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    Had a bier last night that i wanted to share a review of which was Non-Bayern and didn't want to lump it into the other thread. Im sure we all like a bit of ordnung around here. So i thought id start a new thread for biers from outside the Freistaat of Bayern.

    Big thanks to Erzengel for this one.


    Brauerei Vormann - Methusalem - 10% abv


    Appearance - Altbier like copper body with excellent clarity. Creamy head produces great lacing/retention considering the abv.

    Aroma - Subtle smoke is the first thing that hits me. Underneath i get a hint of green apple sourness with a bready malt note.

    Taste - Altbier like maltiness up front. Wholemeal breadiness with a hint of tofffee sweetness. This is balanced by this green apple sour note coming through. I cant decide if there is a distinctive hop character in the finish though - the sourness seems to get in the way but not in a dominant overpowering way. Its all enveloped in a delicate smokiness. Absolutely no alcohol heat detected at all in the finish. Would never have guessed the alcohol content. Very clean finish.

    Mouthfeel - Medium carbonation and body.

    Overall - Incredibly complex stuff. Maltiness of an alt, perhaps a hint of sourness like a gose, all wrapped up in a subtle smokey blanket. It's a wonderful thing.

    A lovely surprise and thanks again to Erzengel for the chance to try it!

    Feel free to add more random Non Bayern bier reviews here!

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    Next one is another special one

    Schumacher 1838er Anniversary 175th Altbier

    Abv 5.0% Bottle on 29 July 2013, Best before 29 August 2013

    Big thanks again to Erzengel for this one. Cheers mate!

    Blurb on the website says a special selection or aroma hops and barley malts gives a light bitterness. I guess compared to the house Alt which I've always found to be on the maltier side compared to Uerige.


    Appearance - Classic copper Altbier body with excellent clarity. Head retention and lacing are excellent.

    Aroma - Hop notes very distinctive - floral and fruity esters - mainly peaches. Background sweet toasty malts.

    Taste - A delicate sweet malt toffee quality up front balancing well first with the fruitiness (peaches again) and a delicate floral hop bite in the clean finish.

    Mouthfeel - Medium carbonation/body. Solid

    Overall - For me this falls between the regular malty Altbiers of Zum Schluessel/Schumacher and the hoppier Uerige. They have nailed it! Sweet & toasty malt notes of a classic Alt but with a welcome fresh fruit floral hoppiness that balances well but doesn't dominate which i find Uerige can tend to do. Perhaps my favourite Altbier so far! Shame its only an Anniversary edition. Dare i say they should change their recipe?


    P.s This was enjoyed alongside an Authentic South African Boerewors sausage! Was a great match!

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    Here are 2 beers I found at a local Rewe supermarket a week ago. Now that this thread is opened up, I thought this would be the perfect place for their review.

    The beers are from Privat-Brauerei Schmucker, from Mossautal, in the Odenwald, which is a low-mountainous area south of Frankfurt and east of Heidelberg.

    Here's a pic of both, the Doppel Bock Dunkel and Rosé Bock.
    Founded in 1780, Schmucker is a beer I remember when I was growing up here in the 70's and drinking in the 80's in university in Germany. It wasn't considered a great beer, but a fairly standard beer of the Hessen area.
    They were bought out by Brau Holding International, which is joint venture betweenSchörghuber Unternehmensgruppe (50,1 %) & Heineken N.V. (49,9 %).
    Here's an interesting list of the BHI beer line up:

