So I just saw this strange Sam Adams commercial...

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by DrStiffington, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. Providence

    Providence Initiate (0) Feb 24, 2010 Rhode Island

    Oh, t'was it?
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  2. HipsterBrewfus

    HipsterBrewfus Initiate (0) Jun 3, 2012 Maryland


    What would you drink for free then?
  3. kmello69

    kmello69 Defender (618) Nov 27, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Wait, so people are mad that Sam Adams pays actors to do their commercials, mad that they are marketing their beer, and mad that they continually produce a quality, entry-level craft product at a huge scale?

    OK, got it.
  4. shawnohall

    shawnohall Initiate (0) Nov 8, 2009 Texas

    From what I understand, and I could be wrong, you have to live in or near Vermont to get any HF...and who is this "Shaun" cat (chick?) anyway?
  5. Gassygunslinger

    Gassygunslinger Initiate (23) Dec 20, 2012 Maine

    Oh no doubt. I realize all that Boston Beer did for the craft beer industry, and even got Koch to sign a Sam Adams glass of mine. And while a Sam Adams is certainly better than BMC cat-piss, to me, to me it's not altogether thrilling. It feels like a token craft beer offering. What I -REALLY- hate is when these kinds of bars advertise with big posters saying: "WE HAVE CRAFT BEER!" when they really mean "WE HAVE A CRAFT BEER! (and it's boston lager)". Though to be fair, it's better than a few times when that single craft beer offering was Pumpkinhead.
  6. RangnaR

    RangnaR Initiate (0) Dec 17, 2012 California

    I'm not sure I understand why they 'need to advertise'. I thought Sierra Nevada was a pretty big 'craft' brewery too, and I've never seen an ad by them...
  7. Tballz420

    Tballz420 Meyvn (1,187) Mar 4, 2003 Minnesota

    According to the data I've seen, Boston Beer Co does nearly double the sales as Sierra Nevada does. Maybe they should buy an ad.

    I think if you ask the non-craft drinking masses to "name a fancy beer," many of them would name Sam Adams. I bet the % that would come up with Sierra would be extrememly low.
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  8. RangnaR

    RangnaR Initiate (0) Dec 17, 2012 California

    I didn't mean to imply that SN was as big as SA.. Just that SN is pretty damn big despite a lack of advertising. Also, I personally try to avoid talking about beer with the 'non-craft drinking masses'. It's a similar policy I have about talking religion with religious people...
  9. DaveAnderson

    DaveAnderson Devotee (479) Jan 11, 2011 Minnesota

    They are not the only ones:
  10. neophilus

    neophilus Initiate (0) Apr 4, 2009 Massachusetts

    Should they make commercials where they infer that drinking their beer will lead to a lifestyle filled with young attractive people having fun 24 hours a day, innocent gender based misunderstandings that end in piles of ice cold bottles of beer flowing for everyone or possibly a quirky situation with you and your buddy that is resolved by clinking a couple beers together, winking and saying "Here we go!"?
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  11. Gassygunslinger

    Gassygunslinger Initiate (23) Dec 20, 2012 Maine

    The big beer companies have always had terrible advertising. At InBev, whose bone-headed idea was it to tell people to "Choose on taste"? I mean honestly, they'll be in trouble if people ever actually follow through.
  12. Bluecane

    Bluecane Initiate (0) Dec 30, 2011 New York

    EVERYONE hires actors, even companies with established delicious products like Coke [IMO]. What in the world are you talking about?
  13. Ernest_Hooper

    Ernest_Hooper Initiate (0) Apr 23, 2012 Michigan

    I always thought the best advertisement was for Coors Light.

    Refreshment isn't the most important thing, it's the only thing.

    I just never thought they would come out and so blatantly state that the only thing their beer had to offer was being watery.

