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  1. KevTurnersBootburn

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    I'm visiting relatives in Starkville next week. Are there any bars/restaurants worth checking out OR any regional beers I should keep an eye out for. Any info would be much appreciated. I found some old posts but nothing recent so sorry if this has been discussed before.
  2. cvm4

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    I have noooooo clue.
  3. tr9871

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    I lived there for years while at college but I've been gone since late 2014. All I can say is good luck. There was a decent beer bar called the Halfway House I used to go to, and the beer garden at Hotel Chester, but who knows the state of those two now. For beer purchases I always drove to the Smokestack in West Point. Best selection at the time and they actually sold singles, which is rare in the area.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Jayclintonellis

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    I know this reply is late, but if you ever go back:
    Brewskis on hwy 12 has the best selection to buy (to my knowledge after 25+ years). A close second would be Coconuts on university drive in the cotton district. The restaurant with the best beer selection is definitely Rosey Baby on Jackson st. They have great food too if you're in a mood for Cajun.

    Hopefully this helps for future trips.
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  5. KevTurnersBootburn

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    Thanks, I go back once a year at least so that does help.
  6. RockRuler

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    Did you end up finding a good spot?
  7. Backhand

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    Hi all, wondering if there are any updates to breweries or beer bars in Starkville? How about good restaurants that may/may not have good beer selections on tap? Finally, what beers should I be looking for this time of the year? Thanks.