    Paulaner Brauerei Gruppe:
    Kulmbacher Brauerei AG (belongs up to 63 % to Brau Holding International GmbH & Co. KGaA):
    Südwest Gruppe:
    So once a proud local beer now owned by conglomerates.
    But, do they taste good?
    1st, The Rosé Bock.
    It's not really rosé, per se, more amber and orange with a fine brownish head on top.
    The nose is lots of malts, Pils and Münchner malts, basically like a Märzen should smell. It's also got a full-bodied, very nice chewy mouthfeel.
    The flavor is slightly bitter up front, sweet and caramel malts and a tangy alcohol feeling on the tongue. The middle gives me more malts, more Märzen-like qualities and a little more tangy brandy-like alcohol flavor. The end and aftertaste is pure malts, caramels, a little bitterness and a slight burning alcohol flavor.
    It basically tastes like a Märzen/brandy mix. On the Schmucker webpage they call it "full-bodied, vinous, sweet, soft, mildly bitter." That vinous quality comes through like a barely wine would, and at 8%, it's near that territory in alcohol. Not bad… wow? Not quite, but very good I'll buy this beer again. It's very very good and relatively cheap at about 1€ per 0.5L bottle. Maybe a solid 4.3 rating.
    2nd, the Doppel Bock Dunkel.
    Yep, it's dark, dark brown with red and orange tints peaking through the light. It's also got a light brown head, but it falls flat almost instantly.
    The aroma is lots and lots of roasted malts, yep, it's a Bock. I also get a alcohol smell coming up, and again at 8%, no wonder.
    The flavor: brandy-like flavors, roasted malts, a little tang from the alcohol and a wee bit of bitterness. The middle is red wine-like, more roasted malts and more alcohol. The back finally is where all the sweet caramel Münchner malts pop out among roasted malt flavors. Again, it's got a brandy quality that's hard to miss in the aftertaste. What I like is that the roasted flavor really predominates but it's not overwhelming or super-sickly sweet like some Bocks or Dunkles I've reviewed here.
    Again, overall it's a brandy-like mix, but this time it's a roasted malt-sickle. It's a good beer but I wish they'd been able to hide the alcohol better. Maybe this beer would be better in 6 months to a year. Mmmm, I think I have an idea… cellaring. A 4.5 rating.
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    I've had the Rosé Bock before and remember liking it a bit. This was probably over a year ago at this point, though. Nice find!
  6. einhorn

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    I had no idea Schmucker was eaten up by Schörghuber. Too bad.
  7. boddhitree

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    That's why I felt compelled to include the list of beers under the BHI umbrella. It's a literal list of traditional, all former independent operations that now are controlled by a conglomerate. Nonetheless, compared the to the Bitburger, Radeburger or InBev-Bud groups, it could be argued that each brewery has been allowed to maintain its individuality and kept the standards higher than the other mass corporations. Now, some of them, I know firsthand have gone down slightly since being absorbed into into the conglomerate, but not as much as those aforementioned conglomerates. . In addition, what I find interesting is that, with the exception of the Münchner breweries and Kulmbacher, most of them have remained regional and haven't become "Fernsehbiere," until now, at least.
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    Just saw this. Thought it would fit nicely here. (Who says there is no new beer in Germany?)

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    Nice. You know, I thought I saw somewhere that Hopfenstopfer was a very short Straßenbahn from me. Later research seemed to debunk this, but it's something I may have to look into again; per this map it is certainly from my "home" state. It would be funny if, after all my moaning, there was a group making American style IPA's just 15 minutes from my front door and I didn't even know about it...
  10. hopfenunmaltz

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    Nice, only heard of a few of those.

    I find it amusing that they have Franconia and Bavaria as separate states (colors are wrong ;-)). Why didn't they split Baden and Wurttemberg?
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  11. boddhitree

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    The colors on the map correspond solely to the brands' colors. Why not split BW? Because they aren't 2 "craft" brewers there. Though Nordrhein Westphalen could've been spilt into a few other brewers, such as the one in Köln, and there's one in Hamburg - Ratsherrn, which doesn't seem to be on the map, or it's too small to see.

    What's the source of this map?
  12. seanyfo

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    Das Landbier by Brauerei Distelhäuser

    A well decorated bier winning Silver in the 2006 World Beer Cup in the European Dark Lager/Muenchner Dunkel class.

    Described as an export bier on the website, I think I'm looking for a malt rich lager with perhaps a strong hop character in the finish.

    I like the English translation description on the website:

    "This indigenous export beer with a distinct malty flavor owes its subtle caramel note to the use of handpicked special malts.
    The slight sweetness - smooth and rounded in the finish - appeals to more than the ladies. A caress for any beer lover‘s throat. "

    Sexy :wink:


    Appearance - toffee amber body with excellent clarity. Creamy head produces very good lacing with average head retention. Lively beading.

    Aroma - Bread crust, wholegrain bready goodness. Hint of toffee sweeter malts.

    Taste - Sweeter biscuity malts up front becoming more savoury/bread crusty fading a touch quickly to a clean lager finish with a mere suggestion of hop character. Pretty standard stuff, nothing jumping out, flavours perhaps a bit subdued with no lingering character.

    Mouthfeel - Carbonation is a good level, active without being abrasive. Body is a hair thin though which becomes more obvious in the finish.

    Overall, it's not a bad dunkel - refreshing with a nice aroma. Flavours are very quick to fade with no lingering complexity which makes it instantly forgettable for me. Yet to find an Augustiner beater.