    As to the commercial mentioned by the OP, I haven't seen it but it's not incredibly surprising that they would spend some money to advertise to the 'BA demographic', especially considering the millions they have spent on advertising to other types of beer drinkers. I would probably assume that these commercials are not very widely broadcast and also only within particular test markets. I'm sure they have data on who is buying what beer and how much and where and a whole department dedicated to seeing where such an advertisement might carry weight.
  14. Gassygunslinger

    Gassygunslinger Initiate (23) Dec 20, 2012 Maine

    Well, that's because Merry Mischief was terrible. With my own experience with it, I probably should have know what I was getting into, but I bought a bottle a few months ago because it was only the second time I've ever seen a Sam Adams with the word "stout" on the bottle.

    Winter Lager always kind of "meh'd" me, because it tasted like they just threw a bit of spice in their Boston Lager. For Merry Mischief, it tastes like they threw the whole spice cabinet in. Total mess.
  15. Gassygunslinger

    Gassygunslinger Initiate (23) Dec 20, 2012 Maine

    What's worse is that their only real selling point is questionable, because it technically dehydrates you.
  16. fredmugs

    fredmugs Poo-Bah (1,547) Aug 11, 2012 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    You're kidding right? The American sheeple are controlled by advertising.
  17. DavidS88

    DavidS88 Initiate (0) Apr 27, 2012 Massachusetts

    Have you read this article? Basically just an elongated version of your argument.
  18. BearsOnAcid

    BearsOnAcid Savant (968) Mar 17, 2009 Washington
    Beer Trader

    Didnt see the commercial but the "blind testing" commercial trend is really hitting it's limit. Not that it was ever really good in the first place. Half the commercials on TV are people doing blind tests and going "wowwwww".I'd love to get paid millions to remake the same idea over and over again.
  19. beerwolf

    beerwolf Initiate (23) Feb 23, 2012 Washington

    Stop lumping Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada together.
    SN>SA. By a mile.
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  20. Smitty1988

    Smitty1988 Initiate (0) Oct 16, 2012 Arizona
    Beer Trader

    I think the TV spot is marketing to beer snobs who feel that Sam Adams it too "Big". But to be perfectly honest, the reason they got so big is Sam Adams isnt really that good of a beer(in my opinion) You can get it at any Red Lobster in the world and its just slightly maltier, and hoppier than MGD. Thats why it appeals to a mass market. When it came out it was very different from everything BMC had to offer, but Craft......? (I am only referring to Boston Lager, and several others that Ive tried that were just very average) I am not trying to sound like a snob, but in a blind taste test, I would be able to pick out the boston Lager from just about any style you stacked against it, including other Lagers. If that is what you like, then thats cool.... It just doesnt appeal to me at all.
  21. kdb150

    kdb150 Devotee (473) Mar 8, 2012 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    Isn't that what most of the people on this site say when stacking the craft beer they drink up against BMC products?

    Am I the only one who appreciates the delicious irony of snobs looking down their nose at other snobs for being snobby?
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  22. jucifer1818

    jucifer1818 Initiate (0) May 15, 2011 Florida

    Sam Adams really is the beer company that people LOVE too hate, and I never really got it.....

    so their the largest craft brewery. Big woop
    their standard offerings are not the best, but their limited release items are pretty damn good. their bombers, 4 packs, and specilty boxes are VERY good

    just like any other larger microbrewery. Is the add a bit cheesy? a bit, but meh
    It really isnt that important
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  23. char005

    char005 Initiate (0) Feb 24, 2011 Pennsylvania

    three or four dollars a pint is called a great happy hour here
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  24. VitoFerrante

    VitoFerrante Initiate (0) Sep 11, 2012 Pennsylvania

    I just don't like it. In fact, I went dry Saturday night when all they had was SA Lager and Blue Moon.
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  25. VitoFerrante

    VitoFerrante Initiate (0) Sep 11, 2012 Pennsylvania

    I have yet to have a 3 Floyds beer I do not like. Even their Dortmunder Jinx Proof is one to write home about. I have tried almost all of their products and love every one. Don't look into this too much!
  26. beerindaglass

    beerindaglass Aspirant (217) Feb 20, 2013 Florida
    Beer Trader

    Anyone on here who didn't thoroughly enjoy their first sip of SA Boston Lager is f.o.s.

    That being said, their commercials are awful.

    And I also agree that outside of B.L., they're other offerings are meh.

