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    Hi all,

    I'll be traveling to Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia with my wife In July.
    Places we will be visiting: Singapore, Krabi, Phuket, Bangok, Chiang Mai, Siem Reap and Phnom Peng.

    Anyone know any good spots for Local / Craft Beers, Or local Liquor.

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    You should probably leave your craft beer expectations home for the trip and just enjoy a change of pace, Southeast Asia isn't known for it's high quality beer and liquor. The food is amazing and it goes great with a big bottle of the local lagers. Enjoy the cheap mixed drinks made with lots of fresh fruit juice in Cambodia, especially Siem Reap. Thailand is all about local "whiskey" made from rice and cheap lagers, not a whole lot of what you would think of as craft beer but if you pair it with a spicy curry or stir fry you won't care.
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    Jep, I was in Cambodia last year, same places. There's nothing. Cheap beer = Angkor and others.
    Singapore: Smiths street taps, The great beer experiment, brewerkz has a brewpub.
    There is also a Mikkeller bar, but did not visit it.
    2/3 of them are located in Chinatown area, in a huge place with food stalls. Thats pretty interesting, because you can both have some great cheap food and score some nice beers. Not a lot of local stuff, mainly (expensive) imported. In general, beer is not cheap there (taxes).

    My friend visited Thailand last fall, and he said craft beer (mainly in Bangkok) has growing at least a bit. So it's possible you find some interesting things over there.
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    For Bangkok: If you're looking for 'local' craft, you can check out Changwon Express and Let The Boy Die.

    I say 'local' mostly because I think that because of certain laws in Thailand, most or all microbrewers cannot operate in Thailand. So what they have to do is brew just outside Thailand and import it back in.

    For imported beer, the Mikkeller Bar in Bangkok is one of the best in Asia albeit a bit pricey.
  5. Keene

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    This article is somewhat outdated, but I lived in Bangkok several years ago and covered the beer scene for the magazine:

    And here's our 2015 travel guide to Singapore:
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    Here is what I posted about beer in Thailand last year:

    Golden Coins Taproom-New spot that is a five minute walk from Mikkeller. They had about 5 of their own beers on draft. Happy Stout(made with chestnuts) was very good. Prices were very cheap for Bangkok. I think I paid 150 baht for a 12 ounce pour(may have been a little discounted for happy hour). Make it a point to stop here, especially if you are going to Mikkeller

    Mikkeller-Big selection for Thailand. Very cool outdoor area in a chill neighborhood(this can be hard to find in loud as hell Bangkok). I liked the appetizers I had. Vast majority of their tap list was their own beer

    The Beer Bridge-Nice large bar down the street from the famous Gaggan restaurant. Had a decent selection of Thai beer in bottles.

    AVOID THE BEER BELLY IN THONGLOR. I ordered some mediocre beer on draft and they charged me about $12 USD for a half pint! Unbelievable. No wonder they don't display the prices on the draft list behind the bar. Go across the street to Bad Motel instead and have an excellent cocktail in a cool setting for a fair price.

    Chiang Mai

    Craffity-Just opened this month. The best selection of Thai beers I came across(can and bottles only for now though I believe they plan on putting in draft lines). They had multiple beers available from Stone Head, Lamzing and Full Moon.

    Craft Beer Factory- Had stuff from Chiang Mai Brewing, Stone Head, Happy New Beer, Far Yeast in bottles. Anderson Valley/Deschutes and the like too. The Thai bottles are also available across the street at their sister restaurant The Riverside.
    I didn't make it to Namton's House Bar but that seems like the best spot in town for craft beer.

    In Phuket and Krabi look for Full Moon Chatri IPA(very good) and pale ale in cans.
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  7. ARThurs_review

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    For Bangkok, I recommend "Chitbeer" bar. Located in Ko Kret, Nonthaburi.
    This place is one of the few places that brew their own local craft beer in Thailand.
    Always have new interesting beer recipe with reasonable price.

    Traveling there maybe somewhat far from downtown (250THB+- for a taxi )
    and a little tricky because its located on a small island.
  8. sokol_1993

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    I would recommend the Wishbeer bar in Sukhumwit; when I was over there 2 years ago, it had about 5-7 beers on tap, and a lot more in their bottle shop.