Port City Brewing Company Launches Canada, UK Markets

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    Alexandria, Va. — July 18, 2018 — Port City Brewing Company will begin selling its beers in the United Kingdom and Ontario, Canada this month, expanding its current distribution territory of eight states, Washington DC, and Singapore.

    “We’re thrilled to be connecting with a wider audience,” says founder Bill Butcher. “Beer drinkers in Canada and the UK have lots of good options when it comes to high-quality beer, so it’s fantastic to see such demand for Port City.”

    Port City is partnering with the American Craft Beer Company (americancraftbeercompany.co.uk) to distribute its beers throughout the UK. Core brands such as Optimal Wit, Porter, and Monumental IPA will be available both on draft and in bottles.

    “Port City impressed us with their exceptional beer, state of the art equipment and facilities, and their professionalism and commitment to sustainable growth,” says ACBC co-founder Mark Smith. “We can’t wait to spread the word in the UK about this outstanding brewery.”

    The United Kingdom is the second largest international market for American craft brewers, representing 10.5% of total exports. Annual sales of American craft beer in the UK grew 7.1% in 2017.

    The Liquor Control Board of Ontario (lcbo.com) has selected Port City’s top-selling Optimal Wit for a summer placement. Port City is teaming up with Horizon Beers (horizonbeers.com) to distribute sixteen-ounce cans throughout the province starting in late July. “Independent beer is growing fast in Ontario and we’re excited to be a part of that,” says Butcher.

    “Horizon Beers is proud to introduce Port City's Optimal Wit to Canada. Their dedication to quality, attention to detail and thoroughly professional approach will make them a wonderful partner,” says Horizon owner and CEO Filip Lens. “We look forward to sharing Port City's world class beers with Canadian beer lovers for years to come!"

    Canada is the largest importer of American craft beer, accounting for 51.3% of total exports in 2017. Within Canada, Ontario is the province with the highest overall beer sales, totaling over $CAD 3 billion in 2016.

    Port City Brewing Company is a packaging brewery in Alexandria, Virginia that produces award-winning beers that celebrate their raw ingredients. They brew an exciting lineup of year-round ales and lagers, as well as an innovative slate of seasonal and occasional beers. 2015 Great American Beer Festival® Small Brewing Company of the Year.


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