    EDIT: I obviously haven't tasted al of their beers, like Utopias.
  27. bomb

    bomb Initiate (0) Dec 9, 2011 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    I can’t stand Sam Adams commercials. They always show this little humble brewery (must be either their test batch brewery or their 1st brewery which they still own) but I know the volume they do and no way is that a representation of Sam Adams. Sure, they are craft, but they are a lot bigger company than they but they act. They make it seem like they are four dudes in a small warehouse making 15 barrel batches. “Oh no we are not that big, we are craft, we are just like the little guys”. Just because you are not inBev, does not instantly make you a small brewery or company.
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  28. HipsterBrewfus

    HipsterBrewfus Initiate (0) Jun 3, 2012 Maryland

    Wow. Well...More power to you, I guess.
  29. Gassygunslinger

    Gassygunslinger Initiate (23) Dec 20, 2012 Maine

    Actually, I think there's a general trend here that their non BL brews are generally better (especially their small batch 22oz-ers).
  30. VitoFerrante

    VitoFerrante Initiate (0) Sep 11, 2012 Pennsylvania

    You can't say people need to like a beer or they are FOS. It is called a "personal opinion" or having individual taste buds. I can't stand it and would not take a case for free. That is just my opinion. I did not say it is a bad beer, I just cannot stand the taste of it.
  31. SenorHops

    SenorHops Initiate (0) Aug 10, 2010 Rhode Island

    It really doesn't bother me that much. Most commercials are dumb. I just tune them out.
  32. Uniobrew31

    Uniobrew31 Zealot (564) Jan 16, 2012 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    Good commercial, if they had done it in slow mo with bikini clad models... Now that would be a beer commercial!!! Hey at least it was about beer!
  33. VitoFerrante

    VitoFerrante Initiate (0) Sep 11, 2012 Pennsylvania

    Third Voyage is an awesome beer from Sam Adams. I wish they canned it and offered it all year. I bought it 3 times!
  34. neophilus

    neophilus Initiate (0) Apr 4, 2009 Massachusetts

    SA bashing is getting a bit ridiculous. Just a hopped up Macro Lite Lager, really? Wouldn't drink it for free?
  35. AndyAvalanche

    AndyAvalanche Savant (994) Jun 16, 2008 Massachusetts

    Very good point I otherwise wouldn't have thought about. On TV I've only seen SA and BMC in my area, although I would like to see more Troeg's commercials, I've seen some on youtube and they crack me up. I kind of wonder if it's a regional thing or if profitable craft breweries don't want to pay so much for a TV commercial with social media/web advertising is probably more efficient these days anyway.

    I wish more people would lay off Sam Adams too, fairly local to me so I may be a little bias, but you can't argue away from the great things breweries like Sam Adams, DogFish, and Sierra Nevada has done for the Craft Beer industry. I guess it's the "I liked it before it was cool" mentality. Still not going to stop me from putting SA and Sierra Nevada in my fridge, ESPECIALLY when Octoberfest and Celebration are in season.
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  36. jmmy3

    jmmy3 Aspirant (292) Nov 30, 2010 Massachusetts

    Pretty sure their beer IS what beer is supposed to taste like. They may play it safe alot of the time but they don't make many (or any?) beers that are downright terrible. Don't get so sensitive, they're taking shots at BMC not 'other' craft beer. They've done alot for craft, and they are still craft.
  37. Smitty1988

    Smitty1988 Initiate (0) Oct 16, 2012 Arizona
    Beer Trader

    I wouldnt drink it for free(not snobby, just not my style at all)... slightly maltier, and Hoppier than MGD.
  38. mintjellie

    mintjellie Defender (630) Oct 2, 2005 Ontario (Canada)

    How dare a beer commercial not mention girls in bikinis finding you suddenly attractive, or the refreshing taste of cold.
  39. mintjellie

    mintjellie Defender (630) Oct 2, 2005 Ontario (Canada)

    Not always.

  40. willbm3

    willbm3 Initiate (0) Feb 19, 2010 Massachusetts

    I never said BMC commercials were good, although the Coors Light silver bullet party train looks DOOOOOOOOPE. Still doesn't change the fact that SA commercials are cheesy and snobby
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