Sunday, September 1, 2019 marks first day Texans can get beer to go from local breweries

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by Todd, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. Todd

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  2. champ103

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    Holler in Houston is doing can releases starting at 10am on Sunday. I'll be there. Going to have Czech My Phone, Dollar Pils, ESB, Euro Treasure, and a few hazy NEIPA's.
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  3. sordyl

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    How is this different than Jester King or Turning Point already selling to go options?
  4. Roadkizzle

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    In Texas there are two licenses you can get to brew beer as a company.

    Brewpub license
    Brewery license

    Jester King and Turning Point have brewpub licenses. This allows them to sell beer from the brewery to either drink there or take home. But it puts severe restrictions on how much they can produce and/or distribute.

    Otherwise it's a brewery license where there are no limits on how much can be brewed or distributed but there were restrictions on how much can be sold on site in a taproom.

    The new law allows brewery licenses to sell a certain amount of beer for people to take home.
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  5. champ103

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    Because TABC thats why :slight_smile:

    Or, what @Roadkizzle said...
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  6. jeebeel

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  7. donspublic

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    Missed opening weekend, was downtown this past sunday and went dragging my growler out of the closet (cleaned it though) and was massively disappointed at Hollers pricing. I can get 4 16oz cans of Dollar Pils for $16, but a growler fill of 64 oz is going to run me $20. Who TF does this pricing. You would think that the growler fill would be less than the cans unless they just don't want to mess with filling growlers.
  8. champ103

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    Just buy the cans, get the growler filled at Premium Draught. I would never get a growler at a brewery that also has cans of the same thing anyway. No way will the growler stay as fresh, cans will almost always be cheaper, and probably a pain for bartenders. They will even tell people wanting to get growlers filled that its cheaper to get the cans, but if people really want to pay that they won't stop them :slight_smile:
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  9. ilikebeer03

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    $16 / 4 pack of pilsner seems a bit steep in and of itself.
  10. donspublic

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    yeah a $1 under bar pricing, and 8oz short a sixpack. Holler isn't going to be able to be competitive on can pricing on the lower end beers, people will buy them, but I would just as soon seek out fresh PU. I think they will do well with their NEIPA's if they can keep the price down