Searcher? Ticker? Who are you?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by cavedave, Jun 12, 2017.

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  1. rgordon

    rgordon (695) Apr 26, 2012 North Carolina

    I just happen to be 100% searcher. I remember the almost life saving dark lager (and stew with dark bread) somewhere deep in the old Yugoslavia, worn out from trudging unknown through limestone and strange terrain. The name of the beer is meaningless. I remember a Carling Black Label on Jeff Ensminger's balcony, at about 13, and a Budweiser with my Grand Dad at about 11. My Dad was happy about being alive after the Philippines (Leyte 1944), so he and I shared a zest for beer, especially a deep fondness for real Munich Lowenbrau. I learned as much from what he didn't say but did than just about any other way I know. I miss that guy. Beer and golf were a glue that kept us together. I could write pages of these recollections, of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Canada, all beer, food and people related. I always want to know where someone is from. I'm the same way with beer as I learn about the people and the beers that they drink and live with. I try new beers all of the time, but I've never once thought of counting or documenting them.....other than reviews here and there on New Beer Sundays a while back. Great post Dave!
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  2. Harrison8

    Harrison8 (1,649) Dec 6, 2015 Missouri
    Society Trader

    Agreed 100%. There was a thread sometime ago where the guy rated 200 beers on here during a ticking bottle share. That sort of ticking shouldn't be encouraged or allowed, at least on this site, but the overall idea that ticking is a bad thing is misguided.

    I did get off unTappd just because everyone seemed to just be posting whales or rare beers. I was tired of it. I only follow one beer account on Instagram, and that's more than enough.

    Hmmm, I used to follow a woman on UnTappd who had an asinine amount of check-ins every day, most with photos. I wondered how she hadn't dropped into liver failure. I get it, I drink quite a bit, but not to the point of checking a baker's dozen beers every night. I bet she was taking a sip. In order to prevent myself from ticking for the sake of a lengthy list, I always write a review. If I can't review it, I don't rate it or put it on any list. In my opinion, you haven't truly enjoyed that beer unless you could at least provide a brief review (not to say from memory, just in general). I also dropped my use of UnTappd just because I was tired of seeing folks bragging about what they're drinking. Your example of her really does sound like a pure form of ticking.

    I don't carry my laptop into bars unless I'm going to get some work done. Up until about 6 months ago, I'd type out notes on my phone and text them to myself in order to provide a review at a later date of beers I drank at breweries. Particularly those I visit on my travels. Now I just go in and enjoy the beer. If it's something noteworthy, I'll jot down a few notes, but otherwise it's another beer that will make me appreciate the next one even more.

    I have thought about maintaining a spreadsheet for my own purposes, but haven't bothered to set one up since I already have a list going here. I do keep a spreadsheet of my cellar inventory though. That way I can quickly reference what's where, so I don't have to dig around, but that's a different purpose.
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  3. Jay_P22

    Jay_P22 (0) Mar 17, 2016 Virginia

    I think some people get obsessed with ticking any beer so they can rate it on BA or add to their untapp'd stats. I have friends that buy mixed six packs just to tick, often drinking crappy beers just to do it. Seems crazy. Not saying I don't like trying new beers, but I'm more quality than quantity. I rarely even rate beers here and I think I drink amazing beer.

    I do love searching. I am semi-addicted to trying the best beers in the world. I trade, hunt, etc to get them and I find it better than traditional ticking because I'm drinking amazing beer.

    So I would say I'm a combination of searching and ticking, but definitely 80-90% searching. If I can't find/get a hard to find great beer, I would rather go to total wine and buy a solid shelf beer like jai Alai or founders breakfast stout then buy a mixed six pack of junk.
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  4. Wiffler27

    Wiffler27 (0) Aug 16, 2009 North Carolina

    I'm mostly a ticker.

    i like to try a ton of different beers because any next one could be my new favorite.

