Poll: How many BeerAdvocate Fests have you attended?

Discussion in 'Extreme Beer Fest in Cyberspace (2021)' started by Todd, Jan 13, 2021.


How many BeerAdvocate Fests have you attended?

  1. This is my first one!

  2. Only 1

  3. Less than 5

  4. 5 or more

  5. 10 or more

  6. 20 or more

  7. 30 or more

  8. 40 or more

  9. 50 or more

  10. All of them!?!

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  1. Lupin

    Lupin Devotee (493) Jun 4, 2006 Connecticut
    Society Trader

    I did a bunch early on (2006-2008), then couldn't really find anyone to go for a while when my friends who lived in Boston moved to Texas and China. Came back in 2013, then missed 2015 with an illness and have been to every once since.

    Probably my favorite beer of all time at the fest was Kuhnhenn's raspberry eisbock. Their booth was pretty quiet all night. The move back to the cyclorama has been a blessing because I happened upon a hotel with a basement lounge two years ago where my friends and I have been able to play shuffleboard and have shares without visits from hotel security like EVERY SEAPORT HOTEL.
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  2. badvibe

    badvibe Disciple (308) Jan 28, 2017 Virginia

    Been to a number of beer Fests. One in Germany. This is my first with BA.
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  3. vegasn8tive

    vegasn8tive Initiate (32) Apr 7, 2015 Nevada

    First one for both my son and me!! Woohoo!
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  4. OU-CXpunch-DP

    OU-CXpunch-DP Disciple (328) Nov 17, 2015 Oklahoma

    Call me a rookie, a noob or whatever you like. I don’t care what you call me if you are willing to drink beer with me. This is my first and I’m looking forward to it!
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  5. Knapp85

    Knapp85 Poo-Bah (9,649) Dec 25, 2009 Pennsylvania
    Society Trader

    I forget now how many it's been for me, I know the first year I went was when Hill Farmstead was there at the Cyclorama. I believe I only missed the year it was cancelled due to weather and Tired Hands was supposed to be there... 2012 was the first year, I had to do some digging. So with that being said I've been to 8 Extreme Beer Fest's.
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  6. DoctorZombies

    DoctorZombies Poo-Bah (4,453) Feb 1, 2015 Florida
    Society Trader

    This will be my first BA fest!
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  7. humanjoe

    humanjoe Zealot (579) Aug 26, 2004 Connecticut
    Fest Crew Society

    So so so many fests, Todd, so many.
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  8. sterwald

    sterwald Initiate (6) Jan 21, 2021 Texas

    This is my first one! Excited to try all these beers!
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  9. Braunmeister_1943

    Braunmeister_1943 Defender (689) Nov 22, 2020 Pennsylvania

    This was my first and had a blast. I enjoyed the variety of the pack. Tried some brews I normally wouldn’t buy. Will there be more virtual fests?
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  10. 2beerdogs

    2beerdogs Poo-Bah (3,241) Jan 31, 2005 California
    Society Trader

    This was my second. The inaugural West Coast EBF was my first. And it set a very high bar. I found Cyberfest to be a really good time, loved the live chats with @Todd , San, and all of the brewers.
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