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  13. Gutes_Bier

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    A local restaurant sells Distelhäuser beers and my default is the Landbier unless the seasonal sounds interesting. Unfortunately I have never seen Augustiner's dunkel in my neighborhood. Nice write-up!
  14. seanyfo

    seanyfo Savant (919) Jan 2, 2006 United Kingdom (Scotland)

    I'm always picky when it comes to dunkel since sampling Augustiner. It has a fantastic flavour complexity. Only other one i can think of that comes close is Weltenburger Barock-dunkel. I've got a bottle lingering somewhere I'm sure, will break that out soon for a comparison.
  15. Gutes_Bier

    Gutes_Bier Disciple (391) Jul 31, 2011 Germany

    Do you know if Biershop Bayern delivers to the UK? If so I'd definitely check out Faust's Schwarzviertler and Brauerei Eck's Wilderer Dunkel.
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  16. grantcty

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    I was lucky enough to find a 5-liter mini-keg of the Barock Dunkel here in Minnesota. A really good dunkel. Unfortunately I somehow missed Augustiner's when I've been to Munich. I guess I'll be on the look out the next time I'm there!
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  17. steveh

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    Whoa! I've never seen the mini-kegs of Weltenburger... keepin' an eye out now.
  18. seanyfo

    seanyfo Savant (919) Jan 2, 2006 United Kingdom (Scotland)

    They do deliver! Noted that one for my next order, cheers
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    Not a bad default. wish I could find some here without a scary layer of dust on the bottles
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  20. seanyfo

    seanyfo Savant (919) Jan 2, 2006 United Kingdom (Scotland)

    Interestingly, looking back when I used to log reviews on here, my highest rating was Ayinger altbairisch dunkel. Albeit these reviews were over a course of 5-6 years, my palate must of changed!
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  21. Gutes_Bier

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    The Augustiner Dunkels are easy to find in Berlin also, if you should end up there. For whatever reason, they don't make it to Heidelberg.
  22. Gutes_Bier

    Gutes_Bier Disciple (391) Jul 31, 2011 Germany

    I've only ever seen it on tap at this local place. No Distelhäuser to be found in the local bottle shops, sadly.
  23. LBerges

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    The original map is here:

    It is my personal answer to this map:
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  24. LBerges

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    Apart from Hopfenstopfer (Bad Rappenau) there are some other craft brewers in BW. At least Vogelbräu in Karlsruhe, who was Germany's first new craft brewer.
  25. danfue

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    Jeez!!! I mean, all of them are poor piss, more or less. But the Oettinger logo all over Bavaria, that is pure blasphemy!
    Your reply-map is spot on though! Very interesting, and it introduced me to the BrauKunstKeller in the Odenwald. Not too far from me, but haven't heard of it before.
  26. hopfenunmaltz

    hopfenunmaltz Meyvn (1,346) Jun 8, 2005 Michigan

  27. danfue

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    Quite a good Pils from southern Niedersachsen. Einbecker Brauhaus is the alleged birthplace of Bockbier.

  28. danfue

    danfue Initiate (0) Sep 16, 2012 Germany

    Alpirsbacher not only offer a prize-winning champion-Pils, but also an excellent Weizen. Very well balanced sweetness, fruityness and fairly yeasty paired with a perfect taste of wheat malts. Yet none of it is too much, a nearly perfect Weizen considering it is not from Bavaria.
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  29. JHDStein

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    Alpirsbacher also makes a wonderful seasonal "Starkbier" that shows up during the winter months. As much as I dislike cold weather, at least it brings with it some very good seasonal beers.
  30. JHDStein

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    India Pale Ale by Fritz Ale (from Bonn)
    While I can't promise to give as wonderful and as comprehensive a review as seanyfo always gives, I thought I would at least give an overview of this non-Bavarian IPA.

