Say cheers to the 15 best beer cities around the world

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  1. nc41

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    Hmm. Looking back on the guys list it just reminds me of click bait. Melbourne Australia, Cape Town South Africa, Shanghai China, Rome Italy? Better than Boston, Philly, San Diego, Chicago? Lol, sure. Not to mention Munich or about half a dozen other Cities in Germany.
  2. AlcahueteJ

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    How many and what breweries are in Traverse City?
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  3. ForagedBudLite

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    I haven't been up to TC as much as I'd like, but I'd guess you're looking at 10-15 quality breweries in a town of 15,000 people. Short's Production Facility is a half-hour from the heart of town. In town, Right Brain is pretty good. North Peak is popular. The Filling Station is a nice local place. Also, up in the touristy area where all the wineries are - the Old Mission Peninsula - Jolly Pumpkin has a brewpub in a great location.

    TC has kayak brewery tours where you can visit breweries by taking the river that runs through town. That's pretty cool. And the whole coastal area of Northwest Michigan is full of other good breweries and is gorgeous to drive around in. It's an underrated area nationally speaking.
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  4. beertunes

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    Including Victoria had to be a joke. Couldn't have been for reals.
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    Underrated, unless one sees all Michiganders pipe in every time one of these threads pops up.

    Sometimes, I think the word "over" might more applicable. Especially considering the way Founders, except for the All Day 15 packs, sit on shelves around here.
  6. ForagedBudLite

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    Founders isn't the hip brewery anymore, but I still think they make good stuff. The thing about Grand Rapids is that it's a true craft beer city. It's not like Chicago or San Diego where good beer is just one of the billion things they do. Breweries are the night life in Grand Rapids. The winters suck so bad in the bottom half of Michigan that we basically live for alcohol. It's cloudy for 4 months straight, windy and cold, and somehow there's never enough snow to do any real winter sports. As soon as we start getting more than 4 inches of snow coverage, something crazy happens and it all turns into ice. And we pay through the roof to ski on old garbage dump piles (true story). So we drink. A lot.