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Discussion in 'Pacific' started by PattyMelt, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. PattyMelt

    PattyMelt Initiate (0) Feb 3, 2013 Michigan

    Visiting San Jose, CA in a couple weeks and looking for new bars to hit with good craft beers. I'm from MI, so I really want some good California, Oregon, Washington, etc beers that I don't normally get. Any suggestions on bars to try out? (I'm already planning on going to Singlebarrel, O'Flaherty's, and the OG public house). Also any suggestions on some must-try beers while I am out there? Thanks!
  2. Azrael

    Azrael Initiate (0) Jan 9, 2013

    Original Gravity is pretty good.

    My cousin is a big fan of Good Karma across the street, so he took me there. My first time since I'm not from the area. A dude smashed a bottle over another guy's head. Weird stuff, not sure if it's usually that violent, but I wouldn't recommend that place personally. Plus it cost $8+ for a Pliny there before tip.
  3. peter831

    peter831 Initiate (0) Dec 2, 2012 California

    I would head north on 101 and hit Rose and Crown in Palo Alto.

    or you can head north on 880 and in 15 - 20 minutes be at Drakes and another 10 minutes at Beer Revolution and the Trappist. Of these 2 I prefer BR

    Harrys Hofbrau house in San Jose had a hell of a selection of IPA's last Sunday for the end of SF beer week, sort of an odd place, though not in the broken bottle over your head, just an old school food place.

    If you are thinking of heading to Santa Cruz, check out Sante Adarius, but they are not open every day so look at their facebook page. Great beer.
  4. grrrah

    grrrah Initiate (0) Sep 21, 2009 California
    Beer Trader

    Drakes is more like 40 minutes without traffic, not 15-20, but good suggestions above.

    If you can drive, Ale Arsenal in San Calos, Gourmet Haus Staudt in Redwood City.

    Are you just lookin for bars? Bottle shops?
  5. afrokaze

    afrokaze Zealot (579) Jun 12, 2009 Arizona
    Beer Trader

    I work at OG, so I'd otherwise suggest Good Karma for some more out-there stuff and good food. Single Barrel is cool but if you like good cocktails and don't want to wait in line then go to Fifty Five South (on First, directly across the street from OG.) Great bartenders and a nice place to chill, plus a few beers on tap and lots of wine. Harry's is always good, and Drake's is definitely worth the drive. I'd suggest getting on Caltrain to Redwood City and going to Gourmet Haus Staudt, good German beers you never see on tap fresh and 6 guest American taps, plus great authentic German food and really nice people. Have fun, cheers!
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  6. PattyMelt

    PattyMelt Initiate (0) Feb 3, 2013 Michigan

    Just bars for the most part. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  7. theWA

    theWA Initiate (0) Feb 8, 2012 California

    Dude - The smashed bottle incident was a huge rarity at the peace-loving beer-happy spot that is Good Karma. Seriously one of the best beer lists in town hands down. I'd also recommend Wine Affairs (don't be fooled by the name) but I'm biased (I may work there...) 12 rotating drafts and over 100+ bottled beers. Solid.
  8. JayORear

    JayORear Zealot (590) Feb 22, 2012 California
    Beer Trader

    I'm originally from San Jose, and Wine Affairs is the only one I'll go out of my way for when I'm back in town. Great tap list, some unusual bottles.
  9. bayareahustla

    bayareahustla Aspirant (206) Jul 13, 2012 California
    Beer Trader

    the problem i have with wine affairs is that it is sooooooo overpriced its rediculous.
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  10. burgundysmoke

    burgundysmoke Initiate (143) Sep 11, 2012 California
    Beer Trader

    ive been biting my tongue on this for a few days but shouldn't....good karma has decent brews here and there but everything else is crap. horrible setting, service, especially horrible bartenders. I will never go back for any beer regardless; not recommended.
  11. peter831