    BUT if i greatly enjoy a beer i'll definitely go back to it. and now that i've had a good amount of beers i'm starting to seek out better and more difficult to find beers.
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  5. IBUBrew

    IBUBrew (0) May 6, 2017 Vermont

    I think that ticking off a new brew is part of the joy of craft beer. You just might end up trying your new favorite beer.

    That being said I have some favorites that I consistently pick over new beers.
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  6. Beef_Curtains

    Beef_Curtains (0) Oct 14, 2013 Ohio

    65.8732% ticker 28.6549% searcher 5.4719% other
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  7. Jay_P22

    Jay_P22 (0) Mar 17, 2016 Virginia

    True. Don't get me wrong, I unique check ins on untapp'd are hovering at 2k. But it's mostly brewery release or trading vice buying from the store. If that makes sense.
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  8. Buck89

    Buck89 (0) Feb 7, 2015 Tennessee
    Society Trader

    When I started homebrewing, I instantly became a 95% ticker as I was determined to learn from commercial examples of different styles and become familiar with both desired and off-flavors, as well as identifying my own preferences. I have since transitioned to about 70% searcher as my homebrew supply has increased and threshold to pay for commercial beer has risen. I do enjoy that 30% ticking habit, though.
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  9. FBarber

    FBarber (1,797) Mar 5, 2016 Illinois
    Moderator Society Trader

    well done - Ill admit, I pulled out the calculator and checked. :stuck_out_tongue:
  10. LeRose

    LeRose (1,092) Nov 24, 2011 Massachusetts
    Society Trader

    I think this is coming down to the idea that we're mostly a mixture - interesting to talk about our buying and consumption habits without the "us v. them" crap creeping in.
  11. bleakies

    bleakies (512) Apr 11, 2011 Massachusetts

    I'm 5% searcher, 10% ticker, 85% drunkard.
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  12. Dravin

    Dravin (0) Apr 27, 2014 Indiana

    I'm currently predominately ticker. I won't just buy any beer because it's new, when I hit the local shop I look for the options that interest me and are new. I won't just pick up yet another IPA I haven't tried just to have something new to tick, nor will I just grab whatever I can to create a novel mix-a-six though. So that's why I say predominately and not 100% ticker. I will also every once and a while go for a tried and true beer rather than something new.

    Also, while I like trying new beers and while I'll certainly take advantage of flights at a brewery the idea of just getting a sip or two of something so I can knock it out doesn't particularly appeal to me, I like to feel like I'm giving a beer a decent chance before I rate it and usually go for pints before I tick. I don't do full on reviews anymore, but that's because I found myself not drinking a new beer sitting in the beer fridge because I wanted to just drink a beer instead of writing a review or trying to tease out tasting notes.
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  13. MistaRyte

    MistaRyte (745) Jan 14, 2008 Virginia

    I tick way more than seek. When I do beer runs for myself, I limit myself to beers I haven't had before. Years ago I could barely eke out a case, but nowadays, there are new releases every week. Years ago, I had to pick and choose across many styles. Now it's got to the point where I can pick and choose to styles I prefer (IPA/DIPA, then stout/porter, then sour, then pale/session IPA, etc.)

    When I do weekly date nights, or just outings in general, I will default to a local favorite or something tried-and-true.... if any only if something new doesn't strike my fancy. Example: local pizza joint near me, Cogans North, will always have Aventinus or Golden Monkey on tap (at least since opening years ago it's been like that). I will gladly default to either of these... but dammit, there's a ThaiPA I haven't seen before up there that looks interesting.

