Sloop Brewing Co., Fastest Growing Regional Brewery in 2019

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    Sloop Brewing Co. ends 2019 with 250% growth according to Brewers Association data released in their May/June 2020 issue.

    East Fishkill, NY June, 24, 2020 -- Sloop Brewing Co. began production at their new 30,000 sq ft facility in August of 2018, moving all of their brewing equipment from Colombia County to their larger space in East Fishkill. This increase in production in late 2018 allowed Sloop Brewing Co. to produce just over 7,000 bbls by the end of the year. Throughout 2019 Sloop Brewing Co. slowly added new equipment establishing a higher capacity for production than ever, ending the year with twelve 120bbl fermenters in addition to their original equipment. This new capacity allowed Sloop to produce 25,300 bbls in 2019, a percent growth of 250%, as published by the Brewers Association in their May/June issue of The New Brewer magazine. This increased production allowed Sloop to enter new markets, continue to grow and support their home community in the Hudson Valley, and become number 120 out of the 500 largest regional breweries in the nation.

    “We’ve been so focused on growing internally and entering new territories that we didn’t even think about where we were ranked before the data came out. We knew growth had skyrocketed significantly but we never considered that we would possibly be the fastest growing for the year.” said Joe Turco, Sloop’s director of sales and marketing. “We couldn’t be growing this quickly without the tireless dedication of our entire team. From the brewery, to the packaging team, to the tasting room, our staff’s passion and commitment to the brand is inspiring to us all every day. So far in 2020 we have already seen an addition of four more tanks and our largest weeks of production ever. As bars and restaurants begin to reopen throughout the state and country, we’re looking to support our markets and the accounts that have helped us to grow so rapidly over the years. We have partnered with all four of our New York distributors and the Golden Rule Charity to help with relief for local bars and restaurants that have been affected by the pandemic. Together, with our distributors, we are donating $10 for every keg of our “Hospitality Relief Bomb” called Forever Rotating. Without the support of these local businesses, accomplishments such as this just wouldn’t be possible. Since April, we have raised over $4,000, with more to come.”

    Founded by President Adam Watson and Head Brewer Justin Taylor in 2011 in a Poughkeepsie garage, Sloop Brewing has gone from selling beer at farmers’ markets and hand delivering kegs to being one of the fastest growing breweries in the country. In 2018, Sloop opened a new, 25,000 square foot brewery in East Fishkill, NY, allowing them to ramp up production of Juice Bomb, Super Soft, the WBC gold medal winning sour Confliction, and their constantly rotating portfolio of limited releases; they also have a full service restaurant, bar, and private event space all on site. Their beer is currently available in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, South Carolina, Rhode Island, DC, and Northern Virginia, along with the new additions of New Hampshire, Vermont, North Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, and Maine . Named for the boats that once moved people and cargo up and down the Hudson, Sloop is proud to be a part of a growing craft movement and a growing upstate New York economy.

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    Had their juice bomb as part of the Untappd festival and it was pretty good. It was the first time I'd heard of them.
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    Would people even rank them in the top 5 or even 10 for the Hudson Valley region in terms of beer quality? What explains their runaway success?
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    Used to hang by Adam's table at the Beacon Farmers Market and talk brewing while he waited to sell bottles to folks. Peach Sauer was the beer got me into these guys, an addictively delicious peach nectar Berliner Weisse. Very strong connections to this area, including Justin's dad is pretty much a homebrewing legend here. I constantly talked these guys up in the beginning, but I think it is their consistent quality, excellent techniques, strong alliances, and ability to put the right beers into the right places at the right times that has led to their success.
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    Yes. And read the press release, it explains it pretty clearly.
  6. traction

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    Price for quality maybe? The 12oz 6-pack of Juice Bomb is more of a value than some of the other breweries in the region offer. Honestly I am kind of surprised at their growth as well but good for them.
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    As soon as I landed in Syracuse, I noticed that Sloop had some beers that were at a nice price point ($10/4/6 packs) to jump in and try without any frame of reference.

    Juice Bomb and Super Sawft were decent and worth the price of admission, but I dunno if they would make the cut if they were in a more competitive hop market saturation area (CA) lets say.
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    Sloop Brewing has been in the Philly area market for a while now; my guess is a couple of years. I have had a number of their brands on draft (mostly Juice Bomb) and I thought their beers were good. I have never considered buying these beers packaged (cans) since there are other Juicy/Hazy beers I prefer and would purchase instead. Maybe @traction has a good observation of: "Price for quality maybe?". I have not personally checked out the pricing for their canned products at my local beer retailers but this is something I should do just to find out.

