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Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Nickqb7, Feb 1, 2014.

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  1. Nickqb7

    Nickqb7 Initiate (0) Mar 27, 2013 California

    Every so often I get a craving for a certain style or type of beer, as I think every BA does. Right now I'm drinking sours(again) and loving it. So I was wondering what were some of your top sours. Any type of sour, just sours in general here's my Top10....
    1. The Wanderer (Bruery)
    2. Sour in the Rye w/peaches (Bruery)
    3. Track #5 (Lost Abbey)
    4. Framboise De Amorosa (Lost Abbey)
    5. Duck Duck Gooze (Lost Abbey)
    6. Consecration (Russian River)
    7. Supplication (Russian River)
    8. Cuvee De Tomme (Lost Abbey)
    9. Confession (Bruery)
    10. Juliet (Goose Island)
    That was really hard to do, looks like I need more bomb East coast sours I'm kinda one sided. This is what sours I liked best not what really is the best so don't hate me for it haha

    Or I'd like to hear some suggestions on what else I need to get...
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  2. patm1986

    patm1986 Initiate (0) Aug 11, 2010 New Jersey
    Beer Trader

    OP, that's a mean list. haven't had confessions.
    only order would be numero uno. and best vintages i've had of some.
    1. Lente
    Beatification (pref. b5)
    St. Lamvinus(pref. '11)
    LP Gueuze (pref. 2004)
    Drie Schar. Kriek (pref. 2003)
    Temptation (pref. b4)/compunction
    La Folie C&C (pref. 2008)
    Fram for a Cure (2011/2013)

    honorable mention: cuvee jacobins, supplication, consecration
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  3. lordofthewiens

    lordofthewiens Poo-Bah (4,200) Sep 17, 2005 Maine
    Premium Member Beer Trader

    Night Shift in Everett, MA makes some wonderful sours.
  4. OnryAndMean

    OnryAndMean Disciple (373) Jul 4, 2013 New York
    Beer Trader

    Posting because I love sours. 3F Golden Blend and Tilquin Gueuze have been recent favorites
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  5. jessegrn

    jessegrn Initiate (0) Apr 14, 2013 Oregon

    Sours have become my absolute favorite style. Some of the best i've had are these:

    Cascade Burbonic Plague
    Cascade Sang Noir
    Cascade Cherry Vlad
    Upright Fantasia (recent batch)
    Upright El Coloquio De Cervantes
    RR Consecration (2009 vintage)
    Block 15 Framboise Rouge
    The Commons Braam
    de Garde Lee Noir
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  6. ThePorterSorter

    ThePorterSorter Meyvn (1,436) Aug 10, 2010 Oregon
    Beer Trader

    Really loving the side project sours at the moment #homer, but still love the cascade offerings....oh, and 2009 abyss is drinking super solid as well.
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  7. Monstro

    Monstro Initiate (0) Dec 5, 2009 New Jersey

    Ithaca Lebleu and GI Juliet are my favorite american made sours. Import wise anything from Cantillon, 3F, Rodenbach Gran Cru, and Hanssen's, specifically Scarenbecca Kriek.
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  8. gatornation

    gatornation Poo-Bah (3,660) Apr 18, 2007 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    nice list a few ive enjoyed recently
    Cuvee De Ranke
    NG wild sour
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  9. OnryAndMean

    OnryAndMean Disciple (373) Jul 4, 2013 New York
    Beer Trader

    GI Juliet was awesome. I just had a 2012 this week and really enjoyed it. Will make sure to buy it again the next time I see it
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  10. Nickqb7

    Nickqb7 Initiate (0) Mar 27, 2013 California

    @lordofthewiens been tryin to get night shift off trades, ive been dying to try there ever wiesse.
    @patm1986 also looking for that fram for a cure idk y I haven't gotten it yet.
    yea cascade does do great stuff also had a few from thm and the Juliet was bomb I almost got a complete set of the 2012 sisters wanna do the 12 set and the 13 some day.
  11. Nickqb7

    Nickqb7 Initiate (0) Mar 27, 2013 California

    Ive had the serendipity, strawberry, raspberry tart and those were the best fruit beers I've had. they do good stuff there thumb print series Berliner Wiesse is bomb too.
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  12. Monstro

