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  1. StevenRochester

    StevenRochester Sep 11, 2012 Florida

  2. Fitze

    Fitze May 22, 2013 South Carolina

    Everyone but SC is getting Bomb!, LOL.
  3. StevenRochester

    StevenRochester Sep 11, 2012 Florida

    You can't have your Cake and eat it too. Oh wait, yes you can. :stuck_out_tongue:
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  4. BKnarr

    BKnarr Sep 5, 2012 Florida

    ive never purchased this beer, but have gotten it in trade a couple of times in the past. I don't remember going $4$ 10 bucks. Is that the average cost of this beer? I have been keeping an eye out for it to hit FL stores, but I'm not a buyer at $10/12oz.
  5. FATC1TY

    FATC1TY Feb 12, 2012 Georgia

    Well damn, I'm gonna go grab a couple more Bomb! is thats the case.

    Wonder what the price will be.. $6 a bottle or so? Still not that overpriced, IMO. But hope it's cheaper than that.

    I want them to send some Pirate Bomb! I want to try that real bad..
  6. weaverr

    weaverr Jun 10, 2008 California

    That's Pirate Bomb for $10. I imagine regular Bomb is a few bucks cheaper.

    If regular Bomb! is $8/12oz, that's a $15 bomber, so it's about what you'd expect to pay for a chocolate, chile, vanilla, coffee imperial stout. Pirate Bomb is that aged in rum barrels.
  7. jshusc

    jshusc Aug 16, 2013 South Carolina

    Guy at Bottles in Mt. P. told me they are expecting bomb "soon"
  8. BKnarr

    BKnarr Sep 5, 2012 Florida

    I am aware of what the beer is and why it was at that price point, but having never have been in a market where it was sold, was just not aware of the actual cost. I'm not saying it's too high or too low in relation to other comparable beers. I've definitely paid more per oz for other beers in the past. It was just something I had been looking out for here in FL as they started sending it here recently.
  9. StevenRochester

    StevenRochester Sep 11, 2012 Florida

    Having tried the p bomb before, $10/12 oz. is well worth it. Especially if it's to try for the first time. The beer is god-tier.
  10. FATC1TY

    FATC1TY Feb 12, 2012 Georgia

    Not sure if it's that great, but I will say this. I'm not huge on chiles in a beer. I do love all the other adjuncts though, but this beer does something outstanding.

    The beer however, for being a 13-14% stout, is so tasty, so smooth and balanced, and so damn drinkable it's crazy. It's probably one of my favorite beers now that I've had a couple of them recently.

    I'd rather hunt down some of the barrel aged stuff, and more variants from Prairie than others now. I need to find some Pirate Bomb! ASAP.
  11. pgrenvicz

    pgrenvicz Nov 15, 2013 Georgia

    They definitely screwed up on the price, and I screwed up for not buying more when I had the chance. Their next shipment is dropping right before thanksgiving, and I understand it will be nearly double what it was...
  12. Generous_Beer_Lover

    Generous_Beer_Lover Oct 30, 2014 North Carolina

  13. Fitze

    Fitze May 22, 2013 South Carolina

    Bomb is back on the shelves at 7.99 a bottle. Glad I got a bunch of 4 packs at 12.99.
  14. BMBCLT

    BMBCLT May 9, 2014 South Carolina

    For $8 a bottle it'll probably keep sitting on those shelves. You are talking about GA, right?
  15. Fitze

    Fitze May 22, 2013 South Carolina

    Yes, GA

    Isn't @$8.00 a bottle the "going" rate thought?
  16. dbrelsfo

    dbrelsfo Apr 17, 2013 Georgia

    I have only drank Bomb twice. Once to try it and the other when it was $3.59. probably won't be buying it at the new price point of $7.99. It is not nearly as good as mexican cake or Hunahpu, but they are putting it on par with those bottles. no bueno.
  17. elektrikjester

    elektrikjester Nov 15, 2008 Georgia

    Probably several issues in play. The informed consumer in Georgia will understand that they got a great deal on a mispriced beer and that a price increase was not an increase at all, but an inevitable adjustment. Then there's the uninformed consumer who will complain and complain. The only question is which group is more predominant, and frankly, I cannot answer that.

    Retailers will probably adjust by no longer opting to sell bomb by the 4-pack, but by the bottle, just to address the issue of mindset that @WckdVbz raises. And let's be honest. Plenty of other bottles are done the same way. De Struise Black Albert is usually $10 a bottle, and many other beers (Westmalle, Rochefort, De Dolle, etc.) are sold the same way, even if costing a couple dollars less. It's all about adjustment and attitude (i.e. quality over quantity).

    Here, the market must take over. Lots of people got to sample this fabulous beer, and they'll now have to decide just how fabulous it was for them. I suspect that it will continue to sell, if at a more controlled rate.
  18. FATC1TY

    FATC1TY Feb 12, 2012 Georgia

    I heard it would around $6-7 in the ATL market. Slightly more than the OK prices, but far less than the $8-15 you see in the upstates.

