Probicient officially launches the world’s first Probiotic Beer

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    Probicient officially launches the world’s first Probiotic Beer, in collaboration with Brewerkz as the brewing partner.

    SINGAPORE – February 28, 2022

    Probicient and Origgin Ventures, a specialist in early stage deep-tech start-ups and venture co-creation, in collaboration with Brewerkz, Singapore’s longest running craft brewery, launch the world’s first probiotic beer.

    With Brewerkz as the first brewing partner, more than $1.5 million was invested into the development of this probiotic’s beer from lab-to-table. Moving from nascent stage to clinical trials to consumer tests, this probiotic beer is now ready for commercial scale-up to commercial breweries and micro-breweries around the world.

    Probiotification of alcoholic beverages is a major technological challenge. These beverages contain many intrinsic antimicrobial compounds such as ethanol, organic acids, and hops that impair the growth and survival of probiotics. Through evidence-based research, Probicient’s technical team ensures the probiotics’ survivability while maintaining the traditional methods of beer brewing. Probicient’s IP lies in the technological breakthrough that ensures the probiotics’ survivability of 1 billion CFU, the minimum amount considered to be an effective probiotic,according to ISAPP (International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics). Probiotic dosage is expressed in CFU, or Colony Forming Units, which refers to the number of live probiotic microbes capable of forming colonies in a laboratory test.

    According to (ISAPP), probiotics are “live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host”. Although other live microorganisms may be found in other traditionally fermented food such as kombucha, sauerkraut, and kimchi, those do not typically meet the empirical evidence level and only certain characterised strains with a scientifically validated health effect can be classified as probiotics. Probicient's IP lies in its distinct pairing of unique strains and patented fermentation processes as the world’s first probiotic beer.

    Probicient believes that the global shift in consumer patterns towards health and wellness trends, unveiling low alcohol or low-calorie beer as healthier alternatives, will drive the global probiotic drinks market. As post-pandemic growth takes shape coupled with beer as the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, Probicient is poised to deliver consumers a uniquely different healthier beer experience, satisfying both their wellness needs through enhancing gut health and fulfilling their need to connect with others through social drinking.

    A spin-off company from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Probicient is looking to bring this novel IP technology to both commercial macrobreweries and microbreweries worldwide. “As a non-dairy probiotic drink, the probiotic beer would provide consumers with a healthier drinking experience without discernible compromise on the beer’s taste profile and be a good fit to the trend of functional beverages,” says Associate Professor Liu Shaoquan from the NUS Department of Food Science and Technology, and co-founder, Probicient.

    To commemorate this milestone, Brewerkz will launch Red Billion, a probiotic raspberry sour beer – homage to the red hue and probiotics level of at least 1 billion CFU per serving, available at all Brewerkz outlets on tap from 1 March, 2022. Brewerkz will expand its range of probiotic beer flavours over time including canning and making them available for sale at major supermarkets and online channels.

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    “Attention Brewery Members: The TTB does not allow the statement of health claims on labels or in marketing materials, whereas non-alcoholic beverages can make claims. That leaves alcohol beverages limited to what the media covers and the knowledge of the brewing community at large.”,large. Beer and Health Is an Important Topic

    I wonder how the above will impact the labeling/marketing of this beer?

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    I gotta believe it’ll depend on who’s asking?

    That said, there’s promising research being done that ties gut health to the vitality of the human immune system… some of the numbers I’ve read are quite startling and am incredibly interested in what this means for our health!
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    A brewery submits label approval to the TTB and then they decide. In this instance it appears to me it is the brewery that is "asking" in this regard.

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    Their first pilsner should be named Gut Czech.
  6. Troy-Hawaii

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    I think this is pure BS marketing to make people think they are doing something healthy when they are not.
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    Now that's funny shit
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    Now that's funny.
  9. Squire

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    For years I've thought a BA in Marketing should be a BS.
  10. cavedave

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    Kind of an excellent idea on the face of it. I wonder how many reading this knew that C. cerevisiae already is part of your gut microbiome?

    I don't claim to understand the mechanisms this brewery uses, and science doesn't claim to understand the gut microbiome, but any help for the gut microbiome is aces in my book.
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    Also, I have found out that research shows the close ties between the gut microbiome and thought. My own personal belief is that eventually health will be an understanding of this triad, gut/mind/immune, and probably see it as one system.
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    And it will be interesting to see what the TTB will permit in this regard (re: labeling).

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    Well, the old BATF let Joe Ortlieb* market Otto's Original Oatbran Beer, complete with "No Cholesterol" on the labeling back in the late '80s when oat-bran was briefly a health food fad/miracle cure.
    Admitted Ortlieb to the local paper:
    "I have to be honest with you:Beer has no cholesterol. But people don't know that!" But otherwise Joe avoided any "health claims" as such, just letting the media do that for him (there were dozens of food products pushing oat-bran at the time).

    So, in theory, if this brewery ditches the "Probiotic" wording and just markets a beer called Red Billion, a raspberry sour beer and lets the internet do the health claims... could happen. If anything, the internet does that sort of thing faster and a lot better than network TV afternoon talk shows and local newspapers ever did.

    * Yeah, by then the Ortlieb Brewing Co. was gone and he had it contract-brewed at The Lion, around the same time as his Truppert brand was being marketed.
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    bah! Evidence? Screw that, I need my craft beer innovation driven by hunch, habit, and whim!
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    Drink enough beer it’ll clean you out anyways regardless of a probiotic lol.
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    Many homebrewers use good belly to sour their beers. I suspect most beers that use lactobacillus are "probiotic".
  17. Squire

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    So true, and if the beer don't get you there the whiskey will.
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  18. skivtjerry

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    Lambic is already the ultimate probiotic...