Purchase that made you feel like you were stealing?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by spidermite, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. spidermite

    spidermite Initiate (0) Dec 24, 2014 California

    Once upon a time the store next to my house started carrying Arrogant Bastard I brought 2 up to the counter and it wasn't in the system yet. After waiting around the manager finally said just charge him 1.99....Naturally I told the cashier to wait a minute and went back and grabbed the 6 others on the shelf.

    Anyone else ever had a similar experience, or did I win at life already ?
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  2. TonyLema1

    TonyLema1 Initiate (0) Nov 19, 2008 South Carolina

    Shmaltz Holiday Gift pack got accidentally marked down to $6.99 last year...I snagged the last two, I found out later, that they were supposed to be marked down to $16.99
  3. Chugs13

    Chugs13 Initiate (0) Dec 11, 2011 New Jersey

    If winning at life = being a scumbag, then yes, you won, congratulations!
  4. Whimpers

    Whimpers Initiate (0) Dec 17, 2010 New York

    I got an imperial biscotti break natale for .05 once I'm assuming because of a computer typo.
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  5. josmickam

    josmickam Initiate (0) Apr 19, 2013 Georgia

    Barrel Aged Narwhal, $8.79. It wasn't in the store's system, so they rang it up as a 4 pack of non barrel aged narwhal.

    This can't be topped.
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  6. Preluderl

    Preluderl Pooh-Bah (1,710) Sep 27, 2012 Pennsylvania
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Great deals on beer don't exist in Pennsylvania. We only get to feel like we got bent over a barrel.
  7. boisebeerguy85

    boisebeerguy85 Initiate (0) Oct 6, 2013 Idaho

    I bought Firestone 17 for $10
  8. russpowell

    russpowell Grand High Pooh-Bah (6,904) May 24, 2005 Arkansas
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Agreed, I'll bitch about prices all day long, but will correct cashiers if they try to screw the store/owners or just in error. I have had several tell me, I hear you, don't worry about it. At that that point I will just take my purchase & leave. So not thinking I'm above anyone, just don't wish to cheat anyone either...
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  9. Chugs13

    Chugs13 Initiate (0) Dec 11, 2011 New Jersey

    Exactly. I have done the same, and received the same type of response, which I will then move along with, but would certainly not take it the extra mile and go back for more to further take advantage of said establishment.
  10. StoutSnob40

    StoutSnob40 Grand Pooh-Bah (4,445) Jan 4, 2013 California
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    Scumbag may be a bit harsh.. Maybe the store shouldn't put product on the shelves that they aren't able to ring up properly at the register.
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  11. Chugs13

    Chugs13 Initiate (0) Dec 11, 2011 New Jersey

    To me, not doing the right thing = being a scumbag. Just the way I feel.
  12. misternebbie

    misternebbie Initiate (0) Aug 24, 2014 Pennsylvania

    Yuengling Bock a case for 19.99 even better than last year,yum!
  13. Preluderl

    Preluderl Pooh-Bah (1,710) Sep 27, 2012 Pennsylvania
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    It was pretty shitty to go back and clean them out... That's just taking advantage. I wouldn't have thought it was that big of a deal if you just took the ones you already had in hand.
  14. kell50

    kell50 Initiate (0) Jul 25, 2007 North Carolina

    I was in a beer store in central NY last summer and they were getting rid of Victory at Sea bombers for 1.99 each.

    I bought all 8. Score!!!!
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  15. Purpleman

    Purpleman Initiate (0) Jan 2, 2014 California

    Got 4 - 24packs of Spaten Oktoberfest for the price of 1, thanks Costco!
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  16. doppletheGOAT

    doppletheGOAT Initiate (0) Nov 27, 2012 Texas

    Anytime I pick up a bomber released by Lagunitas, Sierra Nevada and Bear Republic.

