sucaba north side chicago?

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by pippys85, Feb 26, 2012.

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  1. pippys85

    pippys85 Aspirant (277) Mar 15, 2011 Illinois
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    Has anyone seen any?
  2. chronie

    chronie Initiate (0) Aug 1, 2011 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    I have called many places this past week. Common conception is that it will come in this weeks shipment (Thursdays for most places).

    It is aggravating to always see Armanettis put on Twitter that they will have something, because I think they have a deal with their distro to get things first. From what I have seen most big places like Binnys get it a week later, with smaller stores being as late as 2 weeks.
  3. aasher

    aasher Poo-Bah (2,539) Jan 27, 2010 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    What's the normal price tag for Abacus in Chicago?
  4. azaaron

    azaaron Initiate (40) Mar 11, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Both Lakeview and Lincoln Park Binnys got theirs last week and as far as I know it's gone from both
  5. willandperry

    willandperry Initiate (197) Sep 15, 2011 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    Hope its left some where this week as I will be visiting from OK and would love to find this. If there are any sightings, please post
  6. mcc1654

    mcc1654 Aspirant (280) Mar 20, 2011 Illinois

    I paid 14.99
  7. sublime313

    sublime313 Initiate (0) Sep 11, 2008 Michigan

    I'll be in downtown CHI on Wednesday, desperately looking for Sucaba.
  8. gklover1

    gklover1 Initiate (101) Oct 18, 2009 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    If someone can't find this, I have a couple bottles I'd be willing to trade. BM me if interested. (Obviously I am in CO.)

    EDIT. They are gone.
  9. Askchucky

    Askchucky Initiate (194) May 2, 2011 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    The Bunny's On Grand And LP had their cases last week. Price was 16.99
  10. Khazadum

    Khazadum Initiate (0) Apr 29, 2010 Illinois

    Sitting on shelf at Lincoln Park Whole Foods last night. Decided to let those three bottles go to those who haven't ticked it yet.
  11. nucmedmario

    nucmedmario Initiate (173) Sep 1, 2010 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    before you go liquors had some on friday night. try giving them a call.
  12. DaBubs

    DaBubs Initiate (0) Mar 2, 2011 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    All gone.
  13. kawilliams81

    kawilliams81 Meyvn (1,248) Feb 27, 2009 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    I don't think any stores in the burbs have gotten Sucaba yet?
  14. TotallyHosed

    TotallyHosed Disciple (318) Jun 20, 2009 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Two left at Noble Grape as of 2:30pm, 2/28
  15. TotallyHosed

    TotallyHosed Disciple (318) Jun 20, 2009 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Capone's posted Sucaba today on
  16. dvelcich

    dvelcich Initiate (0) Feb 6, 2008 Illinois

    So BA barleywines are the new sours? Welcome to 2012!
  17. threetierpro

    threetierpro Initiate (0) Oct 21, 2006 Illinois

    Uh, wrong. At least not with the distributor that distributes Firestone.
  18. pschul4

    pschul4 Zealot (562) Jan 7, 2011 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    I know it's not north side but Gentile's on Racine/Taylor has a few bottles left, I just grabbed mine
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