiguli

    Zhiguli Aspirant (245) Jul 12, 2012 California

    Healdsburg area is immense with wineries. I personally vouch for these:

    Unti - call ahead
    J for champagne - pricy
    Quivira - biodynamics organics
    Bella - caves

    that's all i can remember... heed my bolded words.
  37. theconductor

    theconductor Aspirant (212) Nov 4, 2008 California

    Hanna for the best view in the valley
  38. Askchucky

    Askchucky Initiate (196) May 2, 2011 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    I'm in the bay area for business this week and I'm pretty excited to visit RR on saturday. I'll be going alone, so hopefully that will make it easier for me to get in. Pretty excited...
  39. John_M

    John_M Moderator (5,664) Oct 25, 2003 Oregon
    Beer Trader

    Just for anyone who is planning to go over the next week... we stopped by around 2:20 this afternoon (wednesday). At that point there were roughly 100 folks in line, so we said scew it. By my calculations, 100 folks in line equates to roughly an hour long wait. I heard from a friend that there was little or no line when RR opened, so that's something to keep in mind.

    I've had PtY on a number of occasions over the past few years, and at least for me, my time is too valuable to spend sitting in line that long. Each to their own...
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  40. kristalynn

    kristalynn Initiate (0) Apr 25, 2012 California

    yeah, we swung by at about 1:30 and saw a similar line, and decided not to wait. i expect next week will be much quieter, if it's anything like past years.
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