Russian Collusion Imperial Stout

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    "Russian Collusion"
    Russian imperial stout
    2021 Dominion Cup Silver Medal 33A
    5G batch. All grain
    66IBU 9.9%ABV
    1.091 SG
    1.017 FG

    Grain Bill
    12lb Maris Otter malt
    12oz Cholate malt
    12oz roasted barley
    8oz crystal extra dark 120L
    8oz caramel 10L
    8oz golden naked oats
    5.3oz brown malt

    Mash in at 151F for 60min
    I do an optional protein rest for 10min after

    60 minute boil

    1.5oz Nugget Hops (First Wort Hop) 60min
    0.5oz Northern Brewer 30min
    1lb Belgian Candi sugar (solid) 15min
    Whirlfloc tablet 15min
    1oz E. Kent Goldings 5min

    2packs S-05 yeast to highly oxygenated beer. I use a tank from Lowe's.

    Ferment at 66°F for 2 days.
    Raise temperature 2° until reaching 70°F.
    Add more oxygen after this 4 days.
    Ferment for about 3 weeks total. This is a big beer so the yeast needs to clean up.

    Soak 1.5 pint glass of JD smoking chips in whiskey for 3 weeks. Then add to beer for 2 weeks after PF complete.

    Variation 1: skip chips and add 15oz cold steeped coffee a few days before bottling

    1/2tsp dry yeast added to bottling bucket. Keep priming sugar the same. I bottle this beer because it has to age. If you have an extra keg, you could rack to that and possibly put the chips in the keg in a bag.

    I would wait at least 6months before tasting. It changes with time...for the better.


    I will be happy to answer any questions
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