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Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by Windvaner, Nov 24, 2021.

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  1. Windvaner

    Windvaner Devotee (361) Nov 7, 2014 Minnesota

    Here we go .

    Bye Bye Xtra Citra ( we won't miss you ) - Hello Logic Bomb ! Hopefully a better year round Pale Ale .
    Good Bye Multi Verse - Hello Drips and Drops !
    A West Coast IPA - YES !
    Coffee Bender - You are still the best so glad to see you here .
    Double Bladed Axe Man ???

    Darkness - 16OZ cans > YES .



    The Tropical Supreme Variety Pack

    The Supreme family of beers were our breakout hit of 2021. And now, the family is growing.

    As evidenced by the name, these Supreme variations lean into tropical flavors like pineapple, coconut, passion fruit, and guava. Hitting shelves when the weather turns warm, Tropical Supreme will be available year-round.

    ARRIVES: May

    Logic Bomb

    You CAN handle the truth: An approachable pale ale can also burst with juicy hop flavor. Start making sense with Logic Bomb. Available year-round.

    ARRIVES: April

    Controlled Chaos

    Fast, hard, and aggressive, this West Coast-style IPA snarls with citrusy hop flavor and just a touch of bitterness. Don’t bring it home to mom. Available year-round.

    ARRIVES: March

    Drips & Drops

    Splashing down with hellacious haze, Drips & Drops Hazy IPA is drenched in Idaho 7, Citra, and Amarillo hops. Available year-round.

    ARRIVES: March

    Double Bladed Axe Man

    Mountains crumble. Stars fall. Rivers run backwards. The gods shudder. Fear not. Double Bladed Axe Man guides your journey with a mighty swing of Citra and Mosaic hops. Limited release.

    ARRIVES: January-February

    We’ve been piloting these beers in our beer hall the last few months and are stoked to share them with the rest of Surly Nation. As always, these things are subject to change, but this is our road map for the next year. We hope you’ll join us on the trip.
  2. SudsSavant

    SudsSavant Pundit (862) Jan 9, 2007 Minnesota

    Another year of no Bitter Brewer, Bender, or (my favorite) Cocoa Bender. Cautiously optimistic on Double Bladed Axe Man but guessing it's just a hyped up version of what the original already is.
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  3. JMN44

    JMN44 Pundit (763) Sep 19, 2013 Minnesota

    Finally Darkness in a smaller serving size!!

    Hopefully the price will be much lower per ounce in cans.
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  4. wisconsinbeer1

    wisconsinbeer1 Pundit (756) Nov 11, 2004 Wisconsin

    Wow, only three posts in here? Yeesh. Anywho, wondering if there were any beers available to go at Darkness Day that will not be in distribution. Wasn’t able to make it this year.
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  5. GuyFawkes

    GuyFawkes Grand Pooh-Bah (4,682) Apr 7, 2011 Illinois
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    3 posts too many, methinks.

    I kid, I kid...
  6. HawkEye19

    HawkEye19 Devotee (377) Jun 15, 2006 Minnesota

    Wet and 16 Grit were two of them available that aren't supposed to be distributed (I saw Wet was available at Stub & Herbs for Darkness Eve, but I think that was due to special relationship). Thankfully, they were available in the beer hall on Friday afternoon for those of us who didn't want to deal with Darkness Day.
  7. gudbrande

    gudbrande Pundit (796) Jul 10, 2009 Minnesota
    Society Trader

    These were both really good, especially Wet. I asked about distro and was told they would not be, but who knows.
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  8. JohnnyHopps

    JohnnyHopps Pooh-Bah (2,964) Jun 15, 2010 Indiana
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Man, Surly Wet was a great beer. I really wish that would come back in cans.
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  9. Cibsie

    Cibsie Zealot (676) Jan 10, 2015 Minnesota

    Did everyone who went to Darkness Day or Stub & Herbs get to try the Parker Heritage BA Darkness? Pretty sure that was the best Surly beer I've ever had. Fresh BA 2015 is second, but it's been so long I'm not sure how close since it hasn't held up that well.
  10. maximum12

    maximum12 Grand Pooh-Bah (4,500) Jan 21, 2008 Minnesota
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    I wouldn't go so far as "the best" but damn, that Parker's easily won the day for me. Just a fantastic beer that played up the base Darkness & added some weight & fire. I'd buy that in bottles/cans any day!
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  11. gudbrande

    gudbrande Pundit (796) Jul 10, 2009 Minnesota
    Society Trader

    I opened a BA 2015 the weekend before and I agree, it has not held up well. That Parker Heritage was fantastic. Completely different from previous years, if the 23 BA is like that I will buy too much.
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  12. stealth

    stealth Pooh-Bah (1,757) Dec 16, 2011 Minnesota

    Aside from Five, I'd say that PH BA Darkness was my second favorite Surly beer as well. As the night got busier at Stub and Herbs they started serving the PH Darkness in pint glasses. Don't ask me how many I had (I can't remember).
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  13. Ronmarley1