    When I supply kegs/sixtels for parties, I always default to something fan friendly. Usually it will be Troegenator or DB Vienna Lager or Mad Elf (haters gonna hate but I love the stuff when its that time of year)... can't force my wishes upon the fellow guests.
  14. mudbug

    mudbug (0) Mar 27, 2009 Oregon

    90% Searcher, I only try new beers when they are easy to get and not outrageously priced, I only review beers that are particularly memorable one way or the other.
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  15. drtth

    drtth (0) Nov 25, 2007 Pennsylvania

    For what you say, it sounds to me like you are a searcher after the experiences and camaraderie associated with beer rather than the beer itself.
  16. rgordon

    rgordon (695) Apr 26, 2012 North Carolina

    Always. Good beer seems to find me!
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  17. jman005

    jman005 (0) Jan 21, 2013 Kentucky

    I was a ticker at first but now I worry less about trying everything and more about trying the best.
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  18. chipawayboy

    chipawayboy (0) Oct 26, 2007 Massachusetts

    No question -- they broke the mold.
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  19. cjgiant

    cjgiant (1,653) Jul 13, 2013 District of Columbia

    Kudos on this!! :slight_smile:

    Onto the discussion:
    I find it interesting on the differing definitions of "searcher" as the term "ticker" has that negative connotation others have talked about. I was really interested how this would go when @Harrison8 early brought up the specter of "searcher" being equated with "chaser" - another generally negative term. I find some posts seem to want to revise my interpretation of the OP's definition of searcher to include some ticking activity.

    All that aside, for me:
    I'd say I am currently in a ticking phase, pulling me up a tad on that side, helped by the number of places newly distributing to my area. To that end, I'd say 60% ticking 40% searching (non-chasing version). I agree with others in that a lot of my ticking comes from brewery tap rooms (mostly local). Now, I do not rate or review every beer I have, but usually pick a few to review before trying or after a few tastes. A fair number of these fall into the type @FBarber mentions in my quote above.

    If I actually hit a brewery, I will attempt to try most their stuff to get a feel for the brewery: what it does well, note so well, potential. Again, on the non-ticking side, I do not rate or review all these beers, but try to do a couple or so. And as many have said, some of this is to find a beer for which to "search." Another part of this is that a couple of the breweries around here do very few repeats (but I always enjoy what they do) - ticking or searching??

    On the search side, when I do run across beers I know I like a lot, I grab them without thought - and never considering what new beer I might buy instead. And when I am in a store, I do look for these beers - maybe even more than(or at least before) beers to tick. If I find enough of the "searched" beers, I look for very interesting "tick" beers. The threshold goes up to meet the latter the more I have of the former.

    Anyhow, I can see myself getting back to 50/50 soon enough, maybe even more searching.
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  20. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa (964) Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

    Scott, there are no emoticons in your post but I am willing to bet that you are joking here.:astonished:

    There are plenty of "beer appreciators" on BA. Maybe they would be more skilled at stating a percentage breakdown of ticker vs. searcher. Needless to say but I lack that skill.:flushed:

  21. Caveworm

    Caveworm (0) Feb 26, 2014 Ohio

    Ticker for sure. Although most of my list does consist of good quality micros
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  22. drtth

    drtth (0) Nov 25, 2007 Pennsylvania

    The term "Ticker" started out in the world of beer without most of the negative connotations when it was used in the UK to describe such folks as Mick the Tick.
  23. bbtkd

    bbtkd (1,774) Sep 20, 2015 South Dakota
    Society Trader

    75% searcher 25% ticker. I want to try as many new ones as I can, but lean towards stouts, porters, quads, and hefeweizens. I won't knowingly buy a new beer to try if I have reason to believe it sucks. I will try highly acclaimed beers that I know I probably won't like based on style - just to experience the best of a style.
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  24. herrburgess

    herrburgess (861) Nov 4, 2009 South Carolina

    I search out "traditional" beers that locals drink and drink those.
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  25. socon67

    socon67 (1,239) Jun 18, 2010 New York

    I'm an occupational ticker. Travel a bunch for work and have the ability to try many new beers. There is an allure in the chase. Many times I have found beers I enjoy that I'd never have considered based on rating. I find it exciting to find that next hidden gem on a tap line.
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  26. MFMB

    MFMB (0) Jan 23, 2015 Idaho

    60% Ticker 40% Searcher. A year ago I would have been more like 90% Ticker 10% Searcher but jumping in the trading game along with meeting a few new friends that decidedly Searchers have swung me closer to 50/50. I still felt like I enjoyed good beers being a ticker but now I am not only enjoying good beer but also great beer since diving into the world of hunting beer.

