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Discussion in 'Pacific' started by bkbergen, Mar 15, 2023.

  1. bkbergen

    bkbergen Zealot (603) Jan 5, 2009 Pennsylvania

    Flying into SFO on Friday June 16 about noon for a 640pm Phillies A's game @ the Coliseum. Looking for a good area to stay that has some good nightlife (breweries/beer bars etc). We fly out the next morning at 945am.

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  2. skochdopotato

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    How do you plan to get around? I imagine many of the breweries in the area will be closed by the time the game gets out. Most seem to close around 10 even on weekends.

    Your best bet is probably to go to some breweries in Oakland prior to the game. Sante and Cellarmaker in downtown Oakland/Jack London would be my go to.

    After the game, maybe Toronado and Haight for some late drinks.
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  3. sloejams

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    If flying in and out of SFO, I would stay in the city itself to make your in and out less miserable. Hotel Griffon near the Ferry Building, has been my pick my last few work visits. I ask for a room facing the bay - nice to gaze out over the Embarcadero to the Bay Bridge with a Pliny the Elder in hand, which is always on in its downstairs bar. It's inexpensive (esp by SF standards), near the BART, clean and a quick Uber/Lyft trip to the spots I like.

    You can also take the BART to Oakland Coliseum easily enough to get in and out. If it was me, I would probably Uber/Lyft out at the end though to get you to where you want to nightcap in SF - like the aforementioned Toronado, maybe my favorite beer bar in the country.
  4. elNopalero

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    Someone might have a similar question some day, so I'll just add that flying into OAK is super easy, and there's a connector between OAK and the Coliseum BART station. You could theoretically fly into OAK, take the connector to an A's game, and then bounce back to OAK and head home on the same day.
  5. bkbergen

    bkbergen Zealot (603) Jan 5, 2009 Pennsylvania

    I ended up booking the Hilton Garden Inn San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge in Emeryville. Our flight lands at 1230 on Friday 6/16 and figure it will take close to an hour to get the rental car and get out of SFO. We were going to golf but I think we will bar hop instead. I want to stop at Toronado (+ anything else close nearby) on our way to the hotel (3pm checkin).

    Will head to Wondrous after checkin and work our way down towards the Coliseum. Ghost Town, Sante Adairius, Cellarmaker (hopefully they are open by mid June). Any other suggestions? I assume that there is nothing near the stadium. Game is at 640pm.
  6. dcgunman

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    Wonderful choice, Toronado. Since you’re going old school bars can I recommend Zeitgeist, 5 min drive or 15 minutes walking from T. Down the street from Zeitgeist is City Beer Store on Valencia.
  7. Dimidiata

    Dimidiata Zealot (662) Jul 14, 2017 California

    Just be aware that driving anywhere in SF and trying to leave SF around 3pm on a Friday is going to be a traffic nightmare. Right now on a Monday at 2pm it's a 40 min drive from SFO to your hotel, and by 3pm I'd bet it'll be closer to an hour in stop and go traffic on the bridge to get over to Emeryville. Strongly suggest flying into OAK if at all possible and driving up into Oakland for Sante/Ghost Town/Cellarmaker/Wondrous rather than trying to deal with SF traffic. Then head to Toro/Holy Water for a nightcap after the traffic has died down in the evening.
  8. bkbergen

    bkbergen Zealot (603) Jan 5, 2009 Pennsylvania

    Unfortunately the only flight that worked for was to fly into SFO. We fly out to Montana on Saturday morning. Checkin is at 3pm so I figured a quick pit stop at Toronado would help kill some time. Would you recommend skipping Toronado and heading straight to Wonderous then checkin at the hotel.
  9. Dimidiata

    Dimidiata Zealot (662) Jul 14, 2017 California

    If you are landing at 12:30 it'll probably take you about 45 mins to get bags and take the shuttle out to grab your rental car. That, of course, assumes you'll land on time which is dodgy at best for SFO, particularly in June, when we tend to have "June gloom" and fog delays (bring a jacket). Assuming no traffic it's a 20ish min drive up to Toro plus time to find parking. Personally I'd just head to Wondrous and kill time there or head to the hotel and drop off bags there first. I'd rather not be rushed at the Toronado, particularly because you should definitely get one of the Private Press bottles they have (also might be available at Sante Adairius).

    The Toro taplist is generally up-to-date, so you can judge whether a quick stop works or if you'll need more time. https://www.toronado.com/whats-on-tap/

    On another note, I'd never leave my luggage in my car when parking in SF. If you do Toro, just bring your suitcase with you.
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  10. bkbergen

    bkbergen Zealot (603) Jan 5, 2009 Pennsylvania

    My plan was to go get the rental while my buddy waits on our luggage. Thinking straight to Wonderous now.
  11. wannabekraut

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    I've not made it to Ghost Town but have heard great things. I love Original Pattern, they've got a nice taproom and really good beer, mostly focusing on IPAs but always with a couple high quality lagers on tap