Rarest of the Rare Cantillon

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by eandersen, Sep 13, 2013.

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  1. eandersen

    eandersen Initiate (0) Jan 13, 2012 New York

    So obviously I know of the Loeriks and the DQs of the world, but every once in a while I see trade threads on here that put other Cantillons that I've never heard of in this same stratosphere.
    Anyone have a list of these crazy rare small batch Cantillons? Not that I could ever acquire them, just out of a curiosity for what I can never have :wink:
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  2. eandersen

    eandersen Initiate (0) Jan 13, 2012 New York

  3. rxeight

    rxeight Aspirant (239) Feb 5, 2012 Illinois

  4. CityofBals

    CityofBals Initiate (0) Sep 12, 2012 Illinois


    pretty much anything with less than 150 reviews on this list is going to be a very difficult bottle to locate, much less trade for, anything with less than 30 reviews, unless you really like beer you will never see in person.

    just noticed the ghst wjål's at the bottom of the list with 0 ticks, good luck trying those. they're super .rar :wink:

    for a much more complete list of cantillon beer through the years, refer to this.
  5. eandersen

    eandersen Initiate (0) Jan 13, 2012 New York

    Thats awesome thanks CityofBals!
    Some of the stories on these are pretty damn cool. What a brewery!
  6. rlcoffey

    rlcoffey Initiate (0) Apr 20, 2004 Kentucky


    Of course, if you manage to acquire it in a trade, something really weird has happened.
  7. DJButters

    DJButters Initiate (0) Jun 23, 2010 California

    Supdog. It's traded in the past, check the forums
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  8. eandersen

    eandersen Initiate (0) Jan 13, 2012 New York

    Only thread that I could find was your closed trade thread lol. What exactly is the Supdog? You have me intrigued.
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  9. thegoon55

    thegoon55 Initiate (0) Oct 27, 2012 Massachusetts

    Just go look at some of the bottles grumpyoldtroll posts. None of us know what the fuck they are, but all of us think they're cool as shit
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  10. joel66

    joel66 Initiate (0) Sep 1, 2012 New York

    yeah they are awesome bottles. I love the cartoon labels especially.

    akkurat specials.(goldackerl, reed muscat, reed pinot) loerik, and one pint pub exclusives(grosielle, grosielle macquereau, tyrni lambic and pikku) for anybody who doesnt know what they are looking at( not in any specific order)
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  11. joel66

    joel66 Initiate (0) Sep 1, 2012 New York

    had some bottles from the 1980's that were pretty bad... other than that not inmy experience
  12. Luk13

    Luk13 Initiate (0) May 25, 2009 Quebec (Canada)

    I found Lambic d'Haute Densité (Portland Festival) to be the only bad (not mediocre) one I've tried.
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  13. westcoastbeerlvr

    westcoastbeerlvr Poo-Bah (2,123) Oct 19, 2010 California

    I can honestly say that the Reed Gueuzes were easily some of the greatest lambics I've ever had. Can't say the same for Goldackerl.

    Seriously though, not to denigrate an awesome pic and an awesome tasting, but all of those beers were available for anyone if they took a small trip through the Scandinavian countries a couple of years ago. Sounds like there will be a ghost whale tasting happening soon that will put that to shame.
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  14. 77black_ships

    77black_ships Initiate (0) Dec 4, 2012 Belgium

    I believe that there was another somewhat different batch of Cantillon Feestbier HB different from the one that is rated here. I am not to sure.

    Also 1900s Cantillon bottles?

    Has anyone had Cantillon beers from like 1900 – 1960?
  15. joel66

    joel66 Initiate (0) Sep 1, 2012 New York

    These bottles are for one tasting only.. although their are some incredible bottles being opened, we have had the majority of the bottles being opened there during the last couple tastings. The majority of these bottles are not for sale on site any longer, and you can pretty much say the same thing for any bottle over the course of history. I dont see how the word shame can even be thought ofqhen looking at this picture...
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  16. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Savant (924) Mar 17, 2009 Washington

    Even Zwanze 2010 and 2012 were pretty poor. I didn't care for the 2012 on Zwanze day but finished my glass. At The Festival I got a bottle sample and dumped it out after the first sip. I heard people were dumping Densite so I didn't even bother.
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  17. joel66

    joel66 Initiate (0) Sep 1, 2012 New York

    Densite isnt in the same league and i suspect zwanze 2013 will be the same. Get a bottle of pinot di aunis and i think you will feel much diff about the zwanze. Not to say every beer cantillon makes is amazing, but the majority are..
  18. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Savant (924) Mar 17, 2009 Washington

    I had that a few years ago. I liked it but it's not the best of their grape lambics. Its re-incarnation as Zwanze 2011 wasn't as impressive either.
  19. Ruds

    Ruds Initiate (0) Sep 15, 2008 United Kingdom (England)


    Anything European you're best of looking on RB, stronger European membership than on BA, hence nearly always more beers listed.
  20. distantmantra

    distantmantra Meyvn (1,010) May 23, 2011 Washington

    Zwanze 2013.
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  21. Dupage25

    Dupage25 Aspirant (218) Jul 4, 2013 Antarctica

    The "Brussels variety" of brett is found in vineyards all over the world (and by extension, on fruit and in the air all over the world). It is not unique to the Senne valley, that's just where it was first described.
  22. BennyBeer04