    They prove that the bombers released by the "other guys" are overpriced.
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  17. Blueapollo420

    Blueapollo420 Initiate (0) Nov 9, 2014 Vermont

    I once got a growler of trapp dunkel for 7.49. I guess it didn't move fast enough so they put it on sale!
  18. CheapHysterics

    CheapHysterics Initiate (0) Apr 1, 2009 Pennsylvania

    I get not taking advantage of the establishment, but if the store, on the other hand, had made a typo and priced an $8 bomber at $18 and then found their customers willing to pay it, wouldn't we just say the store has every right to charge what the market will bear for their goods? The store should bear some responsibility for knowing the prices of their products.

    Going back for more was definitely lame, but taking advantage of the offered price might be more debatable.

    Personally, my best "theft" was probably a case of Grolsch 16 oz. flip tops that was marked at the price for the case of the normal 12 oz. bottles (this was about 15-20 years ago when I was just getting into good bee. I didn't even realize what a deal I was getting until the next time I went to buy the same beer and found the price was a lot higher, at which point I looked at the case of 12 ouncers and realized what had happened. At that point it was really too late to tell the store about their mistake that they had already corrected.
  19. Coorsy

    Coorsy Pooh-Bah (1,656) Jul 11, 2014 Massachusetts
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    This happened the other day to me actually. I purchased a 4 pk of captains daughter which was marked at 10.95 and then 2 other singles priced at 1.99 each. My total came to 7.99.

    Now I would have been honest and spoke up, but i called ahead and asked if they had a limit because i was about to take a 45 minute drive and it wasnt worth it for just the 4 pack. The guy told me i could get 2 or 3. I got there and he said sorry limit 1 per customer. He didnt care to keep his word, so i didnt care that he charged me 2.50 for a 4 pack of Cpts. Daughter.

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  20. Keith_R

    Keith_R Initiate (0) Aug 14, 2012 Georgia

    Pannepot Grande Reserva 2005 last year for about $1.50 a bottle from a store than had them on "Manager's Special".
  21. LittleDog

    LittleDog Initiate (0) Dec 19, 2014 Texas

    The ring I bought was well worth the woman it went to. She enjoys sharing my beer, and paid for my homebrew classes for one Valentine's day. That's not all, but it's enough for this forum.
  22. Beef_Curtains

    Beef_Curtains Initiate (0) Oct 14, 2013 Ohio

    The way I see it, it's the store's responsibility to make sure things are properly priced. If management doesn't know how to price something, I won't lose any sleep over underpaying. I still wouldn't clean them out though, that's taking it a bit too far.
  23. zxtwou2

    zxtwou2 Initiate (0) Feb 1, 2014 Illinois

    Last year I went to a BP station whose owner set up a nice selection of craft beer singles. We had just gotten Dogfish Head back in the STL Metro East area, so I went to go try all I could. I didn't think anything of the 2.99 price on the World Wide Stout...til I drank it. Looked it up...18% ABV. Holy cow! Went back immediately and someone who knew more about beer than I did had cleaned them out of the rest.

    And recently I picked up a 17 dollar bottle for 0.99. It was a locally made pumpkin beer aged in tequila barrels. The guy I usually see at the store had procured it from their hub store after I talked about wanting it. I didn't notice it was rung up wrong until I got home. I called and he said not to worry about it since I'm one of their more frequent customers. Won the luck lottery, I guess!
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  24. shanebelcher

    shanebelcher Initiate (0) Jan 31, 2014 North Carolina

    6 pack vertical of bigfoot barleywine for $20, not cheap but it was definitely worth it.
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  25. Himself

    Himself Initiate (0) May 20, 2014 Massachusetts

    last year I happened to be out of town when BCBS was released so I stopped at the closest bottle shop to me. They had erroneously entered the 4pks at $6.99. I got 2 4pks but couldn't bring myself to get any more. I felt others should benefit as well.
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  26. changdulla

    changdulla Initiate (0) May 2, 2014 Rhode Island

    I scored a 2014 Parabola for $9.99. I didn't ask any questions I just turns around and left. I should have grabbed a couple more.
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  27. Shroud0fdoom

    Shroud0fdoom Initiate (0) Oct 31, 2013 Maryland

    Similar situation, I bought a six pack of Sculpin a few years ago. I was waiting for the total price and seen it as cheaper than I thought. Went to my car and noticed the Sculpin on the receipt was $2.50. He must of just scanned the single instead of the six pack total. I went back in and showed the manager and paid the rest of the missing funds. Not a humble brag or anything, I am not a dick when it comes to honesty.
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  28. SmashPants

    SmashPants Initiate (0) Jun 24, 2012 Australia

    I bought a number of Ballast Point Big Eye IPA 650mL (approx 21.5 floz) for AU$3 each.

