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Discussion in 'Breweriana' started by Knownfactor, Sep 25, 2013.

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  1. Knownfactor

    Knownfactor Initiate (89) Feb 20, 2010 Colorado

    Looking for ideas for displaying/Storing my glassware. Its run a muck and the fiance wants a solution. I don't want to bubble wrap and box 3/4 of it so looking for cool ideas from shelving/DIY cabinets etc.

    Post your pics and ideas!
  2. cdmillard

    cdmillard Initiate (0) Feb 17, 2013 Maryland

    I hijacked a bookcase from the living room, at my wife's request. Something about "all that shit's gonna get broken..."

    Then I have a few shelves around the living room and kitchen


    One for the Belgian Trappists


    And one for really cool stuff...

    Don't think I paid more than 15.00 for either of the shelves. Check thrift shops...and Homegoods has some great buys on occasion!
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  3. weatherdog

    weatherdog Initiate (0) Nov 7, 2007 Illinois

    Here is my current setup that is in dire need of an expansion. When I bought the green cabinet, it only filled 2 shelves, now about 18 months later it's full along with a smaller one. A second, identical green cabinet purchase is planned. I also need to finish putting the LED lights on all the shelves.

  4. Hanzo

    Hanzo Savant (975) Feb 27, 2012 Virginia

    I've posted this before. It is more full now.

  5. skateclutch

    skateclutch Initiate (0) Apr 11, 2012 Florida

    killer idea with the stickers at the background. I'll have to do that once I find a cabinet for all my glasses.
  6. thampel09

    thampel09 Defender (644) Apr 27, 2010 New Jersey

    [​IMG]custom cellaring cabinet my father built me and my glassware cabinet I got at my job while finishing college.
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  7. CurtisMcArthur

    CurtisMcArthur Initiate (0) Dec 31, 2009 Tennessee

    Love this corner cabinet!
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  8. Dcv

    Dcv Initiate (0) Nov 12, 2009 Michigan

    I picked up this display unit after work today, it was free.

  9. cosmicevan

    cosmicevan Initiate (0) Dec 13, 2009 New York

  10. kevanb

    kevanb Poo-Bah (2,720) Apr 4, 2011 Illinois
    Society Trader

    I've always had a huge crush on Debbie Harry
  11. cosmicevan

    cosmicevan Initiate (0) Dec 13, 2009 New York

    how can you go wrong with heart of glass?

    sadly, i'm out of space again...i'm clearing out one of the final slots of usable real estate on those shelves for some awesome new glasses.
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