Tasting on East Side of TCs

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Preference on beer style:

  1. Sours

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  2. Big Stouts

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  3. A couple of styles, but some that are similar

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  4. Don't care as long as it's tasty

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  1. supercolter

    supercolter (0) Apr 19, 2006 Wisconsin

    Hey all,

    I'm looking to potentially host a tasting at my place in Woodbury. No, it's not that kind of Woodbury house (just a townhouse), so I'd like it to limit it to 10 solid BAs. I have a normal group of 3-4 and really just want to open it up a bit and drink new beer with more good people. I'm thinking a Friday night or Saturday (anytime) in August. I'm gone the first weekend (3rd and 4th), as I'll be in Hawaii. I'm sure you all feel bad for me... The rest of the month looks pretty open, unless I get a short-notice travel plan from work.

    I haven't done this before, so helpful advice is welcomed. I want to try to get a good mix of beers that could provide some side-by-sides or that most will not have had. So, I'll put out the disclaimer that it may not be the first couple of people that respond. There is a link to the beers I've tried and my cellar on my profile for some reference.

    If you are interested, please shoot me a convo with the following:
    Dates that work for you-
    Beers you'd like to contribute-
    Are you a creeper? Pick one- y or n.... no lying haha.

    Thanks all,

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