Robert from Moore, Oklahoma

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    Hey, I'm Robert. I'm from Moore, Okla., which has a bull's-eye on it for tornadoes. OU Sooners fan living in Kansas City. Was a 27-year career journalist, 14 at the National Catholic Reporter, 13 at The Kansas City Star. Oh, the changes an economic collapse can bring! I study classical voice and classical piano at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, but my first instrument was the guitar. Started learning to read music with my first guitar lesson when I was a kid.
    Beer. First foray into the craft side was Boulevard Brewing Pale Ale. A longtime friend and fellow then-Star writer and I used to meet at a classic KC watering hole, Harry's Country Club. Now I frequent two nearby microbrewery taprooms and the liquor store up the street, which has a good selection of fresh singles. Beer explorer. That's me.
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    Mizzou! (Columbia MO campus)
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    Welcome to the 'club,' Robert. We're all "beer explorers" in one way or another, and the saga just keeps going.