    Ronmarley1 Savant (1,153) Jan 20, 2014 Ohio

    Hoping to get Abrasive in NE Ohio this year. We didn’t get any last year.
  14. Max_Powers

    Max_Powers Initiate (190) Jul 3, 2022 Illinois

    Was a big fan of Surly going back to the Todd the Axe Man Days, and I LOVED Abrasive. Used to grab a pint or two at my favorite watering hole when it was released. Unfortunately there isn't much Surly to be found as of late in the Chicagoland area. You still find Darkness at the local Binny's, but that's kind of it.
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  15. Dizmal

    Dizmal Initiate (0) Oct 28, 2009 Minnesota

    Yeah, last BA 2015 I had was in 2019 and I noticed it fell off then.. I have 1 or 2 left. Probably should have drank them sooner. But when that one was fresh it was up there with the best of them.
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  16. gatornation

    gatornation Grand High Pooh-Bah (8,480) Apr 18, 2007 Florida
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    They had PH BA Darkness at ABR along with Wet last Saturday , very little lines ,suffice to say i hung out there for awhile . Agree with others is as good as Fresh - 2YO 15 Ba Darkness .
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  17. ZAP

    ZAP Grand Pooh-Bah (3,752) Dec 1, 2001 Minnesota
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    I haven't been to Surly since pre-covid and had a chance for a quick stop this past weekend I don't usually pay much attention to prices as my wife pays the tab usually (I just don't want to know to be honest) but I was by myself and ordered a couple pints of the bock (pretty solid) and a burger and fries and with service charges, etc my total came to a little more than $45..maybe that is par for the course in the cities now with inflation, etc...I live outstate so I wouldn't know but it seemed a little high?

    Looking at the receipt the burger was 14.40 and the fries 5.50. Pint 7.25 each. Tax 3.85 Service charge (20% which I always give anyhow) 6.90. Total=45.25. One guy. A couple beers and a cheeseburger and fries. Not at a gourmet restaurant either. Not something I would do consistently if I lived there. Burger and fries were fine but I'd go to about a dozen other places for the burger ahead of Surly to be honest...It was good but not in my top tier.
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  18. Beer_Economicus

    Beer_Economicus Pooh-Bah (2,400) Apr 8, 2017 Ohio
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Prices are absolutely out of control. Although my wife and I always felt like 'going out' was really more for a special occasion than with any sort of regularity, that is true even more so now. Food prices have increased in a tremendous way - even lunch meat is pretty crazy. I refuse to buy deli meat from Kroger when a brand-name ham is only about a buck cheaper (per pound) than a quality uncured version at Whole Foods. Oat Milk went from $5 at the start of covid to $6.50 now. Similar price increases are everywhere in the grocery store.

    The few times I have been out (for work) have reflected what you have shown. A beer is $7-12, and food is $14-25 + tax + tip. It's just not worth it to go out when the food is by and large extremely marginal. If I'm going to spend the extra money, I'd much rather spend it on better food I am consuming/cooking at home.
  19. fargofallout

    fargofallout Devotee (394) Nov 30, 2010 Minnesota

  20. Bhubbard34

    Bhubbard34 Maven (1,294) Mar 4, 2016 Pennsylvania
    Society Trader

    Ok dumb question here from PA……is abrasive ale and abrasive double ipa the same beer?

    abrasive double ipa is currently on tap locally…is that the same beer that’s listed here on BA as surly abrasive ale?

    thanks in advance
  21. SlightlyGrey

    SlightlyGrey Maven (1,372) Apr 4, 2011 Minnesota

  22. Jaycase

    Jaycase Grand Pooh-Bah (3,302) Jan 13, 2007 Illinois
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    The label was changed from 'Abrasive Ale' to 'Abrasive Double IPA' in 2017 fwiw.
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  23. Bhubbard34

    Bhubbard34 Maven (1,294) Mar 4, 2016 Pennsylvania
    Society Trader

    Great thank you for the quick reply!
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  24. Max_Powers

    Max_Powers Initiate (190) Jul 3, 2022 Illinois

    I was perusing my local Binny's here in Chicago and to my surprise they had Abrasive back on the shelves. Grabbed a 4 pack and have to say that it's still a great brew, but it wasn't as hoppy as I remember. Maybe it was sitting on the shelf for a while or the recipe changed. But I remember being walloped by all the hops with a touch of honey at the end.
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