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Discussion in 'Home Bar' started by Keanis, Oct 9, 2021.

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    Tapped about 25 kegs since ive had my True TDD-2, today is the first time ever ive tapped the keg right after getting home with it instead of waiting a few hours to settle, and when i attached the coupler foam came out of the faucet when it was in the closed position and the co2 tank wasnt even switched on yet.

    Is that odd, or normal. Would say the amount of foam was not that much maybe a shot glass worth.

    something i need to fix?

  2. DougC123

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    That’s got nothing to do with tapping it right away, and isn’t an issue. Push the handle back, make sure the bonnet is tight and resume whatever you were planning to do.
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    Truth is, you can roll a keg off the roof, wait a few moments and tap with no foaming problems.

    I do not recommend doing this. Kegs are heavy and I don't know anything about your roof, much less your ladder situation. Know that beer comes from the bottom of the keg, and that is not where the foam lives.

    If you typically let the beer settle, it is likely your are chilling the keg to serving temp. Dispense a warm keg, even a few degrees over 38, and that will cause foam.

    Second, if you dispense keg beer without adequate pressure, then that too will foam. The gas is coming out of solution in the keg, because you are not maintaining pressure and therefore not maintaining proper vols.

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    This time of year in Munich you'll see a lot of barrel rolling:

    . . . and it's rare to have complaints about the pours: