Post a picture of your Latest Beer Haul (2014-2016)

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by F2brewers, Nov 20, 2014.

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  1. drunkenmess

    drunkenmess Savant (967) Mar 27, 2015 Michigan

    Not a big haul but it makes me happy.


    Scored the last 2 bottles of kbs from my good friends at Jonnas Liquor store. Just sitting on the counter neglected. Thanks May, Andy & Mark!
  2. CBrodbeck

    CBrodbeck Initiate (0) Nov 1, 2014 Florida

    A little New England love....
  3. akolb

    akolb Initiate (0) Aug 8, 2015 Colorado

  4. j111

    j111 Initiate (0) Jan 20, 2016 Canada (ON)

  5. Sabtos

    Sabtos Poo-Bah (10,587) Dec 15, 2015 Ohio
    Society Trader

    Happy to finally get a big want (Caffe Americano) in a small trade, with a nice selection of unique extras to boot!

  6. Sabtos

    Sabtos Poo-Bah (10,587) Dec 15, 2015 Ohio
    Society Trader

    That Codename Superfan is a stunner!
  7. warrendietrich2001

    warrendietrich2001 Crusader (717) Feb 13, 2013 Nevada

    This box was like a magic trick as it never ended. I would reach in thinking for sure there were no more beers
    and out popped another one. Also pretty excited about the replacement Burial Glass as my wife broke the last one.
    Thanks @FriedSlug for an amazing box. Will not be thirsty this weekend.
  8. bobv

    bobv Poo-Bah (4,389) Feb 3, 2009 Vermont
    Society Trader

    Unibroue Quelque Chose
    Best by date of April, 1998.
    Yes, you are reading that right.
    This was given to me by my old boss at Mes Amis, a French restaurant in Stowe, VT. I was at her daughter's High School graduation party earlier this evening and she took me into their cellar to give me this. She had given it to her husband on their first anniversary 19 years ago. He's a Bud drinker and never, ever wanted to drink it. His loss, my gain; I hope! Oh, from a little research, this bottle was probably from the late 80's as fresher bottles from 2015 are dated best by 2025!?!?!

  9. connecticutpoet

    connecticutpoet Poo-Bah (2,226) Jun 10, 2004 Connecticut

    Walked in to a local discount liquor store to get my wife some Smorniff vodka, was pleasantly surprised that it was $7 less than a place over the state line. Looked through the meager beer singles and found an Unorthodox Russian Imperial Stout. I figured if I was getting her Russian-origin liquor, I could get a Russian style beer.

  10. kdevilliers

    kdevilliers Initiate (0) Apr 19, 2016 Massachusetts

    Online order arrived today. First time order so tried a few known varieties and some unknowns to see if it is worth doing this on a more regular basis.

    A few Porters:

    Some brown ales:

    And stouts to round it out:
  11. pinyin

    pinyin Disciple (368) Sep 19, 2013 New York

    Are those Miir Insulated Growlers? I was on the fence about purchasing a few, given the price. How do you like them?
  12. CBrodbeck

    CBrodbeck Initiate (0) Nov 1, 2014 Florida

    A few more hoppy treats from the New York Area... Cheers!
  13. capnmike

    capnmike Aspirant (213) Dec 6, 2013 Illinois

    You "yada yada'd" over the best part!

    Kidding - cool story, plans to try it soon?
  14. Coronaeus

    Coronaeus Poo-Bah (1,993) Apr 21, 2014 Canada (ON)
    Society Trader

    The story i read on a regional beer site was that this was discontinued in 2010 because Duvel/Moortgat, after taking over Liefmans, stopped sending Unibroue the Kriek that was used in this beer. Apparently, due to changes in staff after the takeover, the people involved in the arrangement were no longer employed at Liefmans, and no one knew about the arrangement.

    Also, the person passing along this info mentioned that they plan to bring it back someday with a new base Kriek and will call it (aptly) "Autre Chose."

    Great find!
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  15. KennyFraser

    KennyFraser Initiate (0) Jun 5, 2015 Massachusetts

    My first trip to Night Shift yesterday (Morph was canned yesterday!) and a couple early morning trades completed with some Chicago-area BA's here in Boston. Can't wait to try 3 Floyds later for the first time!

  16. zeuiax

    zeuiax Initiate (0) May 1, 2016 New York

    The loot from trip to SingleCut and Kane
  17. Barrel_Aged_Bulldog

    Barrel_Aged_Bulldog Initiate (44) Sep 19, 2015 Wisconsin

    Father's Day Weekend beer sale at a local store.

  18. Sabtos

    Sabtos Poo-Bah (10,587) Dec 15, 2015 Ohio
    Society Trader

    Just out today, CCB + Hoppin' Frog. Had to grab a few to share with out of state friends.

  19. beerjerk666

    beerjerk666 Poo-Bah (3,356) Aug 22, 2010 Florida
    Society Trader

    First purchase I've made in a while!
    4 pack of Eviltwin Sour Bikini
    and some singles:
    Grimm Super Spruce
    Crooked Stave Vieille Reserva
    Founders Mosaic Promise
    Eviltwin Nomader Weisse
    Fat Head's Bumble Berry
    and some offering's from Stone:
    Citrusy Wit
    Mocha IPA

    Hopefully, the wife will be bringing back some PA goodies too!
  20. Lukass

    Lukass Meyvn (1,445) Dec 16, 2012 Ohio

    Got a few ET imperial stouts that will probably hang out til the weather starts getting cooler. I may need some help with the bozo!

