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    Use this simple template when you post your recipes. This will help keep a similar format throughout the forum, as well as making it easy to hover over each recipe and see the basic info of the recipe before clicking on it.

    Feel free to add more information in each field, but at least post the following information in the given format:

    Title Format:
    [Beer Name] - [Specific Style] - [AG or Extract]

    Message Format:
    [Beer Name] (example: "Bob's Super Stout")
    [Beer Style] (example: "American Stout")
    [Brew Type] (example: All Grain, Mini-Mash, Extract)
    [Batch Size] (in US gallons)
    [IBU] (Tinseth, Rager)

    [Efficiency Target] (if all grain)

    [Grain Bill] (include extract or steep grains here)

    [Hop Bill] (either target IBU contribution for each addition OR quantity + alpha, and times)

    [Yeast] (include size of pitch and if dry hydrated/not)

    [Water] (adjustments/process, target ppm if available)

    [Process] (any brewing notes, such as boil time, mash temps and length, etc).

    [Other Notes] (optional; for competition info, etc)
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