Latin America Saison Caipira

Discussion in 'The Rest of the World' started by fmccormi, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. fmccormi

    fmccormi Oct 24, 2010 Maine
    Beer Trader

    Hey, any of you Brazilians already seen or tried Saison Caipira, the brew between Wäls and Garrett Oliver? I'd looooooove to try it but my gut says I'll never see it in the U.S.

    Curious what you guy think about it, or if anyone knows if any of it will be shipped over here. Or any Wäls, for that matter. That'd be baller. Obrigado, galera!
  2. PaulQuinn

    PaulQuinn May 27, 2011 British Columbia (Canada)

    I haven't drunk it personally, but I've read some not so flattering reviews as others Wäls have, giving it a regular rating. You can try translating some reviews from here. And I doubt it will ever find its way to the US, unless it's on Garrett Oliver's (or someone else's) suitcase.
  3. fmccormi

    fmccormi Oct 24, 2010 Maine
    Beer Trader

    Yeah, those all look pretty so-so. Sounds like they didn't quite nail the saison-ness of the style. Still, I'd be curious to try it.
  4. yrigoyen

    yrigoyen Jul 3, 2011 Brazil

    Hey, I actually just got a couple of bottles, lot #0001. Had one this week, didn't really do much for me, thought it was ok at best. I hoped for it to have more of a hoppy character, like other american saisons I've tried. Thought it was a bit too fruity, at least for my taste. After I have the second bottle I'll try to elaborate on it.

    And I really have no idea about availability in the states. What kinds of brazilian beer/microbrews are you usually able to get a hold of over there?

  5. pedrufa

    pedrufa Sep 19, 2007 Brazil

    I had it during carnival and yes, I think they missed the saison-ness of the style. Not bad at all, but it was not jackpot.
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