News Pretty Things goes to town on "pay to play" in Massachusetts

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by Todd, Oct 14, 2014.

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  1. cavedave

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  2. bleakies

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    So your position seems to be that since good beer exists while p2p exists, the end of p2p would mean the end of good beer.

    Interesting observation.

    (Thanks for removing Neil Young from your avatar. I like Neil Young.)
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  3. gothedistance

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    I totally agree with this and I have a couple of accounts that fit that description. Whenever I can I make sure they get some allocated stuff based on the overall relationship and not just the sales of that one particular brewery. I just can't get them everything.

    I will have a new account opening next year that wants to focus on only the rare, aged, allocated stuff and nothing 'mainstream/year round' craft. I haven't quite figured out how that will work yet. We shall see!
  4. geocool

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    I would like to thank the aspirant troll for repeatedly making some of the absolute worst and most poorly reasoned arguments I could ever hope to conceive. He has truly helped our cause by keeping this thread alive and making the industry insiders who support P2P look even more ridiculous than they already did.
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  5. GregorVance

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    We have meetings with new accounts all the time who tell us, "We aren't going to serve the same line up as everyone else, we want this to be the only place to get the beer we serve. We only want the rare stuff." Our response is usually polite but firm: "Well, that's a good plan, but if we only have x amount of cases, the accounts that do the best with X brand are going to get first dibs and the largest allocation of x." Basically, if you aren't going to take any of our every day stuff, we can't promise you any of the rare stuff. They aren't generally too happy with that response, but for the most part they understand.

    My favorite so far was the account that opened three months ago, has told us they aren't going to do business with us every time we walked in there, then called us to tell us they would entertain doing business with us if we sold them our entire BCBS allocation, including all the variances. We had fun with that one.

    In terms of p2p, it varies from market to market, even from county to county. We have been asked multiple times to pay for draught systems, and every time we give them the, "That's not how we are going to earn your business." Then two weeks later the same system is installed serving only our competitors product. Frankly, it isn't profitable enough for us to buy lines. Say we bought a line for $1,000. Assuming a $20 in profit keg, it would take us 50 1/2 barrels to even recoup that $$; simple economics make it not worth my time. Now, we are a smaller market with less draught velocity than Boston bars, and I understand the opportunity cost in sampling opportunities, but those numbers, coupled with the fact that it's illegal, means we don't engage in it.

    I think everyone would be shocked at how clean NYC is. Every brewer I have talked to that has looked in to Boston vs NYC has commented on how dirty Boston was and how pristine NYC is. Now that is often second and third hand, but from people I trust and respect.
  6. braineater

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    Simply put, it won't.
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  7. Todd

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