Sam's Quik Shop (Durham, NC) is closing

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    From FB:

    To our beloved customers and Sam's family,

    When I sit down and think about what I would like to say, above and beyond anything else right now is THANK YOU. Thank you to all of the folks that have believed in The Blue Light and Sam’s Quik Shop over the many years we’ve been blessed to serve you.

    I was approached over a year ago with an offer to purchase the property at 1605 Erwin Rd. For some time I was unable to speak on the subject because in my opinion, any business discussions were too premature to even talk about. I have told everyone that has asked that I’d been considering offers for the Sam’s Quik Shop property for years. Several never bringing much of anything to fruition where others seemed more positive. I’ve come to the decision to sell this property and am closing Sam’s Quik Shop on December 31st. This was not an easy decision to make but ultimately it was the best one for me and my family. A few years ago I built a second store, Sam’s Bottle Shop, located at 1112 Hwy 54 in Durham, knowing that inevitably the Sam’s Quik Shop property would not be the same forever.

    The developers I’m working with have extended a very respectful relationship- I feel a connection as they are also a family owned business run through generations. More information to come but when it’s complete it will be called Blue Light Living. I appreciate knowing that the Boy family legacy will live on in a new creation still sharing some of Durham’s great history.

    Again, I would like to thank the generations of customers and employees that have walked through the doors of The Blue Light and Sam’s Quik Shop. Thank you for your support, loyalty and your neighbor-like spirit. This is not an easy decision to come to and I thought about so many things, my parents, me growing up in this store, the changing times from when it was a diner & drive in to a convenience store with movie rentals and a large beer selection to the premier beer store in North Carolina it has become today. I have watched my parents make a living for us and create a family business I’ve had the honor of continuing. I know that this is the decision my parents would have made as well. My parents invested many times in Durham and they also sold properties to move on to the next part of life, but always to create something moving forward. Now I’m going to focus my efforts on Sam’s Bottle Shop and make that what I’ve always envisioned it to be.

    I hope to continue seeing all of you at Sam’s Bottle Shop in the future. I’m also reinvesting in Durham and will share more exciting news as soon as I can, but until then thanks for all the years of beers.

    -John Boy

    Sam's is my local shop and this is a real loss. I suspect that many BAs from across the state and region have stopped in for a visit and most likely, left happy. I'm glad that the Bottle Shop will keep the Sam's name alive but it's a much longer drive for me. John's a class act so no hard feelings. Most of us probably would have done the same. Please share your memories and thoughts as I'm sure a good number of you have been through the store. Remember the "A" is for advocate.
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    Yep. Still stings a bit though. I was hoping for ground-level retail with the Quik Shop as the main draw there. Wishful thinking.
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    When I first got into craft beer after college, I would always stop in at Sams. I moved back to Maryland for a couple years, and would make trips back to NC to see friends in the Triad. Although Bestway was in Greensboro, there was something about stopping in at Sams on a Monday morning and buying $150 worth of beer (at the time, Maryland didn’t get Bell’s, Founders, etc.) to bring back.

    Fast forward to present, and I recently moved to Durham this past summer. I’m actually right down the street from Sams Bottle Shop, but I try to get to the Quik shop when I can. I’m definitely going to try and go as much as I can until the end of the year. I’ll miss it for sure, but I think the bottle shop will keep the name going with integrity. Cheers.
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    This one hurts. When I turned 21 this is where I did all my initial beer purchases. Back when it was still claustrophobic as hell, but that added to the charm.
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    Sam's and Allen and Sons? These are old pioneers that we'll never forget. I first met John in the very early 00s. I was buyer, president, salesman, delivery engineer, and bottle washer for a start-up beer and wine distributorship. John literally made it possible for our company to exist. Along with Michael Brawley, and the entire crew at Peabody's. I did buy interesting beer, and when Pop the Cap was realized this state exploded beer-wise. Sam's Quick Stop was at the fore-front of allowing North Carolina to become the real beer destination that it has become. I wish John well. His dedication to beer remains unparalleled.
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    Stopped by today for probably my last visit. The bare shelves were a sad sight, but they had 2015 Double Bastard on tap, which was really nice.