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Discussion in 'US - Midwest' started by prior2two, Dec 21, 2017.

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  1. prior2two

    prior2two Disciple (392) Oct 18, 2013 Illinois

    gonna be blowing through St. Louis tonight and Spending most of the day Friday in the city.

    What’s the must see in terms of beer outside of side project/perennial? Visited a few years ago before SP was open, and we did Perrenial, Civil Life, Urban Chesnut, and 4-Hands.

    Since time is so limited, was thinking SP and 2nd Shift? Anything better?

    Also, what should we eat? We definitely screwed this part up last time we were here. Probably have dinner and then brunch/lunch the next day.
  2. jmarsh123

    jmarsh123 Meyvn (1,319) Mar 31, 2010 Indiana

    I agree with SP and 2nd Shift. Wine & Cheese place is close by if you want packaged goods. Urban Chestnut has some delicious food and a location in between SP and 2nd Shift.
  3. Zoomslowik

    Zoomslowik Disciple (332) Mar 17, 2016 Illinois

    I was quite pleased with Pappy's and Side Project last time. I'm not sure you need much else given the short turnaround. There were like 9 more things I wanted to try at The Cellar anyways.

    One place I want to hit next time is Narrow Guage, but it was a fair amount north.
  4. Heisenbrew

    Heisenbrew Aspirant (231) Aug 21, 2016 Missouri

    Narrow Gauge for both food and beer
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  5. DCintheMSP

    DCintheMSP Initiate (70) Jan 8, 2014 Minnesota

    Second this. I hit up Narrow Gauge on my way to the airport on my last trip, food was great and the beer as well. Although if you are not heading that way it is certainly a bit of a drive from the city.
  6. evilcatfish

    evilcatfish Defender (619) May 11, 2012 Missouri

    What area are you staying in? Otherwise, the Manchester/Chouteau strip has a lot to offer, with places either on or close by. East to west: 4 Hands, Square 1, Gezellig (beer bar/shop), UCBC, Modern, 2nd Shift, Nicks Pub (beer bar), Heavy Riff, Schlafly Bottleworks, and Side Project. I probably missed something though
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