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  27. HermitDan

    HermitDan (0) Apr 30, 2016 New Jersey

    I'm definitely a full blown ticker. I generally don't drink beer I've already tried unless I'm at a restaurant, friends house, block party...At that point I generally go for the beer that was the best or I haven't had in awhile to refresh my memory.
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  28. alucard6679

    alucard6679 (465) Jul 29, 2012 Arizona

    I've tried a lot of beers, I'm sure not as many as some on this site but definitely my fair share. I'd say that toward the beginning I would lean heavily toward ticker (though not really for sport or anything, I was simply amazed at this gigantic world I'd discovered and HAD to try ALL of them:grinning:). After a number of years I drifted the other direction, as I feel like I've tried most things available to me that I care to (though that White Chocolate from The Bruery mocks me from the shelf). I find myself reaching for beers that I truly love more often than not. I still try new stuff, but most if the time I walk in knowing what I want. Actually been doing a lot more exploring in the wide world of spirits lately, sipping some Mocambo 20 yr old rum:slight_smile:
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  29. Raime

    Raime (780) Jun 4, 2012 Korea (North)

    99% Ticker. Though if a beer is exceptional I'll pick it up more than once for sure.

    1% Searcher. Sometimes I'll get off my lazy ass and reserve something special at my local liquor store. But seeing as over the years most super hyped brews to come through don't live up to the hype, I'm a bit selective about which ones I bother with. Price plays a factor too. $15+ for a twelve ounce? Fat chance.
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  30. jzeilinger

    jzeilinger (2,066) Dec 4, 2004 Pennsylvania
    Society Trader

    Trying every beer on the planet vs. trying the best beers on the planet? I do like to tic (I'll admit :flushed:), but if I find something I really enjoy, I have no problem sticking with it and enjoying time and time again => totally down with that. :slight_smile::sunglasses:!
  31. Burt

    Burt (0) Nov 27, 2005 Rhode Island

    Searcher of good tasting beers that ticks as a hobby.

    I have been trying new brews for 26 years and will continue to do the same. I have a couple of great beer bars near me and I pony up them and have what ever is new to me in half pours. I am a explorer, trying new brews is what I like to do, with all the new breweries it is tough not to try all the new stuff. I do not seek out the highest rated beers but I have been in the right place at the right time for some of my highest rated ticks.

    Here is the gist of, my everyday at home beers are Yuengling Lager and Curious Traveler right now and when it cools down it is Oktoberfest's, I started home brewing because I had a couple bottles of Gumballhead and couldn't get it anymore. All the beers that I made were clones of stuff that I couldn't get anymore.

    I am a beer geek to the max in search of the next best thing for me not what someone says is good.
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  32. Junior

    Junior (0) May 23, 2015 Michigan
    Society Trader

    I am mostly searcher. Like others, when first getting into craft I spent some time trying lots of new styles and breweries. Not sure that really ever made me much of a ticker. Once I started to learn what styles I liked I started seeking out the better/best representations of those styles. That journey continues and I like to expand the number of styles as time goes on. On rare occasions that I visit breweries I will sample number of styles.

    I don't think I drink a lot, 3-5 beers a week, so when I do I prefer to drink great beer.
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  33. Benjolovesbeer

    Benjolovesbeer (0) Nov 9, 2016 Michigan

    For me, maybe I'm half and half. I don't bother trying every beer because that's Damn near impossible. For a while I mainly bought beer from really 3 companies: Founders, Bells, and Sierra Nevada but then I discovered the greatness in many other breweries. So now what I do is I try to try all the top rates beers I can afford and get my hands on. Beers like Toppling Goliath Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout and 3 Floyd's Dark Lord I will just pass on, not going to pay that sum of money. Now kind've what I do is try new brewing companies and if I like them I continue to buy other styles from them, if what I buy is unenjoyable and I try more with same results I stop buying from that company. For me I like all styles and from many companies and I really just like to consume a variety of good beer. So I guess I could be considered half and half but really I'm neither because I really have one desire only and that is to try a variety of good different beer and if I like it you bet I'll revisit it. And I rate each beer and take notes to help me remember what I had and how it tasted in case I forget.
    #73 Benjolovesbeer, Jun 13, 2017
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  34. Harrison8