    peter831 Initiate (0) Dec 2, 2012 California

    Have not been there so I cant comment on anything but their beer list
    From website today for Good Karma
    if you have not had Sante Adarius beers here is your chance
    Beer NameServed InABVPrice
    Bruery Sour In The Rye 8oz. Draft 8.8 $10.00
    Drake's Hopocalypse White Label 16oz. Draft 9.3 $7.00
    Firestone Walker Double Jack 16oz. Draft 9.5 $7.00
    Lagunitas SoCo Stout 8oz. Draft $6.00
    Russian River Pliny The Elder 16oz. Draft 8.0 $7.50
    Sante Adairius Nonna's Blend 8oz. Draft 8.5 $6.00
    On Tap
    Beer NameServed InABVPrice
    Dogfish Head Olde School Barley Wine 8oz. Draft 15.0 $7.00
    Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron 8oz. Draft 12.0 $6.00
    Kerkom Winterkoninkske 8oz. Draft 8.3 $7.00
    Lagunitas Censored (Kronik) 16oz. Draft 6.75 $4.20
    Logsdon Seizoen 12oz. Draft 7.5 $7.00
    North Coast Grand Cru 8oz. Draft 12.5 $6.00
    North Coast Old Rasputin Imperial Stout Nitro 12oz. Draft 9.0 $6.00
    Sante Adairius And You Me Berliner Weiss 10oz. Draft $6.00
    Sierra Nevada Big Foot 12oz. Draft 9.6 $7.00
    Uncommon Brewers Long Form Tripple 8oz. Draft $6.00
  12. AptosBeerDrinker

    AptosBeerDrinker Initiate (177) Aug 9, 2011 California

    Call me crazy but I actually like that it's cramped and weird and not sterile like every other "beer bar" that's come along in the last 5 years. Plus the owner seems like a genuinely nice guy that's really into beer.
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  13. afrokaze

    afrokaze Zealot (579) Jun 12, 2009 Arizona
    Beer Trader

    I've never had anything other than a great time at GK, Ryan is a great guy and so are of the employees. It's weird but I like it.
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  14. bird22

    bird22 Disciple (358) Jan 2, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    This. Ryan is one of the nicest people I have ever encountered and is extremely passionate about craft beer. The food is ridiculously good as well.
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  15. peter831

    peter831 Initiate (0) Dec 2, 2012 California

    Went to both OG and GK yesterday. Not really impressed by either. Looked at the websites to check what is on tap and GK looked great... only problem was 75% of that was not really on tap.

    In the days of the internet and instant decision making you either need to keep your lists up to date or dont publish them, period, no excuses.

    Went across the street and OG had a Karl S tap take over, going to be a long time to get rid of that stuff.

    Oh well, next time we will just head home to SC.
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  16. bayareahustla

    bayareahustla Aspirant (206) Jul 13, 2012 California
    Beer Trader

    ^^^^you shoulda gone to harry's hoffbrau

    check em on they are always up to date.
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  17. peter831

    peter831 Initiate (0) Dec 2, 2012 California

    Agreed, thought the same thing after sitting down at both of them.
  18. afrokaze

    afrokaze Zealot (579) Jun 12, 2009 Arizona
    Beer Trader

    Our list at is updated live with the one in the bar too!
  19. bayareahustla

    bayareahustla Aspirant (206) Jul 13, 2012 California
    Beer Trader

    this is very true. I havent gone to OG since last year sometime. i need to get back into it for a beer or three.
  20. afrokaze

    afrokaze Zealot (579) Jun 12, 2009 Arizona
    Beer Trader

    Awesome, stop by sometime. Our 1 year anny party at the end of June will be worth the wait!
  21. Brewcycler

    Brewcycler Initiate (0) Aug 25, 2012 California

    Love Good Karma! Of course, being a veggie I am a bit partial - I mean, where can you get great food at a great price, and super beer? They always have something great on tap. The past two times they've had Older Viscosity and Labyrinth ... both over 12% and easily up there with Parabola, etc. You can always get two sampler sets - everything for $17 or a 5-beer set for like $8. The 6oz brandy glasses they use make tasting much better than regular taster glasses.

    Whenever I am downtown I go to both GK and OG, typically GK for food since they close kinda early.
    Too bad OG is always too busy to pour sampler sets but its nice and crowded all the time!
  22. baycat

    baycat Initiate (0) Apr 30, 2008 California
    Beer Trader

    People don't go to Gordon Biersch!
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