    And yes - I left a couple dozen for others to enjoy :slight_smile:
  29. ChicagoGuy

    ChicagoGuy Initiate (0) Dec 2, 2014 Illinois

    Back in December 2013, I spotted two 4-packs of BCBS sitting on a shelf between the Honkers & 312 6-packs in the beer section of a big national chain grocery store. Under the BCBS, the price tag on the shelf said "Goose Island Misc $10.99", and sure enough, that's how both 4-packs rung up.
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  30. Casterbridge

    Casterbridge Savant (1,019) Mar 26, 2010 Connecticut

    I once got four barrel-aged Old Rasputin XIV's for $8 apiece.
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  31. montman

    montman Maven (1,278) Mar 10, 2009 Virginia

    This happened to me recently at whole foods, they rang up Avery Tweak as a $1.99 generic single.
  32. guinness77

    guinness77 Grand Pooh-Bah (3,408) Jan 6, 2014 New York

    Evil Twin selling those single hop Simcoe Molotov Cocktail bombers (13%) for $6.99 was the deal of the year.

    I once got a bomber of one of the Great Divide Yeti (can't remember which one) at Whole Foods for free because it didn't ring up and they have some policy about it being free if it doesn't ring up.

    I also got a Rum aged Pumking for $8.99 because it rang up as regular Pumking and, being I had never seen it before, I didn't know it was supposed to be $17. I've spent a small fortune in this store so I just figured it was my lucky day.

    Just to add. It's one thing to be the receipient of a cashier's error or be pleasantly surprised at the register and it's another thing to go back to shelves and "clean the store out" when you discover said error. It's kind of a dick move. Just take what you got and be happy about that.
    #32 guinness77, Jan 11, 2015
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2015
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  33. SLeffler27

    SLeffler27 Grand Pooh-Bah (3,490) Feb 24, 2008 New York
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    The law aside, if you feel like you are steeling, then you probably are.

    In such situations, we should advise the other party of our concerns, then accept their judgement. However taking further advantage of such a situation feels wrong to me.
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  34. SpruceFish

    SpruceFish Initiate (0) Jan 18, 2009 Washington

    I once bought a Catillon Lou Pepe Geuze for $11
  35. kwakwhore

    kwakwhore Initiate (0) Nov 1, 2004 North Carolina

    Gouden Carolus Christmas Ale for 5.99 because the store thought it needed to be marked down after the Christmas season. No regrets about taking advantage of their ignorance when these were the same people who charged $4 a bottle for Lagunitas Sucks the first year it came out.
  36. yemenmocha

    yemenmocha Grand Pooh-Bah (4,030) Jun 18, 2002 Arizona

    Hofbrau sixpacks for $3.99. I kindly insisted the price was wrong and the cashier actually started arguing with me and was quite rude. Out of spite I bought more on my next visit as well, but on the third trip much later it was corrected.
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  37. Davidstan

    Davidstan Savant (1,071) May 24, 2014 Alabama

    I purchased a six of SNPA for 7.99 with a twenty. She gave me back a twenty, ten and a couple of dollars. I corrected her and slept well that night.
  38. russpowell

    russpowell Grand High Pooh-Bah (6,904) May 24, 2005 Arkansas
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Every Belgian beer I purchased in Belgium, France or Luxemborg
  39. zeff80

    zeff80 Grand High Pooh-Bah (7,379) Feb 6, 2006 Missouri

    Where is this BP station? Is it an easy drive across the river?
  40. bluehende

    bluehende Initiate (0) Dec 10, 2010 Delaware

    I am just as anal about not ripping off a retail outlet as I am about not getting ripped off. I will say I have had a number of very interesting conversations when I point out that they charged me too little or more likely gave me too much change. More often than not the first response is that I am trying to confuse them and rip them off.
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