Press Release: Elevation Announces 2012 numbers Expanded Distribution

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  1. ElevationBeer

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    Elevation Announces 2012 numbers, Blue Series to launch Across Colorado

    January 28th, 2013 Poncha Springs, Colorado- Elevation Beer Company is excited to announce that it produced 935 barrels in 2012 making it one of, if not the largest, craft brewery to open in the state of Colorado in 2012 in terms of total production.

    “We overshot our projections by nearly 40%,” says Elevation’s General Manager and Co-Founder Carlin Walsh, “We are so thankful to all our wholesalers, accounts, and most importantly our fans that allowed us to almost break the 1,000 barrel mark within only 7 months of brewing in 2012.”

    More than 50% of Elevation’s total was production was sold through their Blue Series, which includes their First Cast IPA and Little Mo’ Porter. Both of which were sold in just three Colorado counties in 2012.

    Due to the high demand, Elevation has just completed its first expansion, which will triple the capacity of the brewery and vastly improve its bottling speeds with the addition of 3 new fermenters and two Meheen bottling lines. The expansion will allow Elevation to produce as much as 4,000bbls a year.

    “We will finally be able to meet demand in our local area, and with the added capacity we are excited to announce that we will be bringing our Blue Series including our First Cast IPA and Little Mo’ Porter to select accounts across the state of Colorado starting in February.” Says Sales and Distribution Manager Xandy Bustamante.

    The Blue Series will launch in pint bottle four packs in conjunction with Elevation’s Fortitude Ski Giveaway promotions at two liquor stores in the Denver Area, Mile High Wine and Spirits in Lakewood, and Hazels Beverage World in Boulder, starting in February. More off-premise accounts and draft availability should be added in March as Elevation ramps up on production.

    “We are hoping we will have our First Cast IPA and Little Mo’ Porter available at beer bars and liquor stores statewide by summer in our pint bottle four packs and draft.” Says Xandy, “Also keep an eye out for our Black and Double Black Series seasonal 750ml bottles and draft as we will be also increasing their availability across Colorado. It has definitely been an exciting and wild ride so far and we are excited for 2013.”

    For more information, pictures or interviews contact:
    Sheila Bustamante
    Marketing Manager

    About Elevation
    Elevation Beer Co. is an artisan microbrewery located in Poncha Springs, Colorado, just minutes from Salida, Monarch Ski Area, Arkansas River Headwaters, and over seven 14,000-foot peaks. Elevation specializes in brewing large adventurous beers for the craft beer fanatic, while trying to elevate the perception of what beer can be.
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  2. Prospero

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    Finally First Cast in bottles and in Denver!!!!

    February can't come soon enough! (Still hoping to see Oil Man this week)
  3. denver10

    denver10 Initiate (0) Nov 17, 2010 New Mexico

    Awesome news.

    Tried First Cast the other week and was underwhelmed by it, but I suspect that could easily have been a simple case of just not being in the right mood. Will gladly give it a second try, as Elevation has yet to disapoint me.

    I also tried their Little Mo' Porter and thought that was great from first to last sip.
  4. robwater

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    Had your Oil Man at the Denver Rare Beer Fest at The Rackhouse in Oct and it's killing me that I haven't seen it on the shelves yet! That was some tasty goodness!
  5. denver10

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    4 packs of Little Mo' and First Cast finally on the local Fort Collins shelves.
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