    BennyBeer04 Initiate (0) Aug 27, 2009 Massachusetts

    Totally, DuPage25... but then factor in the other yeast strains that are active in that region. It's a culmination of all of those yeast varietals working on the wort that really makes those beers what they are. Brett is certainly a part, but not all of it. Would be really interesting to see some breweries pop up in those areas that have the same Brett varietal as the Brussels area.. any idea which regions they're found? Be interested to know..
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  23. regularjohn

    regularjohn Initiate (0) Feb 7, 2013 New Jersey

    well zwanze day has officially spoiled me, no turning back now must acquire more loons :grimacing:
  24. Anonymous1

    Anonymous1 Initiate (0) Mar 19, 2012 Illinois

    If anything my experience was the exact opposite. The Reed Guezes were nothing special and the Goldackerl has turned into something simply incredible. Probably the best loon I've had outside of Cuvée De Florian.
  25. DrewLikesBeer

    DrewLikesBeer Initiate (0) Jul 16, 2013 Florida

    I actually think he's referring to the price point...IE why can't we get an American wild ale (I know better than to say American Lambic around here) at around that $5 price point instead of all of them hitting double digits...both my wallet and I agree.
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  26. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Savant (924) Mar 17, 2009 Washington

    I think DQ is dated '08. The beer sort of just went unnoticed until people found out about it and bought a whole bunch through the pub owner in '10 and circulated them through trades and ebay. I think it was that old Florida crew that found the beer and bought the most. Rare cantillon was already pretty popular then because of blabaer.
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  27. DrewLikesBeer

    DrewLikesBeer Initiate (0) Jul 16, 2013 Florida

    that's sorta my thought as well. i've only taken a serious interest in the wild/sour/lambic world in the last 12 months or so...so i'm still trying to figure things out but i feel that's right. i think it's a bit much to completely discount local bugs, but it seems the blender would have a larger overall impact assuming the quality of ingredients is comparable.
  28. 77black_ships

    77black_ships Initiate (0) Dec 4, 2012 Belgium

    To everyone his, had a Zwanze 2012 yesterday, drinking wonderfully. It was a bit young at Zwanze day 2012. Have ever cooked or handled raw rhubarb, people who are more familiar with it seem to pick the rhubarb more & enjoy it more.

    I liked 2010, 1 year old it was bit Iris like but a year ago it had really changed. Very clean citrus with light mint in a good way.

    Haven’t had Lambic d'Haute Densité but I suspect that for a lambic this high density it is probably still very young at this point. Very young lambic is actually quite sweet which might be a bit too much for most.
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  29. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Savant (924) Mar 17, 2009 Washington

    Have you had a cantillon that you didn't like?
  30. 77black_ships

    77black_ships Initiate (0) Dec 4, 2012 Belgium

    I found some batches of frambozenlambiek & faro to be lacking, those are not really “beers”. You often don’t even pay for them at the brewery. I do consider some of their beers to be overrated as in good but not that good. I think that too many people age Cantillon beers which should not be aged as used to tell people before they gave up.
    No, other than a few batches of the previous beers, I have not found any of their beers to be bad.

    Yes I thought that Zwanze 2013 was a good beer, not spectacular or anything but a good beer.
  31. BennyBeer04

    BennyBeer04 Initiate (0) Aug 27, 2009 Massachusetts

    Hmmm... not sure I follow you here. Without Brett Brux/Pedio/Lacto, there isn't sour beer.. or at least these kinds of sour beers. There are a number of places that outline how these particular yeast strains act upon the unfermented wort.. in what order they take place, how long these particular strains act upon the wort etc... absolutely, the blender has a HUGE impact on the finished product.. but none of it 'happens' without those yeast strains.

    Would certainly be interesting to see if another region would be able to produce a similar product. A somewhat expensive experiment, but could be fun!!
  32. AndrewK

    AndrewK Aspirant (266) Oct 20, 2006 California

    I had a 2012 the other week as well as thought it was really good as well, didnt have it fresh though so cant really compare. But definitely tasting great right now.
  33. kdb150

    kdb150 Devotee (453) Mar 8, 2012 Pennsylvania

    So how do you manage to land these rarities, without a stock of things to trade in return? Straight cash?
  34. joel66

    joel66 Initiate (0) Sep 1, 2012 New York

    The pinot Will be drank not traded. So im not concerned
  35. joel66

    joel66 Initiate (0) Sep 1, 2012 New York

    Real funny considering you know exactly where and who i got that bottle from
  36. joel66

    joel66 Initiate (0) Sep 1, 2012 New York

    He doesnt have anything else for sale so it doesnt matter. . But i find that comment which was made in vein humorous considering the circumstances.

    But, you know what? I created it myself. Its not really pinot, i decided to to fake the least impressive bottle in the picture . Trader beware when i decide to trade one of my pinots, my favorite cantillon.. beware, its fake,,,, i created it... yeah, its fake
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  37. joel66

    joel66 Initiate (0) Sep 1, 2012 New York

    That loerik is willing to sweden
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  38. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Savant (924) Mar 17, 2009 Washington

    Isn't that just the zwanze 2011 pinot d'aunis? I don't think the OG version came out when Cantillon was using the new black caps.

    Edit: the one I drank had this sticker on it [​IMG]
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  39. CerealKillerKP

    CerealKillerKP Initiate (0) May 24, 2009 Kentucky

    Mamouche is the worst out of all the ones I've had, IMO.
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