Saison 45 celebrates China-Belgium diplomatic relations

Discussion in 'Asia' started by chinabeergeek, Aug 15, 2017.

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    This beer was actually released last year, but figured I would post just to get some English web presence for it. I also managed to get a hold of a couple bottles, in case anyone wants to trade for it... :stuck_out_tongue:

    From the limited English promotional materials:


    An Imgur gallery of the product promotional materials:

    Media links [all in Chinese]

    A small amount of bottles were made for sale to craft beer bars and retailers, mostly in Beijing and Shanghai. It's extravagantly pricey however, at 600 RMB retail (about $90 USD) for a wood-boxed version with branded glasses. I managed to get just the bottles alone for 300 RMB each (about $45 USD). The beer is just a plain saison, but I figured maybe some people just can't resist the rare tick...?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:

    I have made an entry for the beer here:
    (Brewery name has since changed from Brasserie d'Ecaussines to Brasserie Scassenes. Product description and photo have been submitted, awaiting admin approval.)
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