    At $6-7, I'll still buy a 4 pack and drink it slower and save it for a while. At the $3.59 price, I've been drinking it like it's a cheap local. It's a fine beer, and I don't have a huge issue with the price point, but certainly wouldn't load up.
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  19. phishbfm

    phishbfm Dec 4, 2010 North Carolina

    For the typical consumer, they're going to have a hard time paying 2+ times what they paid a couple weeks ago.

    Of course, your typical beer consumer isn't in the bomb market anyway..
  20. RDMII

    RDMII Apr 11, 2010 Georgia

    Exactly. I blew through three cases in two days, midweek too, so the heavy business wasn't even going on. Everyone knew what the beer was and were stunned by the price, as they all have seen/heard the going rate, and they'll understand now that it's corrected. From my end, I heard it was Prairie that mispriced it, as AB just sold it at the regular markup. Whatever happened, a lot of people got a steal. Even at the adjusted price, it's still a good deal and great beer for drinking and trade bait.
  21. DawgPhan

    DawgPhan Mar 23, 2012 Georgia

    yeah the price was nice. I knew I had traded for it at closer to $10 back when they waxed the bottles. Awesome beer @ $3/bottle.

    I wish that we could get round of Against the Grain stuff at half price. They have several beers that I would like to try, but the $15 bombers are a bit of a turnoff.
  22. Tony_D

    Tony_D Feb 7, 2014 North Carolina

    Bomb is still quite available around Atlanta for the time being. I know of a couple places that still have it at the lower price. Debating adding to the 1/2 case I currently have.
  23. closisinthehouse

    closisinthehouse Jun 10, 2011 Florida

    Has anyone seen Bomb in Orlando?
  24. BMBCLT

    BMBCLT May 9, 2014 South Carolina

    Has anyone seen BOMB! or Christmas BOMB! in North Augusta, GA area?
  25. Chaosfiend

    Chaosfiend Aug 20, 2013 Florida

    @closisinthehouse Have not seen it in stores but the clerk at Knightly Spirits on OBT told me they get it but sells fast. Just call the store and ask, just don't ask for BOMB! in public. Learned that lesson the hard way lol.
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  26. RDMII

    RDMII Apr 11, 2010 Georgia

    Christmas Bomb! hits the end of the month.
  27. FATC1TY

    FATC1TY Feb 12, 2012 Georgia

    Agreed on the ATG. I'd love to try their stuff, and I'm not all that picky on paying hefty prices for some bottles, there stuff simply doesn't make me want to pay the prices they charge. $17-18 for a bomber of an IPA.. No thanks.
  28. FATC1TY

    FATC1TY Feb 12, 2012 Georgia

    I know Christmas Bomb is hitting later this month. Any word on if GA will get any Pirate Bomb, or anything along those lines?
  29. RDMII

    RDMII Apr 11, 2010 Georgia

    From my AB rep, regular and Christmas are the only two in line to be in GA for now.
  30. VinceMig

    VinceMig Jun 21, 2013 Georgia

    I had Pirate Bomb last night while at a bar in San Fran (they had bottles on bottles) and to me it lived up to the hype. The rum barrel adds some nice character and the vanilla notes are really great. I actually liked it more than this year's Huna.
  31. VinceMig

    VinceMig Jun 21, 2013 Georgia

    Oh man, found some bomb yesterday for the reduced price. Drank 2 and shared 2. I felt like I was making it rain.
  32. Fitze

    Fitze May 22, 2013 South Carolina

    Did Luekens sell out of Pirate Bomb!?
  33. BrewerB

    BrewerB Mar 5, 2008 North Carolina

    Were these out on the shelf? Didn't see any this morning.
  34. weaverr

    weaverr Jun 10, 2008 California

    I just got back from Orlando. Knightly on OBT had Pirate Bomb sitting on the counter last Thursday so I bought a bottle at 8.99. Not sure if they still have any, but they didn't seem to be hiding it. Had a bunch of cases of Prairie spread throughout the store as well, so they may have just received a delivery.
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  35. karamchandani

    karamchandani Aug 22, 2013 South Carolina

    Anyone know if any stores in the Buckhead area have Bomb? In the area today and would love to get some.
  36. FATC1TY

    FATC1TY Feb 12, 2012 Georgia

    Check out Greens.. They should have it, unless people bought it all up knowing the price correction was coming.
  37. karamchandani

    karamchandani Aug 22, 2013 South Carolina

    Thanks, but unfortunately Greens didn't have any. Didn't have time to check out any other stores..
  38. andyctree

    andyctree Apr 20, 2010 North Carolina

    Prairie beers will be hitting the shelves in Asheville next week.

    There should be a keg of it coming to Thirsty Monk in the next day or so.
  39. jcb7472

    jcb7472 Jul 13, 2011 Florida

    ABC Oakland Park has some Prairie beers on the shelf. Christmas Bomb 12 oz for $8.99 (they have a bunch) and 4 pack of Standard (Hoppy Farmhouse) for $9.99.
  40. weaverr

    weaverr Jun 10, 2008 California

    Saw on twitter that Green's has Bomb back in stock at $5.98/bottle. Christmas Bomb is $6.99/bottle.
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