Recommendations of Food and beer near Niagara Falls

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    What are some good places to eat near Niagara Falls? Any local beer that I should get a pour of while I am in the area? Willing to drive an hour from Niagara Falls to find soe good beer and good eats!

    Thanks in advance for any ideas / recommendations!
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    Niagara on the Lake has Exchange Brewery and Oast House (patio). Also some pretty fancy dining, Prince of Wales or Pillar and Post, but no craft beers here as far as I know.

    Just up the QEW in Beamsville is Bench Brewing. Bench is by far the nicest taproom around with a good selection of beers. All are about 30-45 minutes away from the tourist district in Niagara.

    If you push it to 1 hour 15 minutes you are into Hamilton. I'm opinion worth the additional 15 minutes on you hour limit.

    Hamilton has:
    Fairweather Brewing
    Merit Brewing
    Collective Arts Brewing
    Grain and Grit Brewing

    For good food and beer Brux House is a great choice. Decent bottle selection as well as about 20 taps with some Lambic usually but not Cantillon or 3F at the moment. Check their website. They do a good job of keeping it up to date.
    The Brain is an good beer bar but no food .Their beer list are pretty up to date and can be found on uT.
    Hope that helps. Cheers!
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    This should help.

    Niagara-on-the-Lake I would recommend. They have some good breweries/wineries and lots of places to eat. The drive is beautiful and so is the town. If you keep going the Niagara College teaching brewery has student brews for purchase and they also have student wines. If you willing to drive up to two hours you will hit a number of breweries in that range; Collective Arts, Nickelbrook, Great Lakes and other on the way to Toronto.

    There are some brewpubs in Niagara Falls that are easy to hit.

    Check out the maps on here for greater detail for all of Ontario.
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