STL 4/7-4/9: ISO BAA, FT HM Hand of Glory, Midnight Still++

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  1. jpbebeau

    jpbebeau (0) Sep 11, 2011 Washington

    In town for a couple nights and can bring along some combination of Holy Mountain, Fremont, de Garde, such as:
    • HM Hand of Glory
    • HM Brouwer's Vol12
    • HM/Monkish Land of Oats and Honey
    • HM Clarette (b1 or b2)
    • HM Midnight Still (variants as well)
    • Fremont Rusty Nail
    • Fremont CCBomb
    • Fremont Ancient One BBomb
    • Fremont Coffee Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star
    • de Garde Nectarine Premiere
    • de Garde The Kriek
    • de Garde The Peach (b2)
    • de Garde The Purple Kriek
    • de Garde The Marion
    Could put together 2-3-4-5 bottles from above depending on what interests you.

    Also ISO some Side Project things if you want to work something out.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.