Samuel Adams Super Bowl Commerical will Kick Off Widespread Launch of 'Remastered' Recipe

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    Yeah, I've never been to the Czech Republic, but I get diacetyl in Urquell (draft, bottles/cans, and even the occasional hand-pull that makes it to the US) more than half the time. When it's there, it's often extremely strong, too. That's a big no-no for me, although when it isn't there, I think it's a pretty terrific beer.
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    I've always liked their IPA's! To me they are a little less bitter and not as bracing in your face hop bombs! Take care!
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    They are trying to make a better product for the consumer. They are utilizing advances in brewing that have happened since 1984 and probably trying to cut the cost on the beer and possibly pass that on to the consumer. Tastes change and they are adapting to what the consumer wants. They sell a good amount of this beer to the general consumer, probably more than all the small breweries combined on the east coast. It is and has always been a solid beer brewed to style and one of the beers that helped start the craft movement. I would compare this to me making chili, what I make now is far better to my first batch after years or trial and error. Brewers change beers all the time, making better beer is part of the job. Don't understand some of the hate on here, but I actually do. Cheers.
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    Would you have a guess as to what brewing process changes they made to create this "remastered" version of Boston Lager?

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  5. PatKorn

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    Aloha Jack. I cannot as I don't really know what they have done or not done and there are so many variables that it could be. The amount of new products, technology, ideas in the brewing industry in the last 20 years could be a masters thesis in on it's own. When did they start making this beer commercially? Mid ' 90's? Think about a cell phone back then to what we have now would be a good analogy I guess. What I was trying to explain is that beers, like everything in life, change and evolve with the consumers tastes and wants, and its the breweries job to satisfy the customer. Cheers.
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  6. JackHorzempa

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    Boston Lager was first brewed in 1985. It was contract brewed at Pittsburgh Brewing and below is something I posted in a past thread:

    "When Jim Koch started Boston Beer Co. (Sam Adams) he did not have a brewery so he depended on contract breweries. The first contract brewery to produce Sam Adams Boston Lager was Pittsburgh Brewing Co. (Iron City) in Pittsburgh and Jim Koch had a demand that Boston Lager be brewed using equipment that was not presently existing in the brewery so he paid to have this equipment installed in the brewery vs. just brewing with the existing setup."

    FWIW I speculated in a reply above:

    "Jim Koch recently participated in a Q & A session where he discussed Remastered Boston Lager:

    “Brewing technology is another interesting place to play when tweaking recipes. In fact, we’re testing what we’re calling a “remastered” version of Boston Lager in New York this winter to match the modern drinker profile. The reformulated brew still uses the original 1984 recipe from my great-great-grandfather, but we’ve evolved our brewing technology and processes to improve the sessionability of this beloved beer. The remastered version is simply an enhanced, crisper version of the original – like hearing a classic song on new speakers.”

    So, if you believe Jim Koch the ingredients haven't really changed but they did make some brewing process changes. My guess is that they 'tweaked' their mashing regime to create a more fermentable malt."

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  7. JimKal

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    FWIW, I enjoy the current Boston Lager, in fact I just bought a fixer the other day. That said, I am looking forward to trying the Remaster BL, especially after reading the @JackHorzempa review of the beer. I suspect the changes will be too subtle for my palate to detect but Jack's pictures of the side by side comparison share did look good.
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  8. TongoRad

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    If this is the change they're talking about, I thought it was an improvement myself and will happily support the move.
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  9. JackHorzempa

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    It would have been better if I could have conducted a side-by-side tasting using a fresh bottle of the regular Boston Lager.

    I suspect the word "subtle" properly characterizes the difference from regular to "remastered". And I suppose each beer consumer will have their individual thoughts about whether it is a change for the better.

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  10. dele

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    I'd hope that most breweries would be going through a process of refinement and recalibration all the time, without feeling the need to announce each iteration as a 'remastered' version of the same product.

    A major announcement and rebranding of this scale hints at something bigger and, given the focus on 'sessionability,' something that is likely not an improvement from the perspective of drinkers who have long appreciated Boston Lager for its relatively unique combination of caramel malts and robust bitterness. It seems likely that this 'remastered' beer will tone down the flavors that have long distinguished this beer from other widely available lagers. I hope to be wrong about this.
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  11. JackHorzempa

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    If you are willing to give this beer a chance, please let us know what you think of it.

    I already discussed/linked in this thread my thoughts about the 'remastered" version of Boston Lager. I have taken note that a number of folks have opined that the new version will be watered down (or similar verbiage) but they have not tasted it (yet?). It was not "watered down" for my palate.

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    Yea, in their Gameday mix pack and a stand alone product in some markets.
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  13. sefus12

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    Saw Remastered at the store but didn’t grab it but definitely will soon. Need to clear some room in the beer fridge first.
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    Shit, where? My fridge is empty haha.
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    I swear the beer industry looked at video game industry "remastering" games and reselling them for $60 and went "Gimme That".
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    They were already there.
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    I didn't know Joseph Owades was Jim Koch's great-great grandfather.
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    On his mother's side?

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    I've always found Boston Lager to be a reliably available beer (especially at non-beer heavy restaurants) that is pretty good, but I don't know if I have ever just straight up bought a six pack of it. Sam Adam's as a whole I think makes a decent range of stuff, the Black Lager, Golden Pils, Alpine Lager, Ol Fezziwig, and even the new Winter Lager are worth drinking. I'm sure I'll try the new one, I'm just not in a rush to do so.
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