    Although the picture doesn't really do it justice, this actually has a very nice orange-amber color with a fairly dense head of foam that reduces, but lingers throughout. Flavor-wise, I was surprisingly impressed. It's very citrus-based, with some grapefruit and orange flavors mixed in with a decent maltiness and only a hint of pine-resin. However, there isn't an overabundance of bitterness present, which I found refreshing. It's not exactly subtle, but it isn't obnoxiously aggressive either. I wouldn't call it a Wow beer, but I would definitely buy a few more the next time I see them. And it is always nice to find an IPA that has less than 6% alcohol.
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    My father-in-law is the glass blower in Alpirsbach, if anyone makes it into their neck of the woods, stop in and say hello! Be forewarned, he doesn't speak much/any English. But as he drinks his Alpirsbacher, his English gets better.
  32. seanyfo

    seanyfo Savant (919) Jan 2, 2006 United Kingdom (Scotland)

    Couple of beers to add to the thread, suitable for the cooler weather setting in

    Berliner Kindl Bock Dunkel & Hell


    The dunkel has a nice plummy chocolatey aroma which carries through nicely on the palate. Chocolatey notes really linger on in the lager clean finish. Very smooth, doesn't show its strength at all. Mouthfeel is lacking though - carbonation too low and a touch thin, so a mark against there. Certainly looked the part though and i really enjoyed it.


    The hell definitely has some fruity esters going on in the aroma - im getting lots of apple in amongst the biscuity malty backbone. Head retention isnt as good as the dunkel, minimal lacing. Taste is the biscuity/grainy end of the malt spectrum. Lager clean finish but i can definitely detect just a touch more alcohol strength here than the dunkel. Mouthfeel is better, a fuller body with a livelier carbonation.

    Both bocks have their good and bad points. I'd go for the dunkel as i like bocks at the chocolatier/dark fruit end of the spectrum.

    Had a flashback, I had the dunkel before in Zum Nussbaum in Berlin. What a lovely cramped pub. Fond memories of a man at the opposite table who looked like Santa Claus demolishing Frikadellen
  33. Gutes_Bier

    Gutes_Bier Disciple (391) Jul 31, 2011 Germany

    I've had some Märkischer Landmann Schwarzbier while in Berlin once, and I remember really liking it. I realize you said the above photo was the dunkel Bock but the branded mug reminded me.
  34. digita7693

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    Very nice map! It is definitely missing a few places, namely Freigeist in NRW and the Fritz Ale and Freigeist side project which will be debuting soonish, Monarchy.


    ps back in Germany, Kassel, if anyone wants to organize a meetup at some point. Perhaps Bamberg or Köln or elsewhere. I will definitely be in Köln for the Festival der Bierkulturen again. 31.5 and 1.6
  35. seanyfo

    seanyfo Savant (919) Jan 2, 2006 United Kingdom (Scotland)

    Agreed. Obviously all by Berliner Kindl. Enjoyed the Märkischer Landmann Schwarzbier too!
  36. danfue

    danfue Initiate (0) Sep 16, 2012 Germany

    Dithmarscher Urtyp from Schleswig-Holstein, a brewery right at the North Sea. I had their Pils once and that was the classic northern hoppy Pils, more than Jever or Flens. I don't quite know how this is an "Urtyp", as it is a regular northern Pils as well. "Urtyp" is often used for an Export or a Kellerbier in southern Germany.
    It starts with a nice malty, slighty sweet and grassy taste of grain. Immediately followed by intense, yet not too well balanced or aromatic, but rather bitter hops. Goes down bitter as well. Maybe this is what Flensburger once tasted like.

  37. herrburgess

    herrburgess Meyvn (1,043) Nov 4, 2009 South Carolina
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    Dithmarschen (and Moravia) became my go-tos when living in Lueneburg. I would agree that their beers are what Flensburger once tasted like/aspires to.
  38. danfue

    danfue Initiate (0) Sep 16, 2012 Germany

    Pott's Pilsener (gotta love the beer for that name already!) from the Münsterland-area. Again, a typical northern, bitter-hoppy Pils. Yet, there is a nicely balanced bready and grainy side to it full of Pilsener Malts.

    On the back label the head brewer gives a little note containing a little side blow on Fernsehbiere, calling the majority of Pils today "hopfenarme Pilsener-Biere".
  39. JackHorzempa

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    “ …a little side blow on Fernsehbiere, calling the majority of Pils today "hopfenarme Pilsener-Biere". There is no doubt that Fernsehbiere are “low hopped”. Thank goodness for Pott’s, Dithmarscher, and other German breweries who produce non-low hopped Pilsners!

  40. boddhitree

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    I've had it a few times in the Ruhrpott, which is local slang for the Ruhrgebiet, or the Ruhr Area. For merchandise of the Ruhrpott, go here. However, Münsterland, which is what the area around Münster is called and has the city of Münster at its center, is just north of the Ruhrpott. So to Germans, seeing the name Pott's has a double meaning, lending it an air of muscular, blue collar authenticity. Oh, and the beer is really good, too, though I had it a few (5 maybe) years ago and I only remember that I was impressed.
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