  21. PrestigeWorldwide

    PrestigeWorldwide Defender (634) Sep 22, 2015 Michigan

  22. Jroden5446

    Jroden5446 Initiate (0) Oct 7, 2015 Florida

    Due South Rum barrel Aged ( Wicked Dolphin rum) Mariana trench ( imperial stout with vanilla cocoa)
    Due South one eyed tiki ( coconut porter)
    Civil Society Emerald Showers
    Civil Society Subject six
  23. Lingenbrau

    Lingenbrau Initiate (0) Apr 9, 2011 Oregon

    Wow! Looking forward to reading your review, assuming you will do so. Cheers!
  24. skleice

    skleice Disciple (302) Aug 6, 2015 Connecticut

  25. Kozaka

    Kozaka Defender (617) Apr 25, 2006 Connecticut
    Society Trader


    Made the most of my trip to Nebco today.
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  26. Greywulfken

    Greywulfken Poo-Bah (5,462) Aug 25, 2010 New York
    Society Trader

    Grabbed a trio of locals that I've recently enjoyed...
    A couple of bombers...
    A pair of singles, both doubles :confused: that I've not tried before...
    And a couple of familiar faces for good measure... :wink:
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  27. CBrodbeck

    CBrodbeck Initiate (0) Nov 1, 2014 Florida

    Got some West Coast and Wisconsin love....
  28. eastbayfunkdunk

    eastbayfunkdunk Initiate (0) Jun 10, 2015 Minnesota

    my friend from Tampa was nice enough to mail me a care package
  29. Pourharddrinkslow

    Pourharddrinkslow Initiate (0) Oct 12, 2014 South Carolina

    A very generous haul, courtesy of @IckyT2012 ! Thank you!
  30. fredmugs

    fredmugs Initiate (0) Aug 11, 2012 Indiana

    Only went to one bottle shop on my vacation (plus a few breweries) and still managed to get home with all this.


  31. stevoj

    stevoj Poo-Bah (11,821) Nov 22, 2011 Idaho

    Nothing too out of the ordinary:
    Mother Earth Primordial DIPA
    Uinta Cucumber Farmhouse
    Weihenstephaner kristallweizen
    Stone Citrusy Wit
    Prairie Tulsa Rugby Ale
    Wallace Preflight
    And...Selkirk Abbey Saint Joseph, bottle 1902 of 2000[​IMG]
  32. ClavisAurea

    ClavisAurea Initiate (0) Jul 4, 2008 New York


    Not a big haul but one I've been wanting to try for a while.
  33. BWood

    BWood Initiate (0) Jan 4, 2015 California


    Great haul today.

    Stickee Monkey - 2 full cases
    Poterie x 3
    Or Xata x 3
    Share This Coffee x 2
    Cinnamonk x 2
    Melange #10
    Blue BBLS

    Really excited to grab 2 cases of the FW. Cracking 1 tonight
  34. Jkolls

    Jkolls Disciple (327) Dec 2, 2015 Ohio

    Bees with a Buzz, brandy barrel aged triple, and Still Life a farmhouse ale, I think both were released late 2014 or early 2015.
  35. 911CROFT

    911CROFT Devotee (438) May 18, 2015 England

    My brother is visiting for the weekend, he can come next weekend too as long as he turns up with KBS again!

  36. SaulFox

    SaulFox Disciple (389) Nov 26, 2010 California


    -Sante Adairius Lingering Spirits
    (Jackie o's collab) which a friend gave me
    -Rye Abyss, Pliny, and Omnipollo Aurora galaxy ipa were found at a local bottle shop
    -DDH Congress sent by a pen pal
  37. Harrison8

    Harrison8 Poo-Bah (5,514) Dec 6, 2015 Missouri
    Society Trader

    Finally got to spend a few minutes in Craft Beer Cellar again. It was about 11 PM when I rolled into town, and I still had two hours to drive, so I tried to keep it brief. Found some things that are made in the same state as me, but I never see. Also picked up some well known beers since I could get a single bottle and didn't want to drop the dough on a 4/6 pack back home.


    - Latitude 42's Lucifer Cuvee
    - Main Street's 2 Hop
    - Founder's Raebus
    - Rock Bridge Brewery's 2nd Option
    - Bur Oak's Big Tree IPA
    - Stone's Mocha IPA
    - Southern Tier Back Burner
    - Northern Peak's Burly
    - Northern Peak's Vicious
    - Northern Peak's Diabolical
    - Northern Peak's Archangel

    Haven't had any of Northern Peak's stuff, so I sorta loaded up on them. I figured this will give me a good sample of their hoppy brew skills.

  38. tacosandbeer

    tacosandbeer Disciple (364) Sep 24, 2010 Nebraska

    ...not often i drive to NE from my part of the country with an empty truck bed. been buying beer all month. had fun at HF earlier in the week. got multiples of most as well as some of the HF branded willi bechers. fun times.
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  39. beerjerk666

    beerjerk666 Poo-Bah (3,356) Aug 22, 2010 Florida
    Society Trader

    That WOJA!!! Love it!
  40. wally_world

    wally_world Initiate (177) Nov 27, 2015 Illinois

    Pretty sweet bottles on that Northern Peak stuff. Let us know how it is so I can make a trip to the Cellar.
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