Portland Beer deals (or general NW Beer Deals)

Discussion in 'Northwest' started by derftron, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. weaverr

    weaverr Initiate (134) Jun 10, 2008 Oregon

    On more than one occasion I have stumbled upon Holy Mountain and/or de Garde on tap here.
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  2. shelby415

    shelby415 Crusader (728) Oct 10, 2011 Oregon

    I've been here once and thought they had a good selection. I wish they had a tap list somewhere online, though. I think they may be the only place left in Portland who don't.

    Cool place though.
  3. beertunes

    beertunes Poo-Bah (5,217) Sep 24, 2007 Washington

    Well, it is a grocery store first, place to grab a pint second. My WF rotates kegs often enough that keeping an online list isn't necessary, plus, between pouring beers, making pizzas, and their other duties, I'm not sure they'd have the time.
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  4. shelby415

    shelby415 Crusader (728) Oct 10, 2011 Oregon

    You're right, of course, and they seem to be doing just fine keeping it on the down low.
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  5. Nachojon

    Nachojon Disciple (394) Sep 17, 2011 Oregon

    They put it on their IG story frequently.
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  6. vurt

    vurt Savant (933) Apr 11, 2004 Oregon

    New Seasons and Market of Choice have their taplists online.

    Good thing, too, because now I know that MoC at Cedar Mill has Bale Breaker's Raging Ditch on tap, while New Seasons Cedar Hills has Heater Allen Kellerbier.
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