Port City Joins Sierra Nevada Resilience IPA Campaign To Benefit Camp Fire Relief

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    Alexandria, Va. November 28, 2018Port City Brewing Company is joining Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and hundreds of other breweries across the country to brew Resilience Butte County Proud IPA in support of relief efforts for those affected by the Camp Fire. Port City will donate 100 percent of sales from the Tasting Room only beer to the campaign.

    Beginning on November 8th, the Camp Fire burned across a wide region of northern California, ultimately becoming the most destructive fire in California’s history. To date, the fire has burned over 14,000 residences and claimed 85 lives. In response, Sierra Nevada’s founder Ken Grossman wrote an open letter to American breweries, inviting them to join the Chico, California-based company’s relief campaign. Over a thousand breweries across the country, including Port City, have pledged to brew Resilience Butte County Proud IPA and donate 100 percent of the sales revenue to relief efforts.

    “Our hearts go out to everyone whose lives have been upended by the fire,” says Port City founder Bill Butcher. “We’re so proud of Sierra Nevada’s leadership and are honored to join the breweries participating in the relief campaign. It’s a powerful example of the good that our close-knit industry can do for our communities.”

    Port City will brew the IPA in early December and announce its tapping on social media and its website. Those interested in making further contributions can donate to Sierra Nevada’s relief fund: www.goldenvalley.bank/Community-Foundation.aspx.

    Port City Brewing Company is an award-winning brewery that brews, serves, and ships beer to the D.C. and Mid-Atlantic market. They brew an exciting lineup of year-round brews, as well as an innovative slate of seasonal and occasional beers. 2015 Great American Beer Festival® Small Brewing Company of the Year.

    Website: www.portcitybrewing.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/PortCityBrewing
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/portcitybrew
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/portcitybrew
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    Cheers to this!!! Great to see...
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    With all due respect @Jason , not sure if this needs a dedicated thread. Over 1,000 breweries have also joined Sierra Nevada and there are already 2 other threads on the topic.
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    Along with :

    1. 10 Barrel Brewing Company
    2. 1781 Brewing Co.
    3. 1850 Brewing Company
    4. 1912 Brewing Company
    5. 1940’s Brewing Company
    6. 21st Amendment
    7. 25 West Brewing
    8. 26 Degree Brewing Company
    9. 2nd Shift Brewing
    10. 2Toms Brewing Co.


    1001. Worthy Brewing
    1002. Wren House Brewing Co
    1003. Xicha Brewing Co.
    1004. Yakima Craft Brewing Co
    1005. Yazoo Brewing Company
    1006. YeeHaw Brewing
    1007. Yolo Brewing Company
    1008. Zed’s Beer
    1009. Zeroday Brewing Company
    1010. Zone 9 Brewing Company
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    ISO: Resilience Butte County Proud IPA...
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    I'm glad breweries are stepping up. These folks need help for sure....... Lexington, North Carolina is a barbecue mecca and needs a brewery named Pork City Brewing. Damn, someone should do it!
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    Obvious ad purchase kickback is obvious.

    ***added note: I have no problem with it, just pointing out the obvious***
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    I must have had a momentary condition of naiveté due to a thread reflex response. Didn't mean to start a "thing." :slight_smile:
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