Poll: Which social platforms do you use?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Todd, Jul 12, 2021.


Which social platforms do you use?

  1. Discord

    147 vote(s)
  2. Facebook

    555 vote(s)
  3. Instagram

    495 vote(s)
  4. Reddit

    241 vote(s)
  5. Snapchat

    85 vote(s)
  6. TikTok

    35 vote(s)
  7. Twitch

    51 vote(s)
  8. Twitter

    360 vote(s)
  9. Untappd

    501 vote(s)
  10. YouTube

    511 vote(s)
  11. Other (drop it in a reply)

    75 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Todd

    Todd Founder (6,449) Aug 23, 1996 California
    Staff Moderator Fest Crew Society Trader

    Simple poll. Besides BeerAdvocate, which social platforms do you use? :thinking_face:

    Me: I'm on Discord, Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, and Untappd. I post for BeerAdvocate on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Someone is camping our name on TikTok (and Snapchat and Twitch). Same with Reddit, until this past weekend when after nearly a decade it was finally (!!!) released. Exploring what to do with it now.

    How about you? Select all that apply and drop any others in your reply.

    Cheers! :beers:
  2. Shanex

    Shanex Poo-Bah (1,805) Dec 10, 2015 France
    Moderator Society Trader

    Facebook and WhatsApp are my main ones. I deleted Instagram which I used a bit, never seen the appeal for Twitter. I’m a Redditor but mostly a lurker.

    YouTube is also fairly important for a music nerd like me, I do like videos of my favorite bands so…

    I guess I’m not that “big” on social medias.

    I can safely say that I use BA more than most of them, beside Messenger and WhatsApp because of real life buddies and interactions.

    Why’d you ask Todd? Some survey about where to find your membership eh?
  3. BBThunderbolt

    BBThunderbolt Poo-Bah (8,698) Sep 24, 2007 Kiribati
    Society Trader

    FB, UT, BA. Not interested in any others.
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  4. FBarber

    FBarber Poo-Bah (5,013) Mar 5, 2016 Illinois
    Moderator Society Trader

    I primarily use Twitter, am on instagram, and use Discord only for the BA server. Also do use Untappd.
  5. jasonmason

    jasonmason Devotee (484) Oct 6, 2004 California
    Society Trader

    Just FB and Instagram...and BA of course. I don't have the interest in keeping up on more social media platforms than that, and I feel like those get me all the requisite info I need and/or desire.
  6. Todd

    Todd Founder (6,449) Aug 23, 1996 California
    Staff Moderator Fest Crew Society Trader

    I've been exploring various platforms over the last year to keep up with everything and whatnot, but I'm just curious where everyone is at these days when they're not on BA.
  7. Peach63

    Peach63 Champion (870) Jul 17, 2019 New York
    Society Trader

    Other than BA, absolutely none! I'm an antisocial, crawl underneath a rock type of guy. :grin: I do use a couple fishing & hunting related forums. :sunglasses:
  8. BourbonForBeer

    BourbonForBeer Initiate (192) May 11, 2020 Illinois

    I use Reddit and Beer Advocate mostly.

    I'm also a moderator of a sub Reddit group. We have about 1K followers within a 4 month period and are constantly growing daily.

    I avoid FB. I use Instagram for artwork and business exposure.
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  9. bret27

    bret27 Poo-Bah (1,920) Mar 10, 2009 California
    Society Trader

    * Most popular answer *
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  10. UrbanCaveman

    UrbanCaveman Defender (631) Sep 30, 2014 Ohio

    Untappd and Discord, and I still have a Facebook just for some friends and family who like Messenger.

    Loathe Twitter, tried Instagram and chucked it in the bin the moment I noticed over 50% of the feed was ads, have a Snapchat expressly for some friends, loathe Tiktok (and everything else that thinks autoplay is something everybody wants), and never bothered so much as looking at anything else.

    Get off my lawn, whippersnappers, my hip, and all that.
  11. CB_Michigan

    CB_Michigan Aspirant (209) Sep 4, 2014 Illinois

    I follow a lot of people on FB (friends and fam), IG (breweries, shops, bands) and YouTube but don’t post much content. The bulk of my social media posting definitely occurs here.
  12. DIM

    DIM Poo-Bah (3,040) Sep 28, 2006 Pennsylvania

    Occasionally YouTube and that is it. I have strong misgivings about social medias affect on our culture and I just don't want to get sucked into it. What little I've seen has not made me want more.

