Stone Xocoveza: An Imperial Stout Inspired by Mexican Hot Chocolate

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  2. Psyd2

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    I usually don’t like a chocolate stout but this one is different. It is smooth and delicious. Perfect for an evening in front of the fire pit.
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    One of my fav. Stone beers hands down. Amazing stuff :beers::beers:
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    I love this beer. Was an easy case purchase a few years ago. I've bought less recently, but this article reminded me it's time to pick up some more!
  5. johnInLA

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    I really should revisit this beer. Always liked it.
  6. cggarcia

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    Stone also won a Michael Jackson Award at the Great British Beer Festival for cask-conditioned Xocoveza. Cheers!
  7. mambossa

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    Has it been brewed with lactose this whole time?
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