    Harrison8 (1,649) Dec 6, 2015 Missouri
    Society Trader

    This. Over and over again, this. While I trust the folks on here to offer me a decent snapshot of how a beer performs (after all, that's the reason I joined here), I don't always align with the group. Finding a hidden gem among on the hyped mountains is glorious. That's apart of the ticking journey.

    I'll still take Jolly Russian over Pirate Bomb any day. The ratings don't prove it, but I know better :wink:
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  35. beerguy04

    beerguy04 (0) Sep 20, 2004 Illinois

    I'd say mostly a ticker. I would like to try every beer on the planet. A little bit of a searcher, as I do have good distribution being on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin, so I can try hard to get beer. However, I still have a few beers that I will always go too.
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  36. EvenMoreJesus

    EvenMoreJesus (0) Jun 8, 2017 Pennsylvania

    Used to search out beers that I hadn't had. Gave up on that a while back when I had drank the vast majority of the "classics" and figured that I couldn't possible drink every beer out there. I guess I'm just happy to be able to look at a beer menu/draught list and know what's probably going to be good.
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  37. CTHomer

    CTHomer (780) May 23, 2014 Connecticut
    Society Trader

    I am very curious about beers I haven't tasted and will usually drink those if they're available. I'm very lucky in that I get exposed to a lot of different beers - due to my job, travelling, and friends. I enjoy the different takes that brewers can have on a single style. Yesterday I had 2 hefeweizens side by side - Two Brother's Ebel Weiss and Baxter Coastal Haze. They couldn't have been more different. For me, that's fun. I'm a ticker by accident and I'm pretty happy with how it's working out!
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  38. rgordon

    rgordon (695) Apr 26, 2012 North Carolina

    Good for you. I'm a touch jealous of those that pack a list of conquests, but I forget that slight envy/jealousy very quickly. The other day I went into my favorite local, hot, after working in the garden. I had the latest incarnation of Foothills IPA of the month- I forget the name- but it was great and my love of beer was unabated and undocumented until now. On Fridays, Martha and I will often go downtown, have a Double IPA at Joymongers and finish with a Gibbs 100 Blind Man's Holiday Greensboro Pale Ale. These are both great beers that I trust and at Gibbs I just ask for a Pale Ale! I have lived a long life in beer and we are truly lucky to have all of these great options, local and otherwise. Cheers to all and I love these stories and testimonials.
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  39. teromous

    teromous (1,009) Mar 21, 2010 Virginia
    Society Trader

    I wouldn't consider myself a "searcher" because most of the more popular or higher-rated beers are hard to come by. When I want to enjoy a good beer I don't want to worry about whether I will have to wait in line for hours to get it or have it shipped to me. I suppose I would fall more in line with a "ticker" because I try so many beers.

    Really the most apt descriptor would be "explorer." I will try hundreds of beers to find the ones that I like. In the end I have a portfolio of what I enjoy the most and I constantly go back and drink those beers. Instead of waiting for the world to tell me what is good, I find out for myself.
  40. PittBeerGirl

    PittBeerGirl (970) Feb 27, 2007 Ohio

    Fantastic subject! When I stumbled across this website 10 years ago I quickly became a ticker.

    Within 2-3 years beer was my #1 hobby and I was a searcher. Eventually trading became harder for me because I moved to a rural area and I became someone who was out to spread the love of good beer.

    I also realized that beers I searched for and ended up trading great and more expensive local beers for often weren't what I thought they were going to be.

    Now I find myself to be more of a traveler. When I am on the road with my family I will pick up new beers or stop at pubs and tick as many as I can but it's for my own notes... otherwise I drink what I know I like unless something new and interesting pops up locally.
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