    And, BA is addictive enough!
  13. Bigrock

    Bigrock Initiate (109) Feb 4, 2013 Texas

    I use YouTube to watch music videos but don’t follow any youtubers. BA is about the only site that I interact with others. I spend a lot of time on MLB and Texas Ranger sites to, well…you know, keep up with baseball. :grin:
  14. ChefHazmat

    ChefHazmat Initiate (72) Apr 2, 2013 Missouri

    All the above. Most of them are for work.
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  15. MNAle

    MNAle Poo-Bah (2,127) Sep 6, 2011 Minnesota


    I checked "other" in the poll, since if I checked any of the social media options, I would be vastly overstating my use of them.

    I have facebook, twitter, and untapped accounts.

    But I don't use them in the normal sense of a user of social media.

    I consume from them and never post (well, I have made one facebook post sometime long ago, to post a video for my sister-in-law...).

    I use facebook only to keep up with what my family spread out across the USA posts. I have a daughter who thinks everyone is interested in every detail of her life. My other daughter likes to post pics of her family (my grandchildren). So, I view. Never "like" or "comment" and never post. I ignore friend requests.

    I use twitter and untapped to keep up with local breweries. Again, I never post on those platforms.

    I consume music (i.e. listen) on youtube occasionally. I'll sometimes post links from youtube here.

    I do actively participate on a number of special-interest discussion boards, similar to BA, but other interests.

    Social media platforms are, at their core, advertising and data mining behemoths, some borderline evil (if not over the line). I stay away as much as possible and reveal as little as possible when accessing them.
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  16. Number1Framer

    Number1Framer Initiate (146) Mar 13, 2016 Wisconsin

    Voted Reddit, Untappy, and YouTube.

    Echoing sentiment already expressed here I find social media has largely grown to become a festering cancer on society. That plus after you get all set up and comfortable on a platform another comes along and takes its place forcing you to once again sign up, upload all your data, and rebuild your network. After my main device suddenly died on me in November I never re-downloaded the Reddit app to my new device and that has been great for keeping me from wasting too much time infinite-scrolling on Reddit. I still have a Twitter account out there somewhere I haven't been on in years except to check and make sure it hasn't been hijacked in my absence. I tend to be the kind of person who gets hooked on that kind of browsing. Anti-social media is after all engineered to play on the human brain in such a way as to become physically addictive like a slot machine. The apps are like digital crack. I only lurk witbout logging in and have a hard rule of only using my browser.

    Edit: I should add I do use the Untappd app as it isn't addictive with infinite scroll the way the others in the poll are.
  17. Scrapss

    Scrapss Crusader (746) Nov 15, 2008 Pennsylvania

    Use: youtube, reddit

    Participate: none of those.

    If I were to continue typing, it would pretty much look like a post two above...
  18. Piparskeggr

    Piparskeggr Initiate (80) Sep 14, 2011 Maryland

    Once in a great while Gab or MeWe in addition to the usual suspects.
    I also read and post quite a lot on Quora and a local to southern Maryland forum.
    I also participate a bit in a forum for ULC ministers.
    I update blogs, maybe, quarterly.
  19. Hangtown

    Hangtown Initiate (5) Jan 29, 2021 Idaho

    I use FB only for Marketplace and one homebrew club (private). MeWe is the only social app I use these days. Tried Parler, but it really hasn't come back since being knocked off the Amazon servers.
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  20. imtroy703

    imtroy703 Devotee (409) Nov 13, 2009 Tennessee
    Society Trader

    FB for my homebrew (I am the secretary) and run club. YouTube for entertainment. Reddit lurker (I stopped replying and giving votes). Untappd to check in beer, places and list flavors in my reviews (but do not give a rating). Oh, and GoActuary is another forum that I am fairly active in. Besides BA, actuaries are my profession and they have pretty good discussions on a lot of topics there.
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  21. tomtcos

    tomtcos Initiate (73) Nov 13, 2008 Colorado

    I don't with any frequency use any of the listed platforms. I will occasionally log in to MeWe.
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  22. paublue

    paublue Initiate (15) Sep 13, 2018 Michigan

    I use four others from this list, but together they comprise most my reply.
    I use UnTappd to post beers I drink beers and read BeerAdvocate to learn more about beers I REALLY enjoy.
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  23. beerluvr

    beerluvr Meyvn (1,224) Jan 2, 2001 Canada (ON)

    Used to be on FB, Twitter, Instagram...now none whatsoever. My distaste for social media made it easy to turn my back on all of it. Never looked back.✌
  24. Beerchum

    Beerchum Initiate (45) Oct 8, 2017 California

    Up to you, but it might be useful to wait a month, then re-run the poll where the answers aren't simple checkbox but maybe radio buttons for:
    * Frequently
    * Sometimes
    * Rarely
    * Never (Default answer)
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  25. Beerchum