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    My local grocery store sells 6 packs of Juice Bomb and Super Soft for $9.99. Pretty hard to pass up being that I’m already there and all I need to do is throw it in my cart. Saves me a trip to the beer store and I believe that it’s $2 more there. I feel like getting into grocery stores was a pretty big move for them.
  10. beerwego

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    Drop a couple more names. Very impressive
  11. Seb_aschn

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    DDH Freakout was great.
  12. HorseheadsHophead

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    I believe it. Here in the Southern Tier region of New York we sell much Sloop beer it's nuts. All of their special releases will always sell out within days. Even the normal year round releases like Juice Bomb and Super Soft still sell very well.
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  13. mmmbeerNY

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    Definitely nice to see locals start small and get big. I was a big fan of the RedC and BlackC way back. I'm actually kinda tired of juicy ipas which are their mainstays now, but they sell at better price point then most and I liked their recent farmhouse beer
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    Totally agree on all counts! You have to root for home brewers who make great beer in their garage, and now great beer in 120 barrel tanks.
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    Haven't had anything from Sloop before but I've heard good things and trust @cavedave's opinion. Hopefully once things start opening back up I'll be able to make a weekend trip between Sloop and Suarez.
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  16. Tallerboy

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    They used to be neighbors...

    Juice bomb is super solid and sold in grocery stores... I see young folks, mid-20s drinking them in the parks of NYC. My dad in his 60s likes juice bomb as well. An OH IPA is too much for lager drinker like him, but super soft is just right for him. I'm not surprised they're taking off with selling 12 oz cans to the masses, a limited run 16oz cans to the snobs.
  17. JackHorzempa

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    My area finally became "Green" as regards the COVID-19 lockdown. Which means that today I actually stepped inside my local Retail Beer Distributor (wearing a mask and observing social distancing). I learned that the six-pack/12 ounce cans of Sloop Juice Bomb is retailing for $12.49 a 6-pack. More reasonably priced than most other Juicy/Hazy IPAs which are four-pack/16 ounce cans at $15+.


  18. traction

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    There are spots around the NY area where you can find them for $10. Definitely a great value even at $12.49

    Lots of other breweries in that area are on the $20+ per 4-pack model.
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    A few minutes ago I had a similar discussion with @unlikelyspiderperson concerning the pricing of Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Things. My locally produced Juicy/Hazy IPAs are of superior quality IMO and I can find them very fresh but they tend to be pricey (e.g., $15+ for a four-pack/16 ounce cans). Both Sloop Juice Bomb and Sierra Nevada HLT are lower priced and available in six-packs (72 ounces total) but the compromise is quality (IMO) and freshness.

    As I stated in my reply to unlikelyspiderperson:

    "Your puts and your takes?"

  20. BeastOfTheNortheast

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    IIRC, Juice Bomb and Super Soft were around $10-12 near me for a 6 pack. I picked up both back in the Fall, but remember Juice Bomb being really good and especially enjoying Super Soft.

    I did notice that after that, they had some older dates on them.
  21. Jlabs

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    Happy to see Sloop gaining fans as their distribution grows..ive always liked juice bomb and the other "bomb" variants they make..the beers are soild and at the price point, you cant go wrong
  22. billandsuz

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    My initial reaction to "250% Growth" is excitement. Quickly followed by "Damn it I like that beer". Not sustainable. Entering new markets is great. Until it isn't. That's been the case.

    Good for them. This is a quality brewer producing quality beers, if a bit inconsistent (there have been some growing pains on the draft side (Sloop is by no means an outlier but definitely guilty).

    Unfortunately, the recent road to brewery growth is littered with empty fermentors and unpaid bills. So I am hoping there is bright side Covid brings to the market. Lord knows the world is not beating down doors for another 25,000 bbl brewery. That's 8,400,000 pints.

    Expect Juice Bomb to be 75% of that. More. It's a very good beer. At the moment, but the market is fickle. So let's hope for the best. Sloop can be a One Hit Wonder or it may be a long term regional presence.
    Dunno. I suspect the market will shift away from One Hit Wonders abruptly. So long NEIPA... nice knowing you Juice Bomb.

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    I think when you have the former Easter Sales Director for Bell's Brewery as your Sales and Marketing Director, and have close relationships with all the top beer retailers in the area, on top of all the other things mentioned already in this thread, it is pretty obvious these guys are not a flash in the pan. And they've already had multiple hits to get to this point, so they hardly are a one hit wonder. I can't tell the future either, but just sayin'
  24. pjeagles

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    Yeah, but Easter's not even that big of a holiday.
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    Ah, man, I can't even use the "drunk post" excuse for my typos anymore :grin:
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  26. beerwego

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    Sloop can definitely thank Whole Foods for a chunk of that success.
  27. DrStiffington

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    We only seem to get a few items here in NJ but I was recently up in NY and my brother-in-law, who lives 15 min from the brewery, had just bought 2 cases of various beers. So I got to try a bunch of different hoppy stuff and was really impressed with most of it. Their pils was nice as well. I’ll also agree that their pricing is much lower than a lot of local places. Their beers near me sell for around $10.
  28. socon67

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    Just picked up a couple cans today. They are generally $4 a can as a single; great value IMO.