really there's no apps for that..macbook pro

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by slayerhellfire, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. slayerhellfire

    slayerhellfire Initiate (0) Dec 24, 2009 New York

    So I was just on my macbook looking around on the app store for homebrewing apps and found none, I use to have a iphone and had a whole bunch of them on there why the heck is there none on a macbook app store, unreal. If anyone knows of a good cheap or free app or software for brewing let me know.
  2. psnydez86

    psnydez86 Initiate (0) Jan 4, 2012 Pennsylvania

    I have I brewmaster on my iPhone and its a great recipe calculation app that I absolutely love using... It's like 5 bucks
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  3. slayerhellfire

    slayerhellfire Initiate (0) Dec 24, 2009 New York

    yeah I use to have that one, but I dont have a iphone anymore, I just found brewgr and signed up, it's super easy to use and seems like it's accurate. Anyone else using Brewgz?
  4. JimSmetana

    JimSmetana Initiate (0) May 11, 2012 Illinois

    Mac guy here. I think there are emulators you can download to run ios apps (iphone apps) on your mac. In fact I know there are. That is how a lot of testing of apps happens.
  5. kaips1

    kaips1 Initiate (0) Feb 20, 2011 Kentucky

    why run an app just get beersmith
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  6. barfdiggs

    barfdiggs Initiate (0) Mar 22, 2011 California

    Beersmith is a great choice.

    Also, just run VMware or Parallels and you can use any PC software at full speed (Linux, Windows, OS2warp, etc.).
  7. Oneinchaway

    Oneinchaway Initiate (122) Jun 12, 2011 California

    iBrewmaster is available on the Mac as well through the Appstore.
  8. kjyost

    kjyost Meyvn (1,224) May 4, 2008 Canada (MB)

    I loved Homebrew's Formulator until my Mac quit letting it work :-(. Free and I had my system pretty well dialed in.
  9. koopa

    koopa Initiate (0) Apr 20, 2008 New Jersey

    Don't worry. Much like mac's, homebrewing has always been cult like and it's definitely becoming more trendy by the day :slight_smile:
  10. HugeBulge

    HugeBulge Initiate (0) Dec 31, 2012 New York

    parallels on the pirate bay.... just saying
  11. barls

    barls Initiate (0) Nov 15, 2006 Australia

    beer alchemy is what i use.
  12. SpencerT

    SpencerT Initiate (0) Jan 5, 2008 Ohio

    I have an iMac (2007) running Mountain Lion with no issues with the Homebrew Formulator. I agree with your adoration of the program, it performs incredibly well.
  13. GSlite

    GSlite Initiate (0) Jan 10, 2013

  14. kjyost

    kjyost Meyvn (1,224) May 4, 2008 Canada (MB)

    It works on new machines, but if I wipe my OS and use their Migration Assistant it brings enough of my settings (one of which must be corrupted) to make it crash every time I open it. :-/

    Next time I get a new Mac, I'll wipe the previous one and relive my love for the program!
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