    Monstro Initiate (0) Dec 5, 2009 New Jersey

    I had a beer called Snozzberry from Green Man Brewing a couple weekends ago, and its shocked me how good it was.
  13. MPorts25

    MPorts25 Aspirant (232) May 24, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    You can't do a top sour list without Jolly Pumpkin. La Roja and Biere de Mars are two of the best sours ever.
  14. Nickqb7

    Nickqb7 Initiate (0) Mar 27, 2013 California

    Ive had the la roja and it was good but I have to put these guys above them so I need to try that other Jolly Pumpkin for sure
  15. Monstro

    Monstro Initiate (0) Dec 5, 2009 New Jersey

    Don't forget Jolly Pumpkin Sobrehumano, that beer is awesome! I also have a soft spot for My Blueberry Nightmare.
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  16. MPorts25

    MPorts25 Aspirant (232) May 24, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Sobrehumano was awesome! Better than the Maui canned version. I have two left. I believe Sobrehumano Grand Reserve is being released soon. I can't wait!
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  17. MPorts25

    MPorts25 Aspirant (232) May 24, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Biere de Mars is a March only release and it goes quick!
  18. patm1986

    patm1986 Initiate (0) Aug 11, 2010 New Jersey
    Beer Trader

    sobrehumano was my fav, man. excellent balance.
  19. MPorts25

    MPorts25 Aspirant (232) May 24, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    I have 6 of these in my cellar right now. Both Consecration and Supplication are in my top 10.
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  20. MPorts25

    MPorts25 Aspirant (232) May 24, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Just got this in a trade. Super pumped to try it!
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  21. Janis_Hoplin

    Janis_Hoplin Initiate (0) Oct 19, 2013 Colorado

    Atrial Rubicite
  22. Monstro

    Monstro Initiate (0) Dec 5, 2009 New Jersey

    During a Raleigh, NC bottle share, this was my absolute favorite. Which shocked me, beacuse it was by the far the best botttle share I had ever been to, and overwhelming amount of rare beers to try. I'm still searching for more bottles, I would pay for a case if I could find it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
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  23. TappaKeggaBrew

    TappaKeggaBrew Zealot (547) Apr 30, 2009 Virginia

    I clicked on your thread because by coincidence I just poured a glass from a bottle of Lips of Faith - Le Terroir (New Belgium), a dry-hopped sour ale that I've had sitting around for a while and decided to try tonight. It's really delicious! (I'm going to review it after this post)
    A couple of months ago I had a glass of Brett Peat Daydream (Birrificio Del Ducato), a smoked sour ale; it was really interesting, probably the most unique beer I've ever tasted.
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  24. jae

    jae Initiate (197) Feb 21, 2010 Washington
    Beer Trader

    De Dolle Oerbier Special Reserva
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  25. Morey

    Morey Meyvn (1,041) Dec 30, 2007 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    In no particular order....

    RR Consecration, Ithaca Brute, Duck Duck Gooze, RR Beatification, Almanac Farmer's Reserve #3, Weyerbacher Riserva, Cascade Sang Noir, Cascade Figaro, Love Child #3, .......
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  26. SierraJosh

    SierraJosh Disciple (333) Aug 13, 2013 California
    Beer Trader

    check out BFM, Abbaye De Saint Bon-Chien...seriously great beer.
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  27. SirWalkAbout

    SirWalkAbout Aspirant (265) Dec 6, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    IMO any of the "sours" from Freetail in San Antonio can comete with this list. Good luck getting your hands on any because all are brewerey distributed only and most dissapear quite quickly. IMO they are world class.
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  28. Seanniek91

    Seanniek91 Defender (646) Jul 1, 2012 Rhode Island
    Beer Trader

    Fou Foune
    Red Poppy (sucker for this one, but it's too damn expensive)
    Tilquin Quetsch
    Coolship Red
    Cisco Ale Aged on Estate Grown Raspberries
    Drie Fonteinen Oude Gueze Vintage 2001
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  29. ddedhed

    ddedhed Devotee (411) Dec 4, 2012 Ohio
    Beer Trader

    Fun thread. This could change weekly for me. That's why it is fun to hunt down new sours. Here we go:

    Upland Blackberry Lambic
    Cantillon St. Lamvinus
    Upland Kiwi
    Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise
    Jackie O's Dynamo Hum
    Cantillon Saint Gilloise
    Catillon Gueuze
    Cantillon Vigneronne
    Tilquin Quetsch
    Drie Fonteinen Golden Blend

    Order of infatuation could change daily except for Upland Blackberry and St. Lamvinus............but I need to hunt down A LOT MORE to try.
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  30. poobaca

    poobaca Initiate (0) Apr 23, 2013 New York
    Beer Trader

    Well to the OP, that is quite a list you have and beers I'd only dream about tasting on the east coast..I do hate you a little for it lol.

