American Ales Strawberry Fields - APA - Extract

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    Strawberry Fields
    American Pale Ale

    1 Gallon Batch
    1.058 OG
    1.016 FG
    5.5% ABV
    8.4 SRM
    62.8 IBU (Tinseth)

    Grain Bill
    1.5 lbs Maillard Malts Pilsen Malt Extract Syrup
    4 oz Gambrinus Honey Malt - Steeped 15 mins @ 150
    1 oz Quaker Quick Oats - Steeped 15 mins @ 150

    Hop Bill
    5 grams Belma @ 60 minutes 21.4 IBUs (12.1% AA)
    17 grams Belma @ Flame out 25.6 IBUs (12.1% AA)
    8.5 grams Equinox @ Flame out 15.9 IBUs (15% AA)
    8.5 grams Belma @ Dry hopped @ 4 days
    5.5 grams Equinox @ Dry hopped @ 4 days

    Wyeast 1318 - London Ale III @ 75 degrees

    Priming solution made with 2 oz water and .4 oz of organic table sugar

    Brewing Notes
    The basic concept was to raise IBUs to 20 during the boil and all other additions are hop stand/dry hopped. The Belma/Equinox added for the hop stand lasted 10 minutes after flame out before it was chilled. I bottled 4 days after dry hopping (8 days from start to finish) and conditioned for 7 days.

    Tasting Notes
    Aroma - Orange candy, fresh picked strawberry, tropical fruits
    Taste - Strawberry, Orange, Grass, lingering fresh cut strawberry aftertaste, balanced bitterness


    I set out to brew an incredibly hop saturated APA highlighting the hop flavor profile of Belma hops (Strawberries) which was very successful. Feel free to ask me any questions about this juice bomb, Cheers!
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  2. OldBrewer

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    Was the entire strawberry taste derived from the Belma hops only? Or did you also add strawberries?
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    I was thinking the same thing. I love 1gal recipes. We need more. I don't feel like doing math.
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    what would you use to replace London Ale III?
    English 04? or something else? the recipe looks fantastic
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    Wow! This looks and sounds fantastic.

    Now, let me just nip down to the home brew shop and not copy this in any way shape or form.

    Hah! Kidding!

    Anyway, this looks amazing. I really like the idea and just wish I could get my hands on some.