Release Sierra Nevada Fall Mix Pack

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    yes it is only April. But! I got bored and started browsing old Sierra Nevada Fall seasonals and I remembered the fan favorite Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale. And it is listed on there site.. I wonder if they just forgot to take it down when they discontinued it or maybe it is making a comeback.. possibly as a stand alone or in there fall pack this year? Because it is confirmed they are making a fall pack this year. I’ll post it below.
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    Sometimes the Sierra Release Date map has a small easter egg in whats coming (look at the party pack for this summer, it has the Mexican beer) Maybe someone can make out the pixelated beers in the packaging on the site for the fall release?
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    It's still snowing in some places...
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    Idk about the Fall Pack, but I'll def. be getting a 6er of the Oktoberfest.