Sharing experiences with beer shipping companies via a BA rating

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    I have [periodically seen posts in various forums with BA members asking about member experience with beer delivery companies. One member just recently was relating a tale of one retailer in NJ shipping him old Zombie Dust beer. The retailer has generally good reviews as a brick and mortar place both on BA and in Yelp, but perhaps BA should consider a rating system specifically for companies that ship beer. In the most recent case, the guy's experience with customer service was really bad, in addition to the beer being old. To me, face to face experience in brick and mortar "PLaces" does not equate to experience with shipping and web-based transactions. What do you think?
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    Good idea. I'll do some thinking on my end.
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    Maybe it's just because I buy very little on-line (mostly certain clothing needs I have, and some knives) this wouldn't be an issue for me. Which also means, if it existed, it wouldn't really affect me.

    So, I say, go ahead and implement this. It's a positive for the folks who would use the feature, and have zero effect on those of us who wouldn't.
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    I was thinking something along the lines of the following:
    1) was the ordering process easy? (was the website easy to navigate? Can you order by phone or text?)
    2) did you get what was expected (accurate contents with reasonably fresh beer)?
    3) Did it arrive in a timely manner?
    4) Shipping cost structure ($/can or some other quantitative measure)
    5)Any interaction with customer service and if so, satisfaction with the response?

    I use my own experience with Athletic Brewing as a benchmark here. Excellent ordering and shipping experiences with only one issue with product quality one time that was promptly and generously resolved by their customer service group.
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    I'll think more about this and hopefully have something more productive to contribute, but off the top of my head not only do I like this, but I think it's a great idea since so many places now deliver. Specifically, I'm not just talking about stores that sell alcohol, I am talking about breweries as well. We want to be careful to avoid any questions related to the actual shipping process. For example, if it took UPS 2-weeks to deliver, that's not the breweries/purveyor's fault. However, if it took them 2 weeks to process, and they said it would take 2 days, that is a problem.
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  6. BillAfromSoCal

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    I totally agree with ALL you say. A simple "like" clicked in response to your comment is insufficient in this case. We are on the same page in this discussion.
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