    Cisco brewers lady in the woods and peschish woods were 2 seriously great sours that really shocked me. Mainly because I never heard of them. Peschish woods is one of my favorites i've ever had.
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  31. gueuzedreg

    gueuzedreg Crusader (747) Jan 18, 2013 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    Saint Lam, Persica b1, Izzy, CC 09, Lente, hommage, framboos
  32. Ego

    Ego Meyvn (1,054) Oct 17, 2004 New Jersey

    almost anything cantillion, personal fave would be the geuze with rose de gambrinus in the harem

    and I am surprised most don't mention Rodenbach, been great forever... always a go to
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  33. Nickqb7

    Nickqb7 Initiate (0) Mar 27, 2013 California

    got a
    Got a beatification I'm waiting to open and thth farmers reserve was great too
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  34. Nickqb7

    Nickqb7 Initiate (0) Mar 27, 2013 California

    I was waiting for someone to put up some Uplands I want those. Was the Kiwi amazing?? And yea Cantillons are good I only had two of them I need more.
  35. Nickqb7

    Nickqb7 Initiate (0) Mar 27, 2013 California

    Haha it's ok to hate for that reason, I've got multiples of a lot of those on my list if your into trading let me know, always like to get some east coast stuff in.
  36. Nickqb7

    Nickqb7 Initiate (0) Mar 27, 2013 California

    Yea red Poppy is good that's y I put the track #5 up its a blend of the Red Poppy and Framboise de Amorosa
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  37. wavingsnail

    wavingsnail Initiate (0) Oct 14, 2013 California

    have you tried any other sours from the bruery? everything they do is pretty top notch, in my opinion. Framboise De Amorosa is great, but when I had it I didn't feel like I was drinking a sour. a little tart, but also fairly sweet. very good, but not one I'd grab when in the mood for a sour.

    as far as a couple of "non traditional" sours, tart of darkness from the bruery and almanacs bourbon barrel sour Porter are two of my regular go-to sours.
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  38. Stevedore

    Stevedore Poo-Bah (4,074) Nov 16, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    Everything made by Cantillon and Drie Fonteinen is worth seeking out.
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  39. Nickqb7

    Nickqb7 Initiate (0) Mar 27, 2013 California

    Yea I'm part of the reserve society there and had most of there sours tart of darkness is great, sour in the rye (peaches, pineapple, beach plums) and the wanderer tho are jus over the top, i liked almanacs too i liked the other farmer reserves tho from them
  40. MarkyMOD

    MarkyMOD Meyvn (1,136) Apr 5, 2012 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    Side Project Brett Project #1 (wellll, it wasn't actually sour, at all. But is one of the few 100% Brett beers I've had and really liked, and I think it's better than every one of these sours...)

    J Wakefield Passionfruit Draigonfruit (by a lot)
    Crooked Stave Persica Batch #1
    J Wakefield Miami Madness
    Crooked Stave Raspberry Dark Origins
    New Glarus Very Sour Blackberry
    Crooked Stave Whaelzblood
    Lost Abbey Duck Duck Gooze
    Drie Fonteinen Oude Gueze (bottled 2012)
    Crooked Stave Zeke's
    (T) The Bruery Sour in the Rye with Kumquats
    Side Project Saison Du Fermier (have a hard time classifying this as a sour though)
    New Glarus Raspberry Tart
    Allagash Resurgam
    Crooked Stave Surette Reserva Peach Whiskey BA
    Paradox Wild Chockecherry Sour
    The Bruery Oude Tart with Cherries
    Funkwerks Tropic King with Apricots (again, really hard to classify as a sour, admittedly)

    Ones that come suppper close: CS Dry Hop L' Brett, CS Oculus, CS Batch #1, CS Musty Cedar Box, New Belgium Love's Leopold, Lost Abbey Framboise De Amarosa, Cascade Bourbonic Plague, Cascade Manhattan NW, Cascade Sang Noir.
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