Preparing for Lawn Season: Brewing a Pre-Prohibition-Style Cream Ale

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    Done...well almost...Local Yokel Cream Ale coming to a boil as we speak :slight_smile:
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    what makes this Creamy? I use this same recipe for a regular pre-pro lager. Is it the temperature that makes a difference? for mine I always cold ferment.
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    I've never had a cream ale that I would describe as "creamy" in any aspect. I've always wondered how the term "cream ale" came to be--it seems like a bit of a misnomer, at least to me. I've heard beer reviewers describe certain cream ales as creamy, but honestly I think it's just mind games based on the labeling of the beer.
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    Yeah, cream ale is a style moniker from the breweries at the same time that you would have seen "smooth ale". Unfortunately for us who want a connection between the name and the taste characteristics, "smooth ale" as a name died out a long time ago (believe pre-pro, I'd go check my resources but then I'd wake my wife and who wants to do that?). All this and more on Jan 25th on my show. :slight_smile:
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    Coming back through to say - if you want to hear me talk more indepth about cream ale - go look for Episode 2 of the Brew Files from Experimental Brewing.
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