Sweetwater Beer in Episode of The Office

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Bluecane, Mar 5, 2012.

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  1. Bluecane

    Bluecane Initiate (0) Dec 30, 2011 New York

    Just watched the episode "After Hours," originally aired on 2/23/12. The episode takes place in Tallahassee, and the employees are drinking Sweetwater 420 and Sweetwater Pale Ale IIRC, both in bottles and on tap.

    It seems that beer labels are either obscured or given some joke/fake name, so it was cool to see a real craft beer. I wonder if Sweetwater paid anything for that.
  2. mdvatab

    mdvatab Zealot (574) Apr 5, 2006 Indiana

    I noticed that too! I thought it was strange that EVERYONE seemed to be drinking Sweetwater, and at different bars. Sweetwater must have locked-down some kind of advertising deal--it was too blatant/obvious. But, hey, the big guys do this all the time. More power to the guys at Sweetwater!
  3. silentjay

    silentjay Initiate (0) Nov 25, 2008 Massachusetts

    Product placement is becoming huge in the marketing world since people fast-forward through or change the channel during commercials. The Office has had Apple products prominently featured in a few episodes; clear product placement.

    Sweetwater could have paid for product placement, or offered their product for free to use, or the Producers of The Office wanted to give a regional feel to the episode...

    Either way, I was trying to figure out what beers they were drinking, since I'm unfamiliar with the labels having never had their beer before.
  4. Heatwave33

    Heatwave33 Devotee (456) Sep 13, 2011 Florida
    Beer Trader

    That's awesome! Huge fan of the Office too.
  5. stevefarace

    stevefarace Initiate (0) Mar 3, 2006 Georgia

    It was a huge night for the brewery! Twitter and Facebook seemed to explode as the episode aired. We didn't pay for the placements, they contacted us looking to give the episode a local theme, since it was set in Tallahassee, FL. Cool piece also was they added the labels post production, since they filmed it with blank bottles. We sent them our files digitally, and mailed a few tap handles so they could have the flexibility to slide them in as the scene/edit called for it. We have been working with quite a few set designers and prop masters recently as GA has become a hotbed for movie filming. the folks from The Walking Dead on AMC have given our bottles and signs quite a bit of airtime this season as well. Think this stems from all craft beer becoming a bigger player in the beer world, and folks from the big&little screen recognizing what people are actually drinking, and wanting to show that more on screen as well.

    SweetWater Brewery
  6. Pitmonkey

    Pitmonkey Initiate (180) Oct 2, 2007 Minnesota

    That is awesome! Congrats on the press. I noticed the bottles as I watched the episode too but I wasn't 100% sure so I went to your website to look at the labels, it was a match. That it was all done digitally is interesting.

    Keep brewing the good stuff!
  7. trat

    trat Initiate (44) Oct 24, 2007 Virginia
    Beer Trader

    On the Parks and Recreation episode this week, bar they were in had large Upland Brewing neon signs.
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