    Beerchum Initiate (45) Oct 8, 2017 California

    By way of example, I [X] checked some that were "sometimes", and decided to not-check [ ] some that were "rarely".
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  26. slangtruth

    slangtruth Initiate (112) Jan 8, 2012 Kentucky

    I look at the local subReddit once in a while for local news. I don't have an account on any of the others mentioned.
  27. Xerlic

    Xerlic Initiate (190) Aug 26, 2016 New York

    I use FB the most for personal life stuff - keeping up with family, friends, etc. IG for purely beer related news and releases. Reddit as an aggregator for keeping up with hobbies - Magic: the Gathering, Investing, Grilling/Smoking etc. I usually have a twitch stream up on my second monitor or my tablet during the workday. No explanation needed for Untappd.
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  28. OldMacGuy

    OldMacGuy Initiate (5) May 15, 2021 Illinois

    Social media sites are cankers on the posterior of humanity. Never wasted time on FB, Twitter or Instagram and their ilk, and prefer to avoid those who do.
  29. skivtjerry

    skivtjerry Zealot (572) Mar 10, 2006 Vermont

    Use Youtube a lot but don't log in or share content. Otherwise, just a couple of tech and skiing forums.

    And lurk on arboristsite.com to read about chainsaws and wood burning. Skip the "Injuries and Fatalities" thread or you will never touch your saw or go near a tree again.
  30. MikeTurgeon

    MikeTurgeon Initiate (80) Mar 26, 2012 New Hampshire

    Facebook, Instagram, Untapped, Snapchat (just 1 friend really), YouTube for the music and videos, Reddit on occasion and Pinterest
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  31. jkrich

    jkrich Meyvn (1,315) Nov 1, 2001 Florida

    I suppose I am behind the times as I only use beeradvocate.com. I really don't see a use for Facebook or Twitter, and I am not familiar with the others listed above. I do have an account on LinkedIn, but I seldom use it.
  32. ChristopherProvost

    ChristopherProvost Initiate (103) Dec 24, 2013 Massachusetts

    I also use Goodreads. Sounds like it might not apply but there are plenty of books about beer out there.

    How about you? Select all that apply and drop any others in your reply.

    Cheers! :beers:
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  33. TwilightBeerCareer

    TwilightBeerCareer Initiate (153) Feb 13, 2021 Illinois

    I only use Beer Advocate.
  34. odannyob

    odannyob Initiate (128) Feb 12, 2014 Colorado

    Organissimo (A Jazz Site)/Bandcamp/Rate Your Music/Nextdoor
  35. reptoJane

    reptoJane Initiate (23) Dec 8, 2020 Illinois

    Men and Women are going to score veeeerrrry differently on this poll. Just sayin'.
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  36. flat_lander

    flat_lander Champion (832) May 11, 2016 Illinois
    Society Trader

    BA and UT I'm actually active on. IG I lurk for beer info only (what a dumpster fire of humanity that place is). Been spending more time on Reddit lately, again lurking, and mostly to follow r/CapitolConsequences. I suppose I could check out the beverage scene on there...
  37. beergoot

    beergoot Poo-Bah (7,176) Oct 11, 2010 Colorado
    Society Trader

    BA is my true, daily social media site.

    Facebook - I may look at for 30 seconds once every 2-4 weeks. I've never liked it, find it clunky to use, and certainly don't trust it with my personal data.

    Discord - only for some brief appearance in connection with BA. I did enjoy the live airing with the Sierra Nevada folks.
  38. draheim

    draheim Poo-Bah (2,932) Sep 18, 2010 Washington

    There should be a “none” option. Believe it or not, some of us use none of these platforms and have no interest in doing so. Cheers!
  39. sulldaddy

    sulldaddy Poo-Bah (4,045) Apr 6, 2003 Connecticut
    Society Trader

    I have an account on FB and Insta. Use FB sparingly and Insta even less. I didnt know what Discord was until seeing posts on BA about using it.
    Others come up in searches and Ive used YTube to fix car issues, repair electronics and other DIY tasks, but never post any content.
    Far and away spend more time on BA than anything else on internet.

    Ive been actively reducing my social media use in effort to be more where I am and experience the real world around me. Its usually much more rewarding and always less of a timesuck.
  40. Singlefinpin

    Singlefinpin Meyvn (1,122) Jul 17, 2018 North Carolina

    FB Because of friends and family.
    UT it's so easy.
    You Tube for technical knowledge mostly about surfing, whitewater, Yoga, climbing and car repair, but not all that often.
    BA Almost daily.