Germany Renaissance or rebellion? The new wave of German brewing

Discussion in 'Europe' started by herrburgess, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. herrburgess

    herrburgess Nov 4, 2009 South Carolina
    Beer Trader

    Nice. I will also add that once that initial (admittedly lovely) kick of tropical and/or citric fruitiness fades (or your senses get numbed to it), these beers can seem rather one-dimensional (it's the polar opposite of the Schlenkerla-#4-phenomenon!). I'm sure there might be a lot going on in the "base beers" of many of these (D)IPAs (especially with a beer like Two Hearted, as Bell's proprietary yeast manages to truly shine there); but, as I've said elsewhere: an abundance of hops can hide more than just flaws.
  2. Stahlsturm

    Stahlsturm Mar 21, 2005 Germany

    Looks like your guts have been colonized by Germ(ans) :p
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  3. LBerges

    LBerges Feb 14, 2010 Germany

  4. boddhitree

    boddhitree Apr 13, 2008 Germany

    Thought this would be the best thread for this:
    Look what arrived today on my doorstep!

    Guess what sort of beer I'm thinking of making with these ingredients? Of course, more will go into it just these three.
  5. WhatANicePub

    WhatANicePub Jul 1, 2009 United Kingdom (Scotland)

    A horrible one?
  6. boddhitree

    boddhitree Apr 13, 2008 Germany

    I was thinking more along the lines of:
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  7. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    Tony, I must admit that I am a bit surprised to see Rauchmalz in that picture (based upon our past conversations). What percentage will Rauchmalz be of the grain bill?

  8. sergeantstogie

    sergeantstogie Nov 16, 2010 Washington

    An IPA with rauchmalz, carafa and simcoe? What am I missing here?
  9. boddhitree

    boddhitree Apr 13, 2008 Germany

    Not sure how much % any of it will be. If you reread the review I made of Pax's Cissy IPA, that's what I'm shooting for. I'm also thinking of contacting Andreas Seufert to ask his opinion. If you want to suggest a recipe, I'm open for anything.
  10. boddhitree

    boddhitree Apr 13, 2008 Germany

    You're missing Pax Bräu's total innovation, which I reviewed and would like to try. The Carafa Special will be a small %, less than 1%, added will be Münchener and Melanoiden malt.
  11. Gutes_Bier

    Gutes_Bier Jul 31, 2011 Germany

    As a fan of smoked beer and a fan of IPA's, I remain intrigued by Cissy. I wish you good luck, Boddhitree!
  12. sergeantstogie

    sergeantstogie Nov 16, 2010 Washington

    Well cool! I'm intrigued. Another question, why can't I find this review? I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. First an IPA with carafa and rauchmalz now I can't even find the beer.
  13. boddhitree

    boddhitree Apr 13, 2008 Germany

    click on the upward pointing arrow to the right of "boddhitree said:" just above the pic. of Cissy IPA. I wrote the review in the German forum b/c Pax isn't listed in BA and I haven't written enough reviews myself to be privileged enough to enter them, so I wrote them and posted... in the "Bayernbiers Bought and Drunk" thread, page 11.
  14. Gutes_Bier

    Gutes_Bier Jul 31, 2011 Germany

    Boddhitree posts his reviews in an informal setting, i.e. here in these threads. His Cissy review can be found here (scroll down a bit):
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  15. sergeantstogie

    sergeantstogie Nov 16, 2010 Washington

    Well damn, that does sound good!!! I see this being a Stone release in the future!
  16. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    Based upon: “Then the middle flavors... smoke, and lots of it! At first it feels almost too much, as if it doesn't fit, then after the tongue learns to expect it, the smoke and citrus meld perfectly together in kind like Chinese sweet/sour sauce does.”

    If I were to add Rauchmalz to an IPA and was looking for a noticeable smoke flavor I would use something like 25-30% Rauchmalz in the grain bill.

    I would strongly encourage you to contact Andreas Seufert and ask him questions. He is the authority here and it has been my experience that the majority of brewers are glad to provide information on the beers they make. The camaraderie and passion of craft brewing is a wonderful thing!

    Please report back on how you Cissy IPA clone turns out.

  17. boddhitree

    boddhitree Apr 13, 2008 Germany

    Thanks... I think the point of my review was not that is was just an "ABI" ("Another Bloody IPA," Andreas Seufert, from Pax, for those who missed that.) He used lots of Münchener and/or Melanoiden/Wiener malts as the backbone of the malt bill. So, you had a Märzen/IPA/Rauchbier cocktail.

    Yes, I want to brew this!
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  18. boddhitree

    boddhitree Apr 13, 2008 Germany

    The Sommer 2013 [Summer, 2013] edition of Bier & Brauhaus magazine came out a week or so ago, and there's one article I had to share, first because it's funny, and second because it's so sad. The article is from Bier & Brauhaus' regular column: "Boris' Biertests" by Boris Georgiev. I liked it a lot and decided to scan it, translate it, and post it for y'all to see. Here is view of what it looks like, though it's not easy to read:
    Here is the PDF version for download from my Dropbox account.
    My translation follows:

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  19. Gutes_Bier

    Gutes_Bier Jul 31, 2011 Germany

    I'm curious as to how the Hopfenstopfer tested out. I saw bottles of those at Maruhn's but passed on them.
  20. boddhitree

    boddhitree Apr 13, 2008 Germany

    They had a big booth at BrauKunstLive this year. I never got around to trying it. A German friend from BA tried it liked it, but I'd need more proof myself.

    According to their own website, you can order it here:
    Hier bekommen Sie